Another Stay Awake Rant! – There are Reasons Why the Expectations Based on the Ideals of True Liberty in America Just Don’t Match the Reality


Every so often I enjoy writing a quick rant and like to sum up what we are up against as freedom lovers and patriots. We must never let our guard down no matter how much we think we know about the big picture of corruption versus the big picture of free-will because tyranny and liberty never go hand in hand. They are always at odds with each other. But you can’t have true liberty until you get rid of the major problems, oppression and dividing conflicts in societies that keep societies from being truly free. These problems will continue to exist and will get worse until more folks understand what those problems really are, why they exist and who’s behind them first.

You need to see the overall background of tyranny to see the bigger picture. That includes knowing first that the major problems, agendas and the major tyrants behind the structured manipulation of society carefully includes the use and collaboration of corrupted politicians, religions, the media’s presstitutes, the secret part of intelligence agencies, the major corporations, military powers, the legal system and of course the top players and problem, the international banking cartel’s global funny money system. All the corrupted things that the Founding Fathers of America rebelled against!

These high ranking tyrants working in the shadows behind these major players, politicians and institutions are who engineer, control and keep the system tightly glued together with their sophisticated political manipulation, war machine and ongoing oppressive agendas based on greed and power and are the major background that most don’t see (the shadow government). It’s that simple. The hard part of seeing it clearly for what it really is, is so difficult only because it is carefully hidden, and because too many are so indoctrinated, manipulated and brainwashed to begin with, they’re just not looking! They are just too distracted, stressed and busy working, shopping, watching TV, sleeping and making other choices.

So tearing apart the manipulation machine with critical thinking and clear eyes is no easy task when so much is hidden and deliberately kept out of the media spotlight. Most only realize there is manipulation when it is based on the direct oppression they feel personally and financially that wakes them up. Others are well informed and just had enough. That wake up call encourages further questions, solutions and research. Unfortunately, most of those questioning and rebelling against the Status Quo are then so intimidated and made a fool of in so many ways in society today that they simply hide their heads in shame and go back to sleep due to fear of responsibility or retribution.

Some though do become very outspoken and from those we might get a good honest leader who slips between the cracks of oppression to get something good done whether through rebellion or through politics. It’s a grind to make headway when the system is supported by so many conforming people that become part of the divide and conquer agenda whether they realize it or not. But to get them to conform you must offer them something good enough to make them believe they are making a good choice because as citizens of America they are already made to believe they always have a choice and that’s where society gets manipulated further.

Americans are always being offered choices and God knows how folks love the never ending FREE choices they get in the land of the free. And politics and elections top that game of serious choices which is just a scam at the end of the day. So political ideologies, divisions, and affiliations are established as a personal choice and after these politically manipulated people elect and trust their crooked puppet leaders, give them second or even more chances to do the right thing even though nothing changes much for the better, they still believe they have a fair political choice.

The rude awakening is that the “illusion of choice” that the controllers keep perfecting, is the only choice they offer with few exceptions. And that great illusion exists because those pulling the levers of control also use the powerful major media and the television they control to further their agendas. And now that the Internet offers so many different choices of news outside of mainstream media, folks are seeing the corruption more and more. The new counter punch from the establishment is constantly preaching that alternative news sources are all based on fake news. And because some is, many will believe the establishment and go back to sleep. DON’T! 

So knowing who some of the players are is one thing, knowing how they operate in the system is totally another. They are very sophisticated in manipulation and division and financially backed by the very same people and institutions on top of the food chain who are engineering, controlling and keeping the overall system corrupt and broken. That’s not the whole game but the bigger picture of the game you’ll need to figure out first and foremost in order to deal with that reality YOUR way. Now that Trump has slipped through the cracks, there will be a ton to follow as the establishment either stays the same or is constantly shaken up. Let’s hope for the later. This Blog will keep a close eye on that unfolding game for your review so keep up the good work in following this Blog.  

The phenomenon known as “cognitive dissonance” shows that once we believe in something, we will try to explain away anything that conflicts with it. That’s a big problem when people resonate more with appeals to emotions regardless of the actual facts of reality. They do not see the inherent problems when the politicians and government that they support constantly lie to gain political credibility, because they don’t think critically and have little if any understanding of what a narcissist is. Unfortunately, narcissists run what I call the permanent government (shadow government) of Washington DC and its complicit mainstream media.

That’s why one needs to be taught at a young age to recognize narcissists so they can avoid their toxic harm or survive it. A necessary foundation for this is the ability to think critically about what someone says or does and what someone gives or takes away. Critical thinking skills help us dissect lies from truths and determine when someone is manipulating to take advantage of us or outright trying to scam us. These skills are especially necessary when dealing with religious, political, business, government and law enforcement people.

Everything is not true just because it is popular, accepted or seems to be normal. I mean, what is normal to some is not normal for others. Anyway, truisms can be very uncertain and also be perfectly certain as an article of faith for instance. Indeed, faith’s hallmark is that it does not yield to evidence. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, until you start basing different types of behavior on it. I mean, I understand why people with faith believe Jesus loves and protects them, but I don’t understand them if they jump off a bridge and expect to be saved. Even Jesus did not go that far.

So always be critical when you are figuring out the big picture (the good and bad side), I’ll bet when you do you will realize you don’t have so many FREE choices and liberties as you were made to believe and you’ll stop being so reactionary about everything. Hopefully for your sake, you will stop voting for sophisticated criminals who con you, use you, abuse you and take your freedoms away. I’m telling you, the best place to do business as a criminal in high places is in American politics and banking. Those areas certainly have the best liberties. You can really take the centralized approach there too. Not to leave Europe out of this since I live there, I must include that Brussels and London are fighting for 2nd place.

Anyway, the hype of the great liberty scam in America has become a delusional mental disorder and that is best way I can define the fake reality. But being that there is no real definition of a “mental disorder of liberty” as it is just hyped up political crap today, it is best to just define it as BULLSHIT and put all the hyped liberty crap propaganda in the bullshit category where it belongs. Governments don’t give you free liberties anymore, they give you privileges in their tightly controlled society that you must pay for instead. So Tyranny and Liberty (which both have 7 letters) are interchangeable in America depending how awake or asleep you really are.