Done But Never Finished Because I Never Finish Anyth

I never finish

Now that I got a bit about the story of the Anunnaki out of the way in closing out this Blog, that food for thought should carry some serious future questioning about our roots and ancient history that is rarely spoke about or ever taught in any schools. There is always so much to be realized when searching for the truth. In fact, in hosting this Blog’s narrative the last 4 years, I was forced to realize that no matter how much you learn throughout your life and think you know about something including your own existence, we will always know little about the mysteries of our true origins, the Universe, its past, the future and ourselves in the material 3 dimensional world.

That is because we are foolishly limited due to dogmas, constant distractions, religious beliefs, politics, various indoctrination, corruption, traditions and our fast pace way of life has a huge impact on separating our higher spiritual self (our soul and consciousness) living in a material world. This Blog highlighted much of that. But experience, perseverance and time does have a wonderful and magical way of reminding you that you must never stop seeking the reality and truth about your higher self, your roots and our spiritual connection to everything.

I find the sanest way to accomplish that naturally is by seeking the truth and living an honest reality, a close relationship with nature, like minded folks and living in the moment every chance I get no matter what I’m doing or not doing. That even includes meditating and making love. Look at life like this: Everyday that we wake up to our tomorrows, it is always called today, not tomorrow. You say good morning, good afternoon and good day but you never say good tomorrow the following day!

For me, that mindset is the best way of enhancing that natural high of energy that is connected to the energy of the Universe (God). A little wine, music and other natural stimulants also help sometimes too! But everything that comes our way in this life, good or bad, holds a teaching if we are mindful enough to give it our full presence. And the greatest thing about the positive side of your full presence is the ability to really feel and experience the power of LOVING LIFE! So don’t waste part of your life waiting for these preconceived tomorrows to happen when all you ever really got is today to enjoy at any given moment. So live in the moment!

All the best to those who got a lot of insight from this Blog or even just a little. It’s a great feeling knowing that many (especially some of my children) can now better maneuver the engineered world we live in. I will leave this Blog  open for awhile due to many requests for more reflection and I’ll keep all the posts intact until I see there are no more views. And my final message to all those who are seeking a better quality of life, more freedom and self respect is to start relying more on your gut and moral instincts, nature’s pharmacy for better health, and ALWAYS question EVERYTHING concerning the official narrative of today’s corrupted societies and governments.

Happy Trails