Marxist Politics in America: The Political Revolution that is Conquering the USA


No one seems to recognize the Progressive Marxist Politics that are displacing the Constitution, aimed at eventual establishment of another typical Communist Dictatorship in America.

It’s hard to understand how easily people are fooled today by tricky Political-Speak language.  The highest and lowest placed people in America today are quite regularly fooled by it. 

The latest example that caught my attention was this brouhaha over President Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Banon’s security clearance, and his presence on the National Security Council.  The Marxocrat Party and the Ideologially Marxist News Media charged that he was too “Political” to have access to secret information.  Right.  Too Political

So what?

Isn’t the President political?  And the Vice President?  Should they not have security clearances because they are too political?  Are not all Cabinet officials and other uppity-up appointees for the most part Political Appointees? 

Who, exactly, in the upper tiers of the federal government are not political?  I submit that all of them are political.  So the opening premise of the public charges against Bannon are false to begin with, but nobody seems to see that, and that’s my point

Charges from the Marxist side of the aisle always seem to stick, even when they are so obviously false. 

No one ever resists clear political falsehood

But not recognizing the falsehood in Political-Speak is a mere symptom of a much more serious and unrecognized social infection:  Marxism.  Marxism dominates our politics today, and Marxism is antithetical to the American Constitution.  There is no part of Marxism, nothing in Marxism, that is in any way compatible with the American nation and system of government, as Constituted

Marxist ideology owns and operates one Political Party, and has major acceptance and non-resistance in the other one; they don’t see any problem with that.  Marxist ideology owns and operates the News Media and the Entertainment Industry.  The ideological Globalism and New World Order-ism of many of the captains of industry, Banking, finance and technology is born of, and steeped in, Marxism

American Marxists in high government office come in many variations and blendings of Marxist sub-ideologies, with Progressive Marxists the largest and most representative group.  Progressivism got started in American high government office with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.  We discussed Progressivism in Progressive Evil, Progressive America and elsewhere herein. 

Under Wilson, Progressivism brought us the XVI Amendment (graduated income tax) and the XVII Amendment (turning the Senate into another popularly elected body), to move us more toward a pure Democracy in which Popular Politicians could bribe the people with their own money.  As particularly warned of long ago by Tocqueville

Progressive Marxism is nothing more than variations of Hegelian gradualism as opposed to Marx’s preferred Machiavellian falsely instigated Revolution.  The two people Marx himself read most were Hegel (a contemporary) and Machiavelli.  If he couldn’t get there one way, he would get there the other.  His Manifesto is a masterpiece of deceit, acting as it does as a convincing recruitment tool of fooled Useful Idiots who believe the impossible utopian dream, and an incitement to violent revolution for those easily stirred to action – Machiavelli’s Agent Provocateurs

The real goal is Dictatorship.  Convinced Useful Idiots don’t know that. 

Cultural Marxism, which today owns and operates nearly all formal education in America, gradually took over the Ivy League and the teaching and certifying of teachers, through the success of the insidious Marxist Frankfurt School.  It is through formal education, unconstitutionally funded by our tax dollars, that our children are taught to hate America and love Socialism.  This is where Journalism was dominated by Marxism, and where citizens were turned into anti-Americans without even knowing it. 

Gramsci Marxism is a variant of Hegelian Progressive Marxism in which the Progress never ends in Revolution; the Progress continues until America wakes up to find itself Communist, without any violence. 

Alinsky Marxism is a variant of Progressive Marxism that concentrates on grass-roots organizing of pre-revolutionary Useful Idiots and Agent Provocateurs.  It also organizes not-so-grass-roots higher educated disciples to infiltrate institutions, and take them down from the inside.  Two of the institutions so targeted are the Catholic Church and the American Government. 

Madam Hillary is an Alinsky Progressive Marxist who leans more to Hegelian Progressivism.  Comrade Obama (peace be upon him) is an Alinsky Progressive Marxist who leans more to Machiavellian Revolution. 

The real problem is how few Americans see any problem with all this obvious Marxist Progressivism.  No one even sees it as anti-American

Madam Hillary denies it, and denied it in one of her most screeching hissy-fits ever recorded, which has been played-back for talk show audiences ever since, in which she screeched “We ARE Patriiots … ” in a shrieking bitchy voice that had the effect of fingernails on a blackboard.  It even made me think, Poor Bill, of all things. 

Cronkite, Rather and every other news anchor and every important news publication favored Communism and opposed America all through the Vietnam War, and nobody thought any of them were anti-American.  They all loved the murderous Marxist dictator Fidel Castro, and they all still do.  So does Hollywood.  The Communist Daniel Ortega was greeted, feted, hosted and guided by pop-singers Peter Paul and Mary when he visited America.  Like so many other popular entertainers, they favor Communism over America, but probably do not consider (at least publicly) that that makes them anti-American. 

Some admit it; most deny it, at least publicly. 

How many American citizens say something like, “I am a strict Constitutionalist American, but I believe that everyone has a right to health care.”?  But, everyone does not have any such right.  In fact, no one has a “right” to health care.  Or to food.  Or to any other material thing.  Such as an “equal” or “equitable” wage, for any and all work.  People who say or believe such things have been schmoozed into the “gentler” Marxist ideologies of Collectivism and Redistribution-ism, and they don’t even see that as unconstitutional and anti-American.  It’s the Marxist view of Social Justice, politically cruising toward and into Marxist Socialism. 

This kind of thinking now permeates American society.  It’s in the Church.  It’s just as anti-Christian as it is anti-American, but nobody recognizes it for the threat to freedom that it is. 

And that is my main worry these days. 

If America falls, where else is there to go that will be safe? 

If you look at all the unconstitutional laws we now all accept as being “Settled Law” you will see that Marxist Politics has infected all three branches of federal government to such a degree that Marxism is winning over the Constitution.  Just a few of the many Examples:

Separation of Church and State.


Gun Control.


Homosexual Marriage.

EPA Regulations.

All of these violate the Constitution.  All of them are recognized as “Settled Law” by all three branches of Constitutional Government.  What that means is, all three branches of Constitutional Government have no problem with violating the Constitution, and solemnly sworn Oaths of Office mean next to nothing

Ever since Maybury v Madison, the Court has just assumed supreme and final authority over judging what is and what is not Constitutional, and the other two co-equal branches just stood by and let that happen, with not only no resistance, but with full agreement

The Constitution nowhere grants the Court any special interpretive authority superior to the other two co-equal branches.  There is nothing in the Constitution that would stop a Congress or a President from exercising the exact same authority the Court exercised in Maybury v Madison, and striking down, say, Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton as unconstitutional and therefore null and no law. 

But they won’t do it, because they don’t think they can, or they agree with legalized abortion, or they are stupid, or they are evil.  Pick one. 

Constitutional America is at stake and they don’t seem to care. 

The longer they allow an ideologically Marxist majority on the Court to just go ahead and make new laws, and allow Marxist-invented unconstitutional entities like the EPA to just go ahead and make new regulations with full force of law behind them, the sooner Constitutional America will go under, displaced by so-called Communist dictatorship. 

That’s where we are cruising to, unless President Trump wakes up to it and does something about it.  Nobody else will. 

Pray for Trump, pray for the Church and pray for America. 

His Will Be Done. 
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By Vic Biorseth,