An Encouraging Look Forward (Fingers Crossed) – A Great Assessment and Lots of Wishful Thinking



By Foster Gamble

Like anyone with their eyes open, I recognize the dangerously heated divide among people throughout our country and the world. I appreciate the high levels of engagement, and at the same time find the lack of open dialogue across worldview, and the outside provocateurs, to be unfortunate components of the recent activism. Nonetheless, I am encouraged by much of what I see happening in the world, and given my awareness of so much of the corruption, I wanted to explain why I feel optimistic.

As people who have seen THRIVE or follow Thrive Movement know, I am committed to following assumptions and money upstream, analyzing actions (not rhetoric) and assessing events through a lens of principles, not politics. In THRIVE we laid out how the U.S. was at risk of being subsumed by a globalist agenda, with individual sovereignty and personal accountability both being annihilated in the name of one-world governance and control. I continue to watch government land grabs for Agenda 21/2030, ramped up efforts to control the Internet, the move toward Bail-In legislation and the further authorization of the FBI to break into any computer anywhere, and more — all promoted by a media that is more than ever a megaphone for the globalists, the primary promulgators of “fake news.” So my optimism is not naive or absolute.


I suggest the quickest path to find some sense of inner peace about the controversial Trump administration is to acknowledge and look through the lens we revealed in THRIVE — that a small, elite international cadre of sociopaths is hell-bent on creating a New World Order — a One World Totalitarian State with them in charge.

The “GDA” has been using the government takeover of Healthcare, Education, the TPP, NAFTA, WTO, the Fed, false flag imperialist wars, unlimited immigration, mandatory vaccines and flu shots, the destruction of the economy, suppression of free energy, promotion of Agenda 21/30, Global warming and global carbon tax, the UN front for a global state with the NATO enforcement arm, the consolidation of dishonest mainstream media fronting for the globalists and much more…to create the conditions to seduce us into their New World Order, one world government, totalitarian police state.

For all his crass, ego-filled tweets and rants, his undermining of women’s right to choose what happens with their own bodies, his support of fracking and nuclear and coal, his inclusion of Goldman Sachs reps and neocons in his cabinet as well his lack of unifying principles for his policies, Donald Trump is nonetheless the only person I know of who could have both been elected and then gone directly after virtually all of the corrupt and lethal deceptions (listed above) upon which the Global Domination Agenda is built and depends.

Amidst all the divided and conquered hatred and vitriol, this guy has just in his first month confirmed his support for auditing the Fed, busted up the Big Pharma monopoly on U.S. government health insurance drugs, called out the bias and lies of the mainstream news and taken steps to counter toxic vaccines and to eliminate what was poised to be a mandatory vaccine policy nation-wide. He has cancelled the Trans-Pacific Partnership and seems to be listening to people whose experience he has elicited.

There is increasing evidence that Trump, along with Xi Xinping and Putin, is a dealmaker and not a warmonger — actually looking for ways to strengthen America from the inside out, as opposed to the political tyrants and imperialists that have waged non-stop wars of aggression from Johnson through Obama.


And there is real and increasing evidence that the world is waking up. Superpower world war has been avoided in Ukraine, in the South China seas and in Iran. The same powers that manipulated the U.S. taxpayer to support imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya and Yemen are finally being neutralized. Syria is stabilizing as the U.S. shadow government war monster has been called out with the whole world watching. This could have been a proxy standoff with both Russia and China that could have easily led to nuclear confrontation and holocaust.

The unfunded death-web of obligations that is NATO — which started out as an alliance of protection against the threat of communism — has become a tool of Western imperialism that obligates all members to participate in any war that is claimed to threaten any of them. With such a structure, a single false flag or set of propaganda lies could trigger the use of countless missile bases that the U.S. shadow government has been installing around Russia and China. Here, too, I see Trump helping to weaken the stranglehold of the GDA by unpacking some of the real motives and dismantling many of the risky structures.


Another source of optimism is in the international arena where, on the financial side, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) — especially China — are skillfully and patiently orchestrating a non-violent move toward asset-backed financial systems on a worldwide scale. Globalist and Trilateral Commission co-founder (with David Rockefeller) Zbigniew Brzezinski, in handbook for world empire, The Grand Chessboard, described the greatest threat to Western dominance to be the possibility of an emerging alliance in the East that would draw in other countries. Now it is happening, and the emergence of a multi-polar world, based on trade instead of conquest, is a profound move toward peace.

Gold, silver and other commodity backing are moving free market transactions to a real, accountable and common sense basis. This move, along with Bitcoin and other peer-to-peer transactions, undermines the whole basis for globalist, central banking power — the fraudulent and counterfeit monopoly on printing money with no basis in real value.

This means fiat, debt-based money is going away and that fractional reserve lending will decrease and ultimately disappear. Gold exchanges will be for real minerals, not inflated paper supposedly owned by many entities simultaneously. Deals are being done between nations at the multi-billion dollar level through gold rather than the illusionary petrodollar.

The war on cash, intended to create a global cashless society with total financial control in the grips of the bankers, is ramping up, but is also being exposed by alternative media and obsoleted by alternative currencies.

The Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank was launched with $200 billion in gold backing — and countries all over the globe are joining in, despite the U.S.’s attempts to discourage them from participating in this alternative to the IMF and the World Bank.

The Dragon Alliance of Asia is willing to share its vast gold resources with the West to erase the unpayable debts and reboot the global financial system in a healthy manner — if only the so-called “leaders” from the West are willing to cooperate with the rest of the world rather than try to continue to cheat and dominate it. I am told by representatives of the Asian Dragon Alliance, that, whereas the Obama administration as puppets for the Rockefeller/Rothchild cabal blocked this offer at every turn, Donald Trump is reportedly aligned with potentially the biggest and most important deal in human history. We are watching this closely.


The desperate attempt by the would-be controllers to censor and suppress dissident opinions and information, and especially to cover up their agenda for global domination and the international pedophilia rings which are used as a control mechanism to scare and steer their puppets in positions of power, are finally coming to light. Drumming up the term “fake news” (replacing the no longer credible smear of “conspiracy theory”) is blowing up in the face of the would-be dominators as it brings to light the countless ways they have been creating their own fake news propaganda to manipulate our behavior.

Readership and profits of the Washington Post and New York Times have plunged into the red as the masses turn to alternative media for any semblance of what the heck is really going on. The desperation is blatant when the control cabal has to send self-admitted liar-before-congress James Clapper back to congress to tout Internet censorship, and to counter Trump’s calling out of the “blame the election on Russia” ruse.

The attempts to censor and shut down truth-tellers like Alex Jones, Mike Adams and Ben Swann show the desperation of the would-be controllers to keep the truth about conspiracies, banking schemes, toxic pharmaceuticals, pseudo-foods, and pedophilia from coming to light. But it won’t work. Major exposés of pedophile rings among so-called “leaders” are happening in England, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Canada and are even beginning in the U.S. with “Pizza-gate,” Los Angeles and others. Exposing their role in pedophilia provides an understandable and acceptable basis on which vast numbers of the psychopathic controllers are being and will continue to be arrested and taken out of positions of power.


We are seeing a dramatic global turn by awakening people away from the corrupt rule of increasingly centralized power. It is expressing itself in Brexit, the Trump election, the probable Frexit in France (and we will be seeing more in Europe). Many do not know what to turn toward, because they do not yet recognize that it is the State itself that creates, condones and constructs the tyranny of the few over everyone else. But even without realizing this, the arc is toward increasing sovereignty. It’s a turn away from globalism toward nationalism and toward localism that will, if allowed, continue until it finds the true unit of human wholeness — which is the individual, not the abstraction of “the group.” Meticulously honoring the intrinsic rights of the individual is what leads to true, voluntary community — which in fact best honors the needs of most people.


Kimberly and I are privileged to have met and vetted numerous geniuses with authentic and historic breakthroughs in health, energy, justice, environment, agriculture, economics and more. There is a tragic war on holistic doctors that has taken out more than 60 of them in the last year and a half — especially those working on effective natural treatments for cancer and exposing the autism/vaccine connection. This lethal battle is being waged in virtually every Sector, but that too is being exposed and skilled, principled professionals are focusing their efforts on protecting those who are bringing whole system breakthroughs to humanity. Many of our best healers are in hiding offshore after attempts on their lives, but we are working diligently with others now to create safe, legal systems and models to bring their offerings out. As the corrupt exoskeleton of the would-be controllers is crumbling, that will be accelerating. As it is, around the world, and finally even in the U.S., awareness and resistance are emerging on GMOs, glyphosates and chemtrails. Monsanto stock is plunging.


We are seeing not only the end of the American Empire but arguably of the whole concept of Empire. The Clintons, Bushes, Rockefellers and Rothschilds as well as the likes of Kissinger, Cheney, Blair, Sarkozy and Brzezinski are being exposed, some having to limit their travel and fearing their own arrests and incarceration for a myriad of crimes and abuses.

FREEDOM RISING — Light at the End of the Statist Rabbit Hole

Perhaps most importantly of all, an understanding of the distinctions, history and potential of true liberty and the Non-Aggression Principle is blossoming all over the world. For example, Stefan Molyneux, arguably history’s most advanced philosopher, had over 100 million downloads and views of in-depth material through his website in 2016. Even the so-called “alt right”, many of whom are still mired in the dogmas of religion and nationalism, but are otherwise devoted to anti-globalism, free speech, free but accountable markets, honest banks and individual sovereignty, is having a vast effect on hundreds of millions of young people worldwide and has a strong influence on the incoming U.S. presidential administration. Many on both sides of the political divide are feeling shaken and embarrassed by the brazen, anti-free speech violence perpetrated by so-called Antifa and black bloc elements — especially at U.S. universities as happened with the Milo Yiannopoulos event in Berkeley — the birthplace of the free speech movement! In Brazil, fast growing organizations among the youth are waking others up — through protests, education and clever social media campaigns — to the fact that socialism is dangerous — NOT cool, but protecting equal rights for everyone is what will work. More and more signs are appearing among the young at protests saying “Less Marx, More Mises!”

Acknowledging some of the significant good that I see Trump doing is not a blanket endorsement of his policies. I see a host of unprincipled violations in addition to the ones mentioned above: ignoring Israel’s treatment of Palestine, allowing water-threatening pipelines without sufficient safeguards, proposing “taking” Iraq’s oil, etc. (Releasing free energy tech will obsolete the whole issue of invading countries to take their oil.) However, for me, the key to separating out his ethical actions from his immoral policies is the compass of the Non-Aggression Principle — not partisan politics.


More international good news: Secret societies are getting exposed — including the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg group, Roundtable, Royal Institute of international Affairs, Opus Dei, the Masons, Jesuits, Knights Templar, Parushim, Skull and Bones and on and on. People are waking up to why these powerful societies have to be secretive — that domination of human lives requires covert means, sexual exploitation and fraudulent accumulation of wealth and power. The light of truth, through the Internet and alternative media, is beginning to cleanse this scourge on humanity and protect countless lives both young and old.

I believe we have dodged a major bullet this election cycle with the still emerging rise of Socialism duping a caring but gullible and uninformed youth movement — seduced once again with the same false promise of free stuff — healthcare, education, housing, welfare etc. — that led thousands into tyranny, torture, starvation, murder, and wars in the Soviet Union, Germany, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and many more.

Fortunately, I could go on and on about all of the signs that I am seeing that the life force is breaking through the concrete of oppression, speaking truth to power and lifting the veils of illusion that have kept human beings willingly voting for and paying their slave masters for centuries. This is going to be a year like no other. We could see free energy released, the waters decontaminated and coral reefs beginning to be restored, extraterrestrial contact disclosed, the Fed audited, the mainstream media held to account for their lies, financial systems restored to honest voluntary exchange, a surge in jobs and prosperity, humanitarian projects funded worldwide, cures for cancer, AIDS, ALS, MS, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s and more supported and unleashed…


The power of reason and truth and the evolution of consciousness are ultimately unstoppable. They are who we are, and I feel grounded in my confidence that in my lifetime I will see at least the tipping point toward a global civilization based on integrity, true freedom and unprecedented voluntary collaboration dissolving illusionary boundaries and limitations.

The human family is still deep in strife — but now with the capability to blow ourselves off the face of the Earth. We are having to learn the principles of peace — and they are centered in the Non-Aggression Principle and moving beyond the superstition of having to be ruled. Sovereignty with accountability is the key to unleashing our suppressed creativity, aligning with natural forces and liberating the already existing solutions in every Sector of human behavior. This is the science of Love applied. This can manifest heaven on Earth — in our lifetimes.



We can look for deeper truths than propaganda and whose team should rule the rest of us. We can choose our loyalties based on eternal and universal natural principles, not on power politics.

This is what fills my outlook with light as I move forward into this new time.

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Is This Why Only Organic Fruit & Veg Stops Cancer?


Salvestrols are the wonder nutrients

found in fruit and vegetables that hold potential as yet another safe, effective and natural cancer cure. In 1995, Professor Dan Burke accidentally discovered that cancer cells contained an enzyme that was not found in normal healthy cells. Later on in 1997, after conducting extensive research with Professor Gerry Potter, he discovered that a certain type of polyphenyl (plant nutrient) found in fruit and vegetables was able to bind with this cancer enzyme – and subsequently destroy the cancer cell. The researchers decided to call this group of phytonutrients salvestrols (salve means to save and strol is derived from resveratrol, the first salvestrol). Being the medicinal part of the plant, theses salvestrols taste bitter, which unfortunately means they have been bred out of existence in some strains of fruit (e.g. apples) by large-scale agro-corporate farming, which constantly tries to make everything sweeter to sell more product. Salvestrols belong to another subcategory called phytoalexins, which are substances produced by plants to protect themselves against bacteria, viruses, fungi, insects and ultraviolet light.

Cancer Cells’ Weak Point: CYP1B1 Enzyme

The enzyme which marks cancer cells is called CYP1B1. This enzyme is a gene and protein which is present in all human cells, but which is only activated in cancer cells, not normal healthy cells. In a chemical reaction, the salvestrols interact with CYP1B1 to become cancer-killing agents, as this website states:

“Healthy tissue cells do contain the gene for CYP1B1, but under normal circumstances this gene does not appear to come to expression, or only scarcely does so. In-vitro research has shown that CYP1B1 can activate (pro)carcinogens. However, CYP1B1 is unlikely to play an important role in the development of cancer, because the enzyme is not active in normal cells. Burke’s research group found the CYP1B1 protein in all the possible types of human tumour cell lines. The extreme over-expression of CYP1B1 enzyme is a common characteristic of all forms of cancer that occur in humans … Professor Burke suspects that the CYP1B1 gene is ‘switched on’ in a mutated body cell in order to allow the tumour cell to be selectively removed (tumour suppressor gene).”

Brilliant! Like many other proven natural cancer cures (e.g. laetrile, B17 or amygdalin from apricot kernels), salvestrols are a targeted and selective cancer killer, unlike chemotherapy (derived from mustard gas used in World War 1), which is an indiscriminate killer of all cells.

The hallmark of cancer cells is that they don’t perform apoptosis or programmed cell death. In other words, they don’t listen to the body’s commands to stop growing. However, once you feed them salvestrols, then they will commit apoptosis.

cancer cell digital rendition illustration

Fungicides: Death Sentence for the Salvestrol

Salvestrols are polyphenols (a large generic group), found throughout many fruits (e.g. citrus, berries, grape), most vegetables (e.g. cruciferous), olives and herbs. However, only organically grown food contains salvestrols. The only fruit and vegetables that produce salvestrols are organic fruit and vegetables. Why? It’s because, as mentioned, the fruit and vegetables produce salvestrols as a defense mechanism to fend off fungal attacks. However, conventional fruit and vegetables are sprayed with a heavy dose of pesticides, including fungicides, which means they don’t need to develop the phytochemicals (plant chemicals) that organic fruit and vegetables would to fend off attacks. It’s already done for them. The fungicide essentially makes the plant lazy, removing the necessity for it to develop complex defense mechanisms because it’s unlikely to get attacked.

Additionally, the fungicide neutralizes the effect of salvestrols. So even if conventional fruit and vegetables somehow survive being sprayed with fungicide poison and manage to grow salvestrols, they still won’t do any good as far as cancer prevention is concerned. They won’t interact with the CYP1B1 enzyme and kill the cancer cells because the fungicide will interfere with and prevent that process.

spray pesticide fungicide

Not All Food is Equal

What this means is that you, as an end user in this system, get what you choose and what you pay for. If you choose to eat sprayed fruit and vegetables, you’ll be getting produce without salvestrols and without the vital defense mechanisms which boost your health and protect you against cancer. On the other hand if you choose to eat organic fruit and vegetables, you’ll be getting produce with salvestrols, which your body will assimilate and utilize to improve your health and either help you defeat cancer or help ensure you never develop it.

fungus salvestrols

The Theory that Cancer is a Fungus

This dovetails into an important point. Fungus is a natural part of living in this world. It is also a decomposer which attaches onto weak and dying organisms, be they plant or animal, and hastens their demise once their immunity is comprised. It may be the hidden cause of every disease and it may also be that cancer is a fungus. The latter theory has been proposed by Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini, who has been treating patients for decades with intravenous injections of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3 or baking soda). Other doctors have tried this approach successfully – some have pioneered approaches such as mixing the baking soda with maple syrup (which attracts the cancer cells) then administering it orally to patients. The highly alkaline NaHCo3 works by causing a rapid shift in the pH of the cancer cell, causing it to die.

salvestrols conspiracy

Salvestrols – Removed by Design

Just in case you think this is all an unfortunate coincidence, think again. The worldwide conspiracy cuts wider and deeper than most of us imagine. In this short segment taken from a larger presentation, David Icke explains how humanity is controlled by being kept in the dark. Those truly at the top of the pyramid know full well how the human body works, and realize the effect of synthetic chemicals and non-organic food on human health. This is more evidence of the scheme to make people sick and thus more controllable, which goes hand-in-hand with the depopulation agenda.

The lesson that salvestrols and CYP1B1 have to teach us is clear: the more we separate ourselves from the natural world, the more we use and ingest synthetic chemicals, the more we eat artificial food (GMOs), the more we embrace the idea of “Better Living Through Chemistry” (former motto of DuPont, the chemical company and Illuminati bloodline family), the more we will weaken ourselves, the sooner we will die and the more unfulfilled we will be.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.







Spot-On Article – Dear Family and Friends: It’s Time to Wake Up!

I know you’ve struggled to deal with many of the harsh truths of the world, yet there’s also so much brilliance to this reality that I don’t want you to miss out on as well.

by Phillip J. Watt

But to feel that side of the coin, it’s necessary to face how it all works on the systemic and material levels.

It’s no surprise to anyone that greed and vanity has spread like wildfire across our modern minds. So much so that our collective heart has been suffocating under their toxic weight.

Yet there’s no need to despair; there are many people who have stepped into the authenticity of their heart and are working towards bringing some sanity, honor and justice to our mad world.

War. Poverty. Rape. Hatred. The list goes on. These realities might be ‘normal’ in the context of humanity’s history, but it doesn’t always need to be this way.

We literally have the technology, know-how and spirit to finally create an existence where the basic needs of humanity are met, especially that deep sense of communion and comradery with our fellow-man which most of us are missing.

This alone will rectify so much of the pain-based behavior that is highly influenced from not just individual and collective trauma, but a subtle feeling of being disconnected and unloved.

So it is true that many individuals are vile in their action – both to themselves and others – on so many levels. But as hard as it is to accept, there is a ruling class that is just as much, if not more, disgusting in their behavior.

For starters, our money supply has been stolen. If you don’t know what this means, you simply need to understand that so-called money is created out of nothing by punching numbers into a computer and then the banking oligarchs reap the profits, instead of our local communities. It really is that simple.

That’s not the only aspect to the system they’ve thieved either. Medicine has been converted into toxin-rich synthetic derivatives instead of using natural substances, such as cannabis, to heal the body’s ill infrastructure.

To continue with that example, did you know that the human body has an endocannabinoid system where its receptors easily absorb the healing agents provided by cannabis?

That’s why those poor little kids having epic seizures respond so well to cannabis oil.

Then of course there’s the mainstream media. This highly monopolized and corporatized public utility has been turned into a propaganda outlet for maintaining the status quo.

You get little snippets of truth here and there, but the big pictures, the truths we need to know, will not be publicized via these channels.

And another prime example is that macro governmental policy is dictated by corporate structures which are controlled by the uber rich.

That’s why the left/right political paradigm is also known as a two-party tyranny, because they’re both controlled by the same interests.

Simply, lobbyists, under the table deals and political puppets are the norm in our current era, not genuine people representing their genuine community interests.

And I know this one is really going to be difficult to face, but pedophilia is not just rampant throughout our society, but also within the upper echelons of our class structure too.

Think about it like this; remember how so-called royalty used to marry their young cousins, etc.? Well that’s more or less how it still works today, minus the marriage.

So the reality is that child trafficking and their sexual exploitation is still commonplace, as hard as that is to deal with.

There are literally thousands of children suffering at the hands of these psychopaths, as you read. Do you want to know how they justify it? This is another challenging concept to entertain, yet regardless, it’s very, very real.

They literally believe they are the gods or rulers of humanity, so they can do as they please regardless if it breaks the code of natural law and its primary principle of ‘do no harm unless in self-defense’.

This has resulted from their practice of occult knowledge, which is just another way of saying they manipulate energy – and people – to suit their dark agenda.

So yes, they practice what some might call magic. This interaction with the energy field, something that we all do whether we know it or not, can either be conducted with impure or pure intentions, which leads me onto the reverence of our world.

We are not only separate, physical beings. This is true on one level, but a deeper level is that we are interconnected via an energy that goes by many names.

They include chi, life force, prana, zero point energy, God, love, orgone or just consciousness itself, to name but a few.

This flow of energy permeates all things and can be manipulated by thought, feeling, or a variety of actions, including ritual and meditation.

It’s not hard to see this when we think critically about it either. Ecologically we are interdependent with our fellow earth and her life beings, which illustrate that without one or another we wouldn’t have evolved to where we are today.

But for those people who are prepared to test their rationality, quantum physics clearly shows that not only are we interrelated on one of the most fundamental levels of our existence, but also that the so-called material world exists as only one out of an infinite number of possibilities, until it’s co-manifested into an actual experience.

In other words, this holographic construct, where everything is but a reflection of everything else, is a co-creative and intimately intertwined reality.

So if this is all new to you, it’s about time you did some serious research don’t you think?

Don’t believe me, don’t believe any so-called expert either; just acknowledge that forever and always the mainstream view has always been incomplete, so it’s up to ourselves to put in a noble effort to journey towards the truth.

Now of course, you’ll never fully wake up. None of us will. It isn’t a race to see who can get to the finish line first; it’s an individual experience of continually becoming more conscious, whilst others do the same too.

So when I say ‘wake up’, I’m referring to at least becoming conscious of the magic, as well as the illness of our world.

I’m sure when you think about it, you’re probably a reflection of that dis-ease too, especially when the majority of people are battling stress, sadness and/or a variety of sicknesses that are pandemic in our so-called modern era.

All this suffering – all this pain – is of course a reflection of the way the system has been run, or should I say hijacked, too.

Ultimately, you need to be an authentic human. F*ck all this consumerism and competition and running a race with the rats, instead connect with your true nature and your true self and watch your world transform along with it.

You don’t just need it for you, reality needs it from you too.

About the author: Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

Will the Establishment Stab Trump in the Back?

From Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners:

LOVINGSTON, VIRGINIA – The public spectacle continues…

There are so many ways to look at it, we scarcely know whether to laugh or gasp.

On Friday, President Trump took the sound and fury up a notch by way of his Twitter account:

The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

Ranting and Raving

Here at the Diary, we offer no news. And no opinions. We just try to make sense of it all.

We do so by comparing what’s going on today to other events… other people… and other times.

Analogy is all we have to go on. And so far, the best match we have found for Mr. Trump is former Argentine President Juan Perón.

A colorful, larger-than-life rascal, Perón “took on the Establishment” south of the Río de la Plata.

Perón didn’t have Twitter. He didn’t have “fake news.” All he had were old-fashioned speeches and old-fashioned lies. He railed against the rich… the landowners… and the church. And he ranted against the newspapers… the bankers… and the universities.

The plain people loved it. Perón spoke for them. He stood up to the old elite.

But he didn’t drain the swamp. He didn’t even drain the sink.

Instead, he took over the Establishment’s power and used it for himself. Whatever dirty deeds Perón ascribed to the old elite, his new elite committed even dirtier ones.

Exhibit “A”

North of the Rio Grande, the Establishment has concentrated more and more power in Washington and its chief executive.

To give you one illustration of how the Deep State works, we present Exhibit “A” from the weekend’s fake news: Mary Jo White, formerly regulating and policing corporate behavior as head of the SEC and, before that, defending corporations against the SEC as a partner at law firm Debevoise & Plimpton.

The woman has been through the revolving door so often, she has practically knocked it off its hinges.

When she joined the Obama team, she pledged to “retire” from her work at the law firm to serve the public interest. But this past weekend, it was reported that she’s headed back to the crony firm.

This is from the Wall Street On Parade website:

The news is also highly significant because it will mark the fourth time in four decades that Mary Jo White has spun through the revolving doors of Debevoise & Plimpton (where she represented serial law violators) to government service (prosecuting serial law violators).

The regulators and the regulated are the same people. The fake news media also tells us that Mr. Trump has appointed a new SEC head: Jay Clayton. But wait… What’s new about him?

Same caste. Same tribe. Same guild. The only difference is the law firm: Sullivan & Cromwell.

Insider Trading

One thing Mr. Clayton may want to look into is the insider trading of Kraft Heinz stock in advance of its proposed takeover of Unilever.

As reported in the fake newspaper the Financial Times, options trading went through the roof as rumors circulated of the deal… with about 150 times more money betting that the share price would go up than go down.

This is the sort of thing that is not supposed to happen. And when it does, the SEC, bless its heart, is supposed to investigate.

But as our friend and former Wall Street insider David Stockman points out, the whole deal stinks to high heaven. It is the kind of deal you can only get when you have fake money made available to Wall Street at an after-tax, after-inflation rate of practically zero.

Both companies are already oversized conglomerates with stalled sales and heavy debt.

Kraft Heinz has $30 billion in loans outstanding. If the deal had gone forward, it would have $130 billion. And it would have priced the old shampoo and soap seller as if it were a growth company – at 25 times earnings.

Go figure…

But anything is possible when you have fake money fueling takeovers, buybacks, and mergers.

The fake money also funds the SEC, indirectly. Its job is to monitor the games, pretending that the playing field is level and that any mom or pop can bet against the big boys… and win.

And thanks to the accretion of crony power during White’s career, now the feds can get away with anything… even murder.

Congress interferes in domestic affairs. The Pentagon interferes in foreign affairs. The Fed conducts the grandest larceny in history while the SEC stands lookout.

And like Stalin before him, President Obama approved the assassination list – including U.S. citizens without charge or trial.

And now, the outsize power of the U.S. federal government is headed up by Donald J. Trump. Will he renounce it, cut the Deep State down to size, and make America great again?

New Species

The U.S. is an empire deeply in debt and running on fake money.

Its economy is saddled with too many insider win-lose deals imposed by the feds to reward crony friends.

Elections give Republican and Democrat insiders a chance to compete for the choicest spoils; they do not change the way it works.

A more-or-less permanent crony-zombie complex… aka the Deep State… aka “the swamp”… runs things.

Is the Establishment now running scared, trying to undermine Trump’s administration and stab him in the back?

Or is Trump just a new species of swamp critter pretending to fight the Deep State while actually going along with the system?

The insiders aren’t sure, either. They spit, chew the carpet, and plot against the president.

As Senator Charles Schumer noted, Donald Trump was “really dumb” for taking on the intelligence agencies. “They have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” he said.

Leaks from the FBI or NSA – fed to the fake news media – have already done in Trump’s first pick for national security adviser, Michael Flynn. And Trump’s first choice to replace Flynn, Vice Admiral Bob Harward, refused the job.

But the Deep State military-security complex has been undermining foreign governments for a half-century or more. Would it be a big shock to find it undermines our own?



Another Reason to Shun Vaccines – The Non-Disclosed and Hyper-Allergenic Vaccine Adjuvant: Emulsified Peanut Oil

What do peanuts and vaccines have in common? Well, you’re probably thinking that some people have allergic reactions to both, and you are correct. Peanuts cause the most common severe food allergy reactions. 

Vaccines, on the other hand, that are grown on chicken eggs (MMR and influenza vaccines in particular) cause allergic reactions for which pharmaceutical and vaccine makers willingly provide cautionary notices on vaccine package inserts.

It’s important to note that technically there can be two responses: a reaction, e.g., immediate allergic response (anaphylaxis), and a side effect, e.g., fever, rash, or localized swelling later on.

As an aside, vaccine makers would like to get away from growing vaccines on eggs for several reasons.

In the April 11, 2007 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) the article “Safety and Immunogenicity of a Baculovirus-Expressed Hemagglutinin Influenza Vaccine” by John J. Treanor, MD, et al, stated:

In this study, we evaluated an experimental influenza vaccine consisting of recombinant HA expressed in insect cells by a recombinant baculovirus (rHA0). 

This alternative avoids dependence on eggs and is very efficient because of the high levels of protein expression under the control of the baculovirus polyhedrin promoter.

In essence, researchers produced vaccines grown on insect cells. If that vaccine production technology will be used or substituted for fertile egg mediums in the future, what cautionary information will appear on vaccine package inserts about bugs?

Allergic reactions to vaccines used to be of prime concern to pharmaceutical and vaccine makers. That changed after the passage of the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act of 2006 [PREP Act 42USC 247(d)-6d)] that, basically, exonerates vaccine makers of any damages from vaccines and/or vaccinations.

A special vaccine court has been established from which harmed individuals must seek permission to bring legal charges. Common tort law no longer applies to vaccine/vaccination injury/damage.

What peanuts have in common with vaccines is something that very few healthcare consumers and medical doctors may be aware of: Peanut oil is a hidden and non-stated ingredient in the manufacture of children’s vaccines.

This was brought to light in a 2010 court case wherein parents were accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome; had their child taken from them and placed in foster care for almost eight months; and Harold E. Buttram, MD, presented corroborating medical information to the court regarding the anaphylactic reaction the six-month old baby boy experienced resulting in tremendous swelling and pressure of the brain.

In Doctor Buttram’s paper presented for publication:

“Subdural Hemorrhages Occurring in an Infant Immediately Following Vaccination,” he methodically charts the infant’s anamnestic allergic response to vaccines at six months of age.

An anamnestic allergic response is a secondary immune response resulting from exposure to a previously encountered antigen. Such responses should preclude further administration of all vaccines.

Immediately following routine 6-month vaccines Pentacel [DTaP-IPV/Hib vaccine], Prevnar7 [Pneumococcal 7-valent Conjugate Vaccine], and Rotateq [Rotavirus Vaccine], the infant suffered an explosive rupturing of a facial hemangioma [abnormal buildup of blood vessels] and traumatic brain injury confirmed by a brain MRI [Magnetic Resonance Imaging].

Let’s consider the components that make up the Pentacel vaccine: Aluminum phosphate, bovine serum albumin, formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde, MRC-5, DNA and cellular protein, neomycin, polymyxin b sulfate, polysorbate 80, 2-phenoxyethanol. [1]

The two other vaccines administered simultaneously to the infant had equally remarkable ingredients. In the hopes of keeping this article as brief as possible, I’ve elected not to include their makeup.

Two days after the above-administered vaccines, a brain MRI showed extensive bilateral subdural hematomas [collection of blood outside blood vessels in both sides of the brain], something often thought to be due to trauma associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Buttram noted that the scheduled and administered 4-month vaccines contained aluminum and unlabeled peanut oil. Furthermore, the infant’s mother observed noticeable enlargement and puffiness of the right strawberry-shaped facial hemangioma.

Additionally, during 52 days of hospitalization, the infant was vaccinated further with the Hepatitis B vaccine. Medical records indicate tremendous head enlargement in a 30-day period, which could indicate hydrocephalus and/or brain hemorrhage.

Since Doctor Buttram was the expert witness for the defense (the child’s parents, who had the child taken away from them by civil authorities contending Shaken Baby Syndrome), he investigated and prepared a time line and inventory of the various vaccines administered along with the infant’s reactions and attending medical personnel witness statements as to the explosive rupturing of the facial hemangioma immediately after the injection while the infant was screaming dramatically.

Buttram found that yeast protein—a potent allergen—and peanut oil were used as adjuvants but not listed on the vaccine inserts. It was Doctor Buttram’s contention that both these adjuvants caused the hemangioma’s explosive reaction.

As part of his researched testimony, Doctor Buttram chronicled the use of peanut oil in vaccines, which proves rather interesting. After penicillin was invented (1945) researchers found that the kidneys excreted it within 3 hours thereby rendering it ineffective.

In order to prolong penicillin’s action it was mixed with 4 to 4.8 percent beeswax and peanut oil. As a result, penicillin was slowly released as the body metabolized the oil.

To further extend penicillin’s effects, penicillin with aluminum monostearate was added to make a solution suspended in peanut oil that kept blood levels of penicillin up to 24 to 26 hours.

In 1964 Merck produced the adjuvant 65-4 that contained up to 65 percent peanut oil plus Arlasel A, aluminum stearate, and other ingredients with 13-fold higher levels of antibodies than previous vaccines. During the 1970s and 1980s peanut oil became a common practice and ingredient in vaccines.

Coincidentally, peanut allergies began rising exponentially in children as more vaccines were administered. Heather Fraser in her 2010 book, The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic, documents this.

Concomitantly, hospital records indicate anaphylaxis reactions to vaccines. In the USA there were rising incidences of food anaphylaxis in children under five years of age.

Hospital records in the USA further indicate that Emergency Room records indicated an increase of anaphylaxis from 671 per 100,000 during 1992-94 to 876 per 100,000 in 1995.

More than 90 percent of all food allergy fatalities were documented as due to ingestion of peanuts and tree nuts, a 1991 study revealed.

Nevertheless, in 2009 the prevalence of peanut allergy in children under 18 years of age amounted to more than 2 percent in both the United States and Britain.

Additionally, in the U.S. during 2009, about 4.5 million people were allergic to peanuts, or about 1.5 percent of the population.

Interestingly, Romy Fischer, et al, in the American Journal of Pathology [2005; 167:1621-1630] say,

“We compared the oral and nasal routes of peanut sensitization for the development of a mouse model of allergy. Mice were sensitized by administration of peanut proteins in the presence of cholera toxin as adjuvant. 

“Antibody and cytokine responses were characterized, as well as airway reactivity to nasal challenge with peanut or unrelated antigens. 

“Oral sensitization promoted higher levels of IgE, but lower IgG responses, than nasal sensitization. Both orally and nasally sensitized mice experienced airway hyperreactivity on nasal peanut challenge.”

Their research basically demonstrates that inhalation of peanut protein/antigens is cause for concern.

Aside from the above information, aflatoxin, a toxic fungus produced by Aspergillus flavus, often is found on peanuts and causes anaphylaxis.

Surely one important aspect about allergic response that needs to be highlighted is this: According to the doctor who “found” alimentary anaphylaxis, Dr. Charles Richter (1913), food anaphylaxis resulted from proteins that had not been properly broken down or avoided modification by the digestive system.

In today’s medical practice many physicians recognize what is termed “Leaky Gut Syndrome,” which acts similarly insofar as some undigested proteins cross the intestinal lumen and contribute to much health-related problems.

Perhaps now is an excellent opportunity to point out that many proteins used in the manufacture of vaccines—or that “result” from the manufacturing process, e.g., not filtered out completely—are injected directly into the blood stream and thereby avoid modification by the digestive system, another apparent factor in the etiology of vaccine adverse reactions in addition to the numerous toxic adjuvants included in each vaccine for boosted immune response, which most often are too strong for an infant’s immature immune system to cope with thereby precipitating “blown circuits” such as neurological damage.

Maybe because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers refined peanut oil as GRAS (generally recognized as safe), vaccine manufacturers think it safe to use as a vaccine adjuvant while not recognizing the differences in physiology and function between food protein sources that are gut-digested from those syringed directly into the bloodstream.

That issue could wind up becoming a critical learning for much of medicine, pharmaceutical and vaccine makers.

Further validation of peanut oil in a vaccine appeared in The New York Times, Business Financial Section page 31, September 19, 1964, under the headline:

“Peanut Oil Use In A New Vaccine.” It labeled peanut oil the key ingredient in Adjuvant 65 that was patented by Merck & Co., Inc. in September 1964.

Ironically that article by Stacy V. Jones began with “A pharmaceutical manufacturer has developed a vaccine that it predicts will considerably lengthen immunity from influenza and other virus infections, thereby requiring fewer ‘shots’.”

So much for their crystal ball gazing about fewer shots. If anything, they have manufactured and been influential in mandating more vaccinations than ever.

Incidentally, Adjuvant 65, as a stand-alone product, supposedly is no longer used in the manufacture of vaccines in the United States.

Let’s review vaccinations that are mandated for infants and children:

  1. Hepatitis B Vaccine: First dose at birth to 2 months; Second dose at 1 to 4 months; Third dose at 6 to 18 months
  2. Hib vaccine: First dose at 2 months; Second dose at 4 months; Third dose at 6 months; Fourth dose at 12 to 15 months
  3. Polio vaccine: First dose at 2 months; Second dose at 4 months; Third dose at 6 to 18 months; Fourth dose at 4 to 6 years
  4. DTaP vaccine: First dose at 2 months; Second dose at 4 months; Third dose at 6 months; Fourth dose at 15 to 18 months; Fifth dose at 4 to 6 years; DTaP is recommended at 11 years
  5. Pneumococcal vaccine: First dose at 2 months; Second dose at 4 months; Third dose at 6 months; Fourth dose at 12 to 18 months
  6. Rotavirus vaccine: First dose at 2 months; Second dose at 4 months; Third dose at 6 months
  7. Hepatitis A vaccine: First dose at 12 months; Second dose at 18 months
  8. Influenza vaccine:First dose at 6 months (requires a booster one month after initial vaccine); Annually until 5 years (then yearly if indicated or desired, according to risks)
  9. MMR vaccine: First dose at 12 to 15 months; Second dose at 4 to 6 years
  10. Varicella vaccine: First dose at 12 to 15 months; Second dose at 4 to 6 years
  11. Meningococcal vaccine: Single dose at 11 years
  12. Human papillomavirus vaccine (adolescent girls only): First dose at 11 years; Second dose two months after first dose; Third dose six months after first dose

So, by the above schedule one easily can ascertain that infants, in particular, are being subjected to numerous adjuvants, the least of which is non-disclosed emulsified peanut oil.

There are several articles about peanut use in vaccines in the literature. Furthermore, President George W. Bush’s government set in place in 1991 the goal of raising national vaccination levels among preschool children to 90 percent by the year 2000. [2]

Other oils used in the manufacture of vaccines can include mineral oil (paraffin), squalene (shark liver oil, which probably is the most dangerous of any oil), and at one time in the 1930s and 1940s, cottonseed oil. For more information on adverse effects of adjuvants in vaccines, visit this web site

Interestingly, Ms. Fraser points out in her book that Charles Janeway, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and Yale University School of Medicine professor in 1989, revealed that adjuvants were the “immunologists’ dirty little secret”.

The secret was really a poorly understood puzzle regarding the body’s response to them. Janeway suggested that there are cross-reactive combinations of which researchers are unaware but which the body recognizes. [3]

Before I leave adjuvants, Doctor Buttram’s article mentioned Arlacel A, something I’d not heard of before.

So I checked on it and found that it is a mono-oleate of manitol with the following information, which seems intriguing:

Dianhydro mannitol mono-oleate, a surfactant used in the preparation of water-in-oil injectable pharmaceutical preparations was found to autoxidize on storing, with the formation of free acidity and labile peroxides. 

The autoxidized substance was found to cause peritoneal adhesions when injected intraperitoneally in mice. 

The autoxidized material could be reclaimed by chromatography through alumina. The eluate was comparable to normal saline in toxicity and the adsorbate was found to be more toxic.

An issue that, perhaps, has exacerbated infants’ adverse reactions to vaccines is the practice of their being injected with multiple immune-challenging vaccines at one time for convenience sake although no longitudinal studies have been undertaken for that type of protocol. Consider that, that is what happened to the six month old baby boy in this article.

As pointed out so succinctly in Fraser’s book, and with which I totally agree, “One of the side effects engendered by vaccine ingredients is the production of IgE antibodies.”

[4] Doctor Buttram, who is a medical expert in environmental medicine, certainly is in his element when discussing such responses.

Fraser points out what Doctor Buttram has observed in his practice:

“Doctors knew that as the number and potency of vaccines increased, so too would the risk of side effects that included soaring IgE and atopy [genetic tendency to develop classic allergy diseases, e.g., asthma, rhinitis, dermatitis, food sensitivities, especially in autistic children]. Anaphylaxis immediately following vaccination had finally become an ‘obstacle’ to the routine jab, doctors observed.” [5]

What all this seems to come down to is the fact that since the advent of the practice to administer numerous vaccines at one visit, there has been a rise in anaphylaxis—something not seen as dramatically or in such prolific numbers, as is attested to in the literature, plus the Autism Spectrum Disorder that effects male children predominately because of the supposed interaction with testosterone.

Shortly before Christmas 2009, Dr. Catherine Rice, PhD, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that the rate of autism for U.S. children is one in every 110 children as of 2006!

One glaring, if not gnawing, question all health consumers ought to be asking is: Why is the human infant brain affected by vaccines?

According to Doctor Buttram’s paper, the brain has the highest fat content of any organ in the human body and, therefore, is susceptible to lipid peroxidation.

The process whereby free radicals “steal” electrons from the lipids in our cell membranes, resulting in cell damage and increased production of free radicals.

Furthermore, the Pourcyrous et al study out of the University of Tennessee with results published in the Journal Pediatrics, 2007; 151:167-172, indicates more answers to that question:

  • Brain inflammation, as indicated by elevations of C-Reactive proteins.
  • Brain edema, which can be assumed as one of the cardinal manifestations of inflammation.
  • Potentially lethal cardiorespiratory events.
  • Intraventricular brain hemorrhages—just what happened to the little fellow in this article.

Renowned brain surgeon Russell Blaylock’s research indicates over-stimulation for prolonged periods of time by vaccine adjuvants precipitates chronic inflammation, which, of course, is very destructive to the brain.

How convenient it would be to place the blame on Shaken Baby Syndrome and innocent parents whose lives are traumatized in numerous ways because of what their darling innocent infants and children are suffering through.

Any parent knows the heartbreak and heartache of having a sick child. But when a child is permanently damaged because of medical procedures, as was indicated by the court in this case as probable vaccine damage and not Shaken Baby Syndrome, it’s time to demand answers from everyone: oversight health agencies at federal level, e.g., FDA, CDC, HHS; the medical profession, e.g., American Medical Association (AMA); pharmaceutical and vaccine makers both U.S. based and international; and from the U.S. Congress and its oversight powers.

Representative Carolyn B. Malloney (D-NY-14) introduced the Comparative Study of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Populations Act of 2007 that went nowhere in 110th Congress.

Any bills that are not voted upon and passed as each two year congress ends, automatically become sine die or “dead.”

They must be reintroduced into the next congress, as they don’t carry over. However, Congresswoman Malloney introduced a similar bill in the 109th Congress and was supposed to do so in the 111th, but apparently has not as of this late date in the waning half of the 111th Congress.

As a consumer healthcare researcher, I cannot believe that members of the U.S. Congress would not want to investigate what’s going on with our children’s health and the relationship to vaccines.

I can only conjecture that because of the heavy duty lobbying by vaccine makers with their deep pockets and gifting, that it is easier to believe in Shaken Baby Syndrome. Shame on anyone who believes vaccines cannot cause inflammation/swelling and damage the brain.

Note: The legal citation for the adjudication is Case No. JVJV002265 (Iowa Dist. Ct. June 1, 2010), for which I thank the defendants and their attorney.

By Catherine J. Frompovich, Vactruth / References:

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