Look Up and Pay Attention – It is Only Getting Worse!


My area skies have been bombarded with spraying fake cirrus clouds for 7 straight days and nights and then we had 2 days of high wind torrential rain storms for 2 straight days. There was major flooding and wind damage too and the air temperature dropped dramically.  My veggie gardens which I just planted were flooded out and many trees were down and damaged. This shit happening in the skies is only getting worse and affecting everything in a bad way. This has nothing to do with global warming so what does it have to do with?

Inside whistleblowers from the military say that the pilots, private contractors and crews are told that aerosol spraying (chemtrails) the skies is necessary to create an atmospheric weapon shield to protect America and their allies from hostile countries and terrorists. This massive aerosol spraying program (geo-engineering) that turn into fake cirrus clouds are also done to protect us from global warming which is what the public is only told.

They call this spraying solar radiation management (SRM) and carbon dioxide removal but the insiders call this covert secret program OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD. If our governments are really engaging in a covert program of this magnitude, then this represents a kind of tyranny never seen before in human history. Just look up at the sky, this constant spraying is the elephant in the room you can’t deny.

The main reason only a few are coming forward to expose this program is because they are warned they would become a threat to “National Security.” This national security secrecy is why no agency will discuss the issue or explain the many environmental anomalies witnessed in weather today. Unless one is BLIND, never looks up or just plain STUPID, it’s very hard to deny, given the blatant, obvious massive spraying going on.