About the Blogger

I’m a PART-TIME freelance writer, thinker and Chef who is an American expat and father. I enjoy sharing events, topics, healthy food and thoughts (good and bad) that affect our lives in America and elsewhere. I have spent over 25 years living abroad pondering how and when my country’s government will change to reflect its original values of freedom that’s been lost. After waiting and being totally disgusted with the rigged political system with no results for decades, I decided to create a news and educational outlet with posts and rants of my own and posts and rants of others including videos to express different points of view from an American looking in from the outside, opposed to others who are looking out from the inside. And since I prefer diversity, a healthy lifestyle without prejudges and celebrate indifference, I also prefer to face reality and encourage others in my inner circle to do the same so they can understand the pitfalls of manipulation, corrupt politics, racism, corporate government and indoctrination. The end goal is to discover more peace and prosperity.

I will especially use this site to educate and home school some of my 6 children who originally inspired me to create this Blog. I sincerely hope whoever else reads my Blog will also help and encourage people to wake up and do something positive to bring America and the Western world back to life and restore real values and a way of life that will be MUCH MORE meaningful and healthy again. The only way any political system is going to change anything for the better once corrupted, is if you change that broken political system for a fair and honest one. I believe that focusing on natural foods (medicines), free will, Mother Nature, exposing corruption and being non-compliant to a corrupted broken system are some of the best ways to eventually do that. But first, a good education on who is controlling and manipulating the world through political, medical, corporate, military and religious means, and how, will go a long way in helping to find solutions to change and improve the system for a better life without all the prejudices and violence.


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