Political Correctness, Hitler and America – What the Three Have in Common

Political correctness is intolerance and censorship of free speech. So you can’t reason with fanatical people who are politically correct. The recent truth and proof of this is the “Politically Correct” or “Deep State” shutting down a respected independent media website (www.naturalnews.com) who I am a big fan of and who produced the following video. How F-ucking sad!! Now after watching the video below, ask yourself if you are an American or living in America if you still truly believe you have free first amendment rights. You can see where all this censorship is leading.

Here’s a link with more info on the shut down of Natural News and the connection to Info Wars. Thanks to so many folks protesting the shut down, Google was forced to put the site back up. But what and who are next? http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2017/02/23/breaking-adams-jones-taken-down-by-googlecia-prior-to-big-event-trump-needs-to-beware/