A Rant about Religion, Spirituality, Government and the Natural Man – How You Are Enslaved and Why You Don’t Know It


Here’s how I see it. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. Learning to be ourselves through human experiences, human relationships and human choices can be a very different learning curve from others doing the same. So much depends on where you live, how you live, what you believe and especially how you perceive the world around you and how the world perceives you too. But learning to really be ourselves requires achieving spiritual gain without enslavement which is the more important thing to remember while achieving the material gain on our journey. Otherwise, we will continue to be enslaved without realizing that we are.

We measure the passage of time from the perspective of living in a material body that dies within a limited time-frame but when the Spirit is put into play, there is no limit or passage of time. Time is just a perceptual phenomenon for us to deal with and even worry about while living in a physical form within many control systems. So the game of making money and rushing through life to mainly achieve material goals within a perceived time frame should be seriously balanced with the wisdom that we are first and foremost, spiritual beings living in a material world and living in the moment.

The reason why people give up so fast is because they don’t usually live in the moment and usually tend to look at how far they still have to go to achieve goals, instead of how far they have already gotten. And when older age sets in, people give up on most future goals even more thinking their limited time left is not enough to achieve them. That’s just another way of saying they stopped using their Spirit enough anymore in order to continue the dreams they live for. Their thoughts of dying and going to Hell casts any possible future joys into the shadows of fear. That’s when their religious indoctrination comes back to haunt them until they die.

For me, it has never been more amazing to be alive and free than when your feel the Spirit of yourself come alive. That’s what I call an unlimiting feeling and REALLY living in the moment when you’re connected with life force energies. That’s because when focused on the conscious Spirit of yourself while being connected to the other conscious spirits and energies around you, your heart energy is simply rocking and that’s a spiritual rush!! Every reality, whether good or bad, manifests as a consequence of how we use and manifest our energy and where and how we are consciously connected in our lives.

Many can get a good feel of conscious spirits when indulging in a heavy dose of religious spirituality and many others like myself find ourselves limited using a religious supreme God as a catalyst and prefer Nature as a catalyst instead. But anyone with a decent intuition intact should feel there is a more complex and higher consciousness than only the consciousness of ourselves and the controlling laws of others. God as the supreme Spirit and universal energy should have no limits unlike that of the Bible’s Heaven and Hell which is just another theory based on enslavement.

All religions have a morbid way of imposing limits because many simply deny the fact that we are already spiritual beings and connected to God. The Church will tell you that we are material beings instead. Throughout time, there have been so many names chosen by many people, religions and faiths around the world that were given to what they praised as an accepted supreme God. So for lack of cohesion, others limitations and other disagreements with the names and theories that others have chosen, I personally choose calling what others call God, the “Energy of the Universe” instead without any religious man-made attachments.

So anyone can be a believer in a higher consciousness without all the ceremonies, traditions, rituals, limitations and the many chains and dogmas of religions. I’ve been drawn to what others call God through discovering Nature and all its web of connections so it was Nature that offered me an exciting outlook on life I could appreciate and relate to, unlike the Church which didn’t. Nature’s God showed me the enormous power it held in its hands that you can either enjoy or destroy and respect or disrespect.

When you are observing, enjoying and being part of Nature, this is God’s energy with you, in action. This is the energy of the Universe guiding and praising you for being a part of God’s Nature too. Looking at all these truths, one can conclude without being religious that a supreme God does exist and can be known in an intimate, personal way through Nature and all its energy forms without a religious rope around your neck. And the only thing that Nature demands is that you respect and praise Nature back by knowing it for all its power and glory (good and bad) and learn to enjoy its power or pay the consequences.

And instead of having laws and commandments to believe in and be guided by, like the government and church does, Nature’s only law or commandment is for you to believe that everything is somehow connected through God’s life force and energy. That’s actually easy to do once you use and incorporate your own imagination, intelligence, logic, reason and physical abilities to guide you. Understanding how the Matrix is designed to enslave you which religion and government is a major part of, will help you figure out the truth and the best way to live and survive while having a real spiritual mindset that guides you without an enslaved mentality.

And give a good think if you are a Christian on why the Church (organized Christian religions) tells us the Bible is the word of God just because the Bible says so and wasn’t even written by God. So either believe in the canon (the organization of the Bible) or the threats of “eternal damnation” (the existence of which is still unproven) will be upon you. It’s all about keeping you from trusting in finding your version of God and yourself. It’s the same with other indoctrinates, politics and government legislations that take away your natural energy to believe in your natural spiritual self.

Seems to me that the Church puts more faith and comfort in its fear based Bible and those preaching fear than in any really meaningful messages of love. And living in the NOW from a religious point of view is only allowed if a person is religious enough that they believe they must be saved before they are allowed to live after they die. I still don’t understand how religious folks find so much comfort in that. On the other hand, I do see how vulnerable indoctrinated folks already enslaved and ruled with fear from their government controlled lives fall into that religious fear trap.

But how can anyone thinking with a logical mind find the fear of a conceivable horrific afterlife (Hell) and a scornful God to be a comfortable feeling anyway? That’s not finding peace and harmony with yourself while living in the material world. So the message is: Just because something seems comforting and gives you faith by scaring the shit out of you with fear, does not make it true. That’s also very true when applied to anything tied to the Status Quo’s control grid, especially big government.

So, which one will win over your life, others manufactured control systems or your own controlled awakening that is mainly designed by you, your inner Spirit and your heart’s connectivity? I say forget all this fear based bullshit from religions and governments and trust in yourself instead and you will figure out where and how to really live without fear and still find your own honorable source of spirituality. If your take on spirituality feels good and right then take a leap of faith in yourself. Be the bird who dares to fall and becomes the bird who learns to fly.

To take the above thoughts about being oppressed one step further, here’s a good video concerning enslavement by government that is directed by an Australian to other Australians but also applies to the whole Western World of government and then some. Grab a bite to eat first if you’re hungry now because the video is almost 1 hour long.