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Now that I got a bit about the story of the Anunnaki out of the way in closing out this Blog, that food for thought should carry some serious future questioning about our roots and ancient history that is rarely spoke about or ever taught in any schools. There is always so much to be realized when searching for the truth. In fact, in hosting this Blog’s narrative the last 4 years, I was forced to realize that no matter how much you learn throughout your life and think you know about something including your own existence, we will always know little about the mysteries of our true origins, the Universe, its past, the future and ourselves in the material 3 dimensional world.

That is because we are foolishly limited due to dogmas, constant distractions, religious beliefs, politics, various indoctrination, corruption, traditions and our fast pace way of life has a huge impact on separating our higher spiritual self (our soul and consciousness) living in a material world. This Blog highlighted much of that. But experience, perseverance and time does have a wonderful and magical way of reminding you that you must never stop seeking the reality and truth about your higher self, your roots and our spiritual connection to everything.

I find the sanest way to accomplish that naturally is by seeking the truth and living an honest reality, a close relationship with nature, like minded folks and living in the moment every chance I get no matter what I’m doing or not doing. That even includes meditating and making love. Look at life like this: Everyday that we wake up to our tomorrows, it is always called today, not tomorrow. You say good morning, good afternoon and good day but you never say good tomorrow the following day!

For me, that mindset is the best way of enhancing that natural high of energy that is connected to the energy of the Universe (God). A little wine, music and other natural stimulants also help sometimes too! But everything that comes our way in this life, good or bad, holds a teaching if we are mindful enough to give it our full presence. And the greatest thing about the positive side of your full presence is the ability to really feel and experience the power of LOVING LIFE! So don’t waste part of your life waiting for these preconceived tomorrows to happen when all you ever really got is today to enjoy at any given moment. So live in the moment!

All the best to those who got a lot of insight from this Blog or even just a little. It’s a great feeling knowing that many (especially some of my children) can now better maneuver the engineered world we live in. I will leave this Blog  open for awhile due to many requests for more reflection and I’ll keep all the posts intact until I see there are no more views. And my final message to all those who are seeking a better quality of life, more freedom and self respect is to start relying more on your gut and moral instincts, nature’s pharmacy for better health, and ALWAYS question EVERYTHING concerning the official narrative of today’s corrupted societies and governments.

Happy Trails



This video is a good introduction to the Book of Enki because it adds the perspective of the Biblical writings. So when listening to the following videos about the Book of Enki, that Biblical perspective will go a long way on you understanding how history which is usually written by the rulers of those times have distorted history through time to serve their own agendas (Especially religious and political ones). Also, it is clear when listening to the tablet’s translations that God in the Bible’s Old Testament was really the Anunnaki and had nothing to do with Jesus in the New Testament. Knowing this upfront will take away some of the mystery and confusion that the Bible story conveys about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden too. I hope the perspective of this introduction is also put into your own perspective of why mankind always had a problem with slavery.

A FINAL RANT – It’s Been Great Creating this Blog and Educational Program but Now it Will Come to a Close – At the End of May, this Blog will End!


Thanks to the magic of the Web, this 4 year educational Blog was a lot easier to produce than I thought. I’ve learned a lot myself by sharing so many posts and I’m very grateful to WORDPRESS for hosting the format (for free!). It has also reinforced my personal beliefs of how the world works today since everything I posted resonated with me. Much of our reality may not be good but the truth is what it is. I am more than happy that my main students and some followers see the light and wake-up call.

So this final rant is more or less to reiterate the import issues we should be focusing on and learning more about. It about discovering ourselves as individuals that can make such a difference with our collective actions and aspirations. So I’ll quickly touch on some important points from God(s) and religion to corrupted societies, indoctrination and free-will. I believe one should have a good handle on how complicated the world has become because most folks have lost sight of the principles of keeping it simple.  

God is a Universal Consciousness and what I call the “Energy of the Universe.” So energy is the fabric of the conscious Universe. You can give it whatever name, whatever religion and whatever else suits your needs but it is the conscious energy that surrounds us that you should acknowledge first because that consciousness vibration is connected to everything in your life. Just like all points in time and space are connected.

Understanding that living life with an open mind will bring so much more harmony, appreciation and compassion into your life and will keep you from fearing the unknown like the flock does without that mindset. Your belief system always determines what you want and don’t want to believe. And having a closed mind does nothing to enhance whatever belief system you hold.

They say that the fear of the unknown is a basic human nature, but researching, learning and familiarizing yourself with what’s unknown is far more productive and empowering than not knowing at all. Thanks to the WEB, it’s a lot easier today to gather the facts from reading, research and feeling liberated rather than spending the rest of your life living with fear and believing lies.

This is true concerning the hoax of freedom in present day America and the West and all the new science of toxic medicines, tainted foods and some other forms of modern science too. This includes the science of power and the science of the psychology of control. The divide and conquer strategy is also an applied science that’s applied constantly.

They don’t teach you about this stuff in school for obvious reasons. If they did, an informed populous would recognize their personal power and the tactics of control, neutralizing the effects. Folks would also have the tools to strike back, turn the tables, and fundamentally restructure the system. The Status Quo would suffer which would turn laws and government on its head.

I can definitely say as a free-willed American that’s been around for over 6 decades that there is very little relationship between the creation of the American Constitution and the modern “unconstitutional law” imposed upon us today. Instead of the system of state-level decision makers and elected officials the Constitution was intended to create, judges have given us a highly centralized system in which bureaucrats and appointed – not elected – officials make most of the important policies in tune to the shadow government’s agendas.

Since I can remember, America and its allies in the so called “free world” have been continually launching unnecessary military aggression and warfare. Of course all these war-mongering allies will always tell you it is being done to protect your freedoms so America must invade, occupy and even destroy other countries to save them. But the real truth is it’s hard to keep up with all this phony warfare and lies that are only diminishing freedoms in America but everywhere and threatening the future of humanity.

The term “freedom” is just another distraction to keep people docile and under control. But knowing this is part of our mission to educate one’s self and make life a bit easier for ourselves because that’s the only honest way to deal with a distorted reality! Always remember that threats of war or economic isolation doesn’t lead to the ultimate goal of peace, more human rights and expanding economic development (the shared goals of all rational human beings).

The U.S./NATO/ISRAELI military machine have created the “Globalization of War.” And as it was said by one of America’s founding fathers, “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” – James Madison, “Father of the Constitution” Here’s the main point. We are our own consciousness but unfortunately, we’ve become science based and consciousness is the greatest mystery of science.

Consciousness is also rarely considered in any scientific research. So everything science based on assumptions and conclusions from any default models of the “Status Quo” should be considered fairly valid from a scientific view but only as incomplete conclusions and should be questioned. This includes the science of power, crowd psychology and the science behind the psychology of control. But the Status Quo wisdom gluing societies together will always teach otherwise so don’t assume most anything science related as etched in stone and especially question any convoluted Status Quo validity.

This is especially true looking at the origins, links and the development of ancient civilizations which are still cloaked in mystery but materialistic science, religions and history taught today have become etched in stone anyway and assumed as conventional wisdom. It has all become so dogmatic but dogmatic assumptions limits inquiry.

We are a lot more than dogmatic assumptions so it is always best to question the mainstream paradigm including what some so-called expert or government official concludes. That is especially true for dogmatic religious beliefs. It is interesting to note that the letter “J” was not invented until the 1500’s, which means there was no one named Jesus.  “All you may know of heaven or hell is within your own self.” – Edgar Cayce

The story of Jesus has pretty much the same attributes, story and the mythological structures as Mithra, Baal, Attis, Horus, Krishna, Buddha, Dionysus, Osiris and many others. Some examples are the virgin birth, born on Dec 25th, had disciples, healed the sick, baptized, performed miracles, all resurrected etc. They were all considered astrological “Solar Messiahs.” When in doubt, check it out. Google any of the ones mentioned to see for yourself that it’s the same old, same old.

As long as there is organized religion, there will always be some end time prophecy. These predictions will come and go and one should not buy into the fear propaganda that end time prophecy brings. Religion was created by man to control man and as us awakened ones know, religion equals subservience, control and conformity… the same template as EVERY government. All governments rule through fear so don’t buy into the fear propaganda and enjoy each day by living in the NOW. That’s really all you got everyday.

It is well known by NASA scientists and others that the Universe has hundreds of thousands of other planets besides Earth. So I strongly believe that we are extremely vain and foolish to believe that humans on Earth are the only higher intelligence in this Universe. The powers-that-be certainly know the truth about other foreign intelligence existing especially during and since WWII but everything has been kept secret to further government and high level political and religious agendas.

Unfortunately, our social, personal and spiritual development has not yet surpassed our technological development so it’s no surprise that civilizations today will continue to be distracted enough that their spiritual growth will stay very limited and not mature or evolve as Nature intended. Of course that’s just my humble opinion but logical thinking has been destroyed enough too that we are already being held hostage to even more social engineering through so-called modern technology.

But people just haven’t caught on yet that modern technology as we now know it is really nothing new compared to the super advanced technologies that are kept in the dark. We now think as a whole that iPhones, nuclear fusion, fiber optics, combustion and rocket engines are our newest technologies of our age when they could be obsolete compared to what advanced technologies we already have like free energy technology, anti-gravity devices and trans-dimensional technologies that are being hidden from us.

These and more are deliberately hidden from us because the powers-that-be that are behind the military machine, political agendas, secret programs of all sorts and the big business international corporate side of the establishment will benefit so much more from keeping them hidden and secret. That is why there are so many serious disinformation and misinformation programs constantly running.

Those pulling the handles of control don’t care about mankind and have their own interests, agendas and power structures to benefit from instead within all the major international power structures. Even presidents, major politicians and military big wigs and generals don’t know many of the hidden and intricate agendas and cutting edge technologies these powerful people control and hide.

But because they control the media, the intelligence community, the narrative and current everyday events of societies, the people are kept so distracted, indoctrinated and socially engineered today they just can’t even see straight, never mind having an independent mindset within the Status Quo. So the only remedy to expose and rid this indoctrination is alternative media and independent social groups spreading the truths and encouraging disclosure.

Understanding my natural rights and having a free and sovereign mindset, I know that respecting your rights and others rights are what’s most important. But any rights should only be based on a moral behavior to not do any unnecessary harm to anyone. Any harm that is done should only be in self defense because someone else tried to harm you and/or someone else. Respecting your rights and others rights is what needs to be understood first.

Too bad that even modern societies in the so called free-world really don’t understand what their natural rights and morals are or should be. They live by oppressive laws and cult beliefs instead due to being socially engineered with corrupted morals. Why societies have endless problems and so many endless new oppressive laws and wars as solutions is simply because they don’t know or exercise their rights as a free and moral person.

Instead, they sit back and allow (consciously or unconsciously) immoral people who they usually put in power to tell them what their rights and morals should be. And they do it over and over again to create a vicious cycle of oppression through voting and wars. That’s why it is imperative to create a personal moral compass and behavior that leads you to making moral choices and decisions. That kind behavior makes the difference between knowing and choosing right or wrong or war or peace.

The tyrants and Fascists who are running America and the West into the ground don’t care if you’re a democrat, republican, communist or an independent. They could care less if you’re religious or an atheist too. Fascism and tyranny operate free of any underlying principles or philosophy and it’s totally at the whim of the people in control to prove how ruthless they want their tyrannical fascism to be.

Of course it will always be disguised one way or another with the illusion of freedom and equality while you’re oblivious to being increasingly governed by surprise (false terrorism and political correctness comes to mind). But you will definitely feel oppressive fascism through the decline of your general standard of living and your personal liberties and freedoms.

This is no joke but I think if the infrastructure of the police state continues to strengthen, the banking system goes completely digital and globalization really sets in, it will be within the next generation that all Americans will finally realize that their ticket to Fantasy Land has just expired. Once the transition is fully completed to a global police state, there won’t be anywhere left for refuge.

Our fate can be often determined by our actions and inaction. So the human race better wake up enough and fast to prevent some of this transition from ever happening. Unfortunately, things can change faster than people do. I continually say that our problems are usually just symptoms of a cause. So finding a solution to eliminate the symptoms does nothing to solve the problem if you don’t find the cause.

When it comes to health issues, be very careful trusting anyone who represents the toxic pharmaceutical system. Question all their solutions. Doctors today (unless trained to practice natural medicine) are programmed to shut you down with synthetic drugs that will never ever heal you or be good for your well-being in the long term.

I’m not saying that short-term interventions should be avoided or not tried, only that long term toxic solutions aren’t real solutions at all. The medical profession tries their best to get everyone on some of their toxic drugs for life and bleed them dry because they have become a big part of international money machine and the scientific dictatorship of the modern world.

Today almost everyone in the West is on some toxic medication (some for good) and it seems that most all solutions to our problems are focused only on calming or hiding our health problems instead of getting rid of the cause of the problems. That is especially true in politics and the medical profession. It’s too bad that doctors don’t practice preventive medicine, natural medicine or offer an exit strategy from pushing drugs with serious adverse reactions and finding the root cause instead.

We are now suffering from the ongoing climate engineering insanity on a regular basis in the West and elsewhere. You can even see the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout on your car when it rains. But we notice it most as a fine grayish powder that accumulates on the surfaces and bottles in our outdoor Tiki bar which is being used often. We know what regular dust looks like after using this bar for over 18 years.

These are metals and chemicals (not dust) we are always seeing now and we breathe and drink this toxic shit. Same goes for our entire Eco system. Putting these ongoing phony wars aside, this geoengineering insanity is so sinister that it has become my biggest concern for humanity and the planet. It’s in your face almost everyday now and all you have to do is look up at our skies to see it.

And when was the last time you saw a yellow, orange or red sun or a totally clear day with normal clouds? All we have today is fake cirrus clouds created by chemtrails and a glowing white sun and still no mainstream media outlet is reporting this unusual regular phenomena with concern. Are folks really that stupid or distracted today? You betcha!

This geoengineering assault on the planet is damaging the biosphere, climate, and life support systems of our planet and should be considered as serious “environmental terrorism” and “weather warfare.” We now have floods, forest fires, droughts, engineered snow storms and tornadoes at times and in places never seen in the past before.

People are being sprayed like cockroaches and our bee populations are going extinct while ocean acidification from climate engineering and endless Fukishima radiation is also accelerating ocean die-off.

These convergent catastrophes of nuclear radiation and massive global climate engineering (cluster f-ck) are truly the most important topics of our time that governments and the mainstream media purposely ignore or keep trying to distract the public from the truth.

WHY? What are they HIDING? What are their real motives? Why the media blackout? Who exactly are behind this toxic global geoengineering? Who benefits? What are their hidden agendas? Why so many outright lies? It’s a lot easier today to gather the facts from reliable research (like following Dane Wigington at and feel liberated knowing the truth rather than spending the rest of your life believing lies or ignoring a distorted reality.

Maybe the masses are so intrigued with the mysterious power they feel being part of a religion when the only real mystery is that religion is just a tool to control the masses and make other people more powerful and wealthy. The other big intrigue is being part of a political system which turns out today to be just another control tool that has the same nasty results.

I can go on and on about all our ills and brainwashing today but I’ve already done so for 4 years with this educational Blog so I’ll only remind you that most folks today have a very short attention span. It’s up to you now to stay awake and don’t let your guard down. I love my life so I’m not a doom and gloom type but it is so obvious that those running our planet are definitely up to no good and could give a rat’s ass about you, your freedom and personal health. Just always remember that.

But the critical thing I want to point out is, when a person or group always chooses to talk well about the past while the present is in disarray, look the other way to another group who sees the present dark reality for what it is and chooses to focus on the present and future, what they’re planning to do and what they’re looking forward to instead. The first group is moving backwards while the other group is moving forward. They are the ones who will most likely make real progress. So focus on folks or even a country that is focused on the future. It makes no sense looking at the future through a rear view mirror.

Having said that, I do want to fully expose what I’ve been very interested in and researching since leaving Christianity and the Church behind 3 decades ago. Since religion is the world’s biggest political and religious scam, I will post a series of videos made from the Book of Enki (Sumerian texts) to show you another side of ancient history and where our religions stem from. Although I’ve already given you a mouthful about religion in my Blog Intro and some posts, I will leave you with the best to come tomorrow as my final home schooling posts. The mysteries of our origins are steeped in manipulation more than you can imagine. Here’s a preview:

The original story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden didn’t begin with the Bible as most folks believe but started with the Sumerian tablets written thousands of years before the Old Testament even existed when the Anunnaki ruled Earth and created man in their image according to these Sumerian tablets. Many of the people, events, stories and places are very similar in the Bible as in the tablets with different twists and time frames. Which one should you believe? The older version (tablets) or the newer version (the Bible)?

The Bible is a religious take on human creation, God, civilization and history that’s takes into account evil, enlightenment and some of the life and killing of Jesus along with the fragments of history scattered throughout Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, and Egyptian, Canaanite, and Hebrew societies. Many names of people, deities and so-called gods of the past have been changed, eliminated, replaced and substituted as different civilizations who spoke different languages and having different cultures had different interpretations and translations too.

It’s obvious that putting the whole Bible into text, many stories, accounts and records were changed, lost and destroyed in order to accommodate the status quo and their agendas throughout those times. However, many of the details of the historical tablets and records of the oldest civilization known as the Sumerians have been preserved and only found just a century ago in their original form and language. Only recently have some of the records been translated so far too.

But what has been translated shows that our oldest civilization before the biblical days was well advanced in technology and had detailed knowledge of our solar system even much more so then today.  The kicker discovered was the missing link on how we as humans went to being Homo-Sapiens through genetic engineering from outside beings. That genetic engineering was done by those from another planet and they were called the Anunnaki.

So the history of the Anunnaki’s impact on human civilization should be read first before you read the Bible. And the main reason to read some of those historical accounts first is because those accounts were thousands of years before the Old Testament was ever even written. That’s the perspective you need to see the bigger human creation picture and to fill in the blanks of what the Bible is missing and based on instead.

It seems after understanding the history and messages released so far from the Sumerian records that those who wrote the Bible truly knew our roots and deliberately changed the narrative to fit their own agendas and power struggles. There is so much that we don’t know and will never know because the Catholic Church and the powers-that-be were and will always be hiding our true history to keep their religion and power agendas in tact.

The biblical tales of creation have now been realized by scholars and researchers that they were taken and twisted from the earlier written texts found in the ancient records of the older Iraq or Mesopotamia. And most of those texts have not even been translated yet. But from what has been translated already, the correlation between the God of the Old Testament and the Sumerian gods are very apparent; the Sumerian storm God, Enki, can be considered the God of wrath and vengeance in the Old Testament.

When one realizes that the God from the Old Testament Yahweh, was none other than the local deity named Enki, the truth is revealed. The Sumerian records also reveal that “Adam” and “Eve” were not created by the “God” in the Bible but rather they were genetically engineered by an advanced race of extra-terrestrials, called the Anunnaki from another Planet is a mind blower. The tablets also state that an extraterrestrial named Enki became the supreme Anunnaki leader of planet Earth. Enki and his various relatives were revered as gods in various temples of the old Iraq from Nineveh to Assur to the Sumerian city of Ur to name just a few.

Similarly, Enki and his brother Enlil plus their children were worshiped as gods in those days and also had temples in prominent cultural and trade portals within the region. More importantly, the brothers were not acting alone, but rather in consort with others referred to as the Anunnaki. Note that the scribes of those days kept accurate records of everyday and natural events on the earth and in the sky in order to predict the future. Good thing many thousands of their records still exist and the texts are still readable today.

Enlil and his brother, Enki, are mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Now it is realized that all depictions of the Virgin Mary are probably representing Nin-Khursag talked about in these texts. She was praised in Sumerian hymns as the “true and great lady of the heavens. According to the Sumerian tablets, Nin-Khursag and one of the brothers were the ones to genetically engineer the very first human workers (Adam and Eve) with their DNA. Imagine the implications for the Catholic Church if that got out to their followers. Ouch! It is also noted in the Sumerian records that Enki’s son is the biblical Noah.

Sumeria (Mesopotamia) by the way was what is modern Iraq today and it is to be seriously noted that when the Americans and their allies invaded Iraq, the first thing they immediately did was take the gold, currencies and historical wealth and artifacts out of Iraq hiding even more history that was intended to be released by Saddam Hussein to the public through a new library. But now that is probably never going to happen and I am inclined to believed that one of the hidden agendas to invade and destroy Iraq was to also destroy and/or hide that knowledge of our past by the powers-that-be. 

The Roman Catholic Church has become the greatest stage for creating religious show biz over the centuries and the world has been swallowing the script like a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Everyone watching knows of the main characters like Adam and Eve, Noah, the Virgin Mary, Jesus and the 12 disciples. But you won’t find anywhere in the Bible that says Mary is the Mother of God and show me where the canon of scripture is in the Bible too. There isn’t much because the Church mostly used their religious traditions outside of any scripture as its criterion for the canon.

So it is the traditions of religions that folks abide by instead of actual scripture that needs a good looking over. Here are some common symbols of the Anunnaki that you can still find in Catholic Churches and also used by secret societies. Here are just a handful of symbols. The eight-pointed star of Melchizedek (high priest Masonic rank) or Inanna symbolizes the Sumerian Anunnaki goddess. An upside-down cross or dove symbolizes evil.

The beehive represents the exterior of the royal temples; the honeycomb is always depicted inside the beehive, hence representing the interior; the ancient symbol of the bees symbolize the “royal” families. Another symbol found very often in correlation to the “royal” ones, is the lion. Just as with the Egyptian sphinx, the lion also represents the sun. The pine cone represents the pineal gland which is the symbol of supreme knowledge. There are so many other symbols too that have hidden meanings and messages that are hidden in plain sight.

It’s good to know what’s going on in this world (even if you stay in one place) and it’s even better to know why it’s going on including the hidden reasons and causes. Unfortunately, the way the news media is set up today, they decide what you should believe. So if you don’t get into honest media as a source of info and news, you’ll never see the real picture of our past and present reality for what it’s worth. This Blog would never had any real value if alternative media was not used as its main source of news, info and educational posts.

Put no faith in America’s federal government. America is in a downward spiral and has become the most oppressive country in the fake so-called  free world who consistently invades, terrorizes and murders peoples, their families including children from other countries without good reasons. Why? Because they can! America has become such a destructive and violent country if there ever was one and is now the number one war-monger of Planet Earth. They have become the biggest Hippocrates and Bullies supposedly spreading democracy. And our new president won’t change anything even if he wanted to. Trump’s motto should be changed to “Keep America Fake Again.”

And last but not least, don’t let any drug pushing doctor kid you, nutritionally-based interventions are far more superior to any conventional drug-based ones. Natural healthy foods and dietary therapies are several times safer and more affordable than prescription drugs, and unlike the dozens of known side effects that occur with virtually all FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, there are rarely any side effects when healthy natural foods are consumed with moderation. So it is very wise and healthy to learn as much as you can about Nature’s pharmacy.

I’ll leave you with those thoughts and please listen to the final posts starting tomorrow until the end of May about the ancient tablets of the Anunnaki. Take your time absorbing the narrative and enjoy the narrator who is quite a character himself to also listen to. They are hours long but worth your time to get a whole other perspective on civilization’s roots and more. I thank you all again for your time and patience. Keep informed and protect your personal sovereignty and free-will with a passion. And remember: Patience is bitter but it bears sweet fruit! That is my final message to you all.