2017 is Now Just Hours Away – A Great Time to Unlock Your Power and Take Action

Folks just don’t stop from moving to foreign countries mainly because of just family attachments and the need to speak another language. I’ve talked to enough folks who are not happy where they are for whatever reason and thought about moving away from their roots or even out of their country so many times. I surely know that feeling as I’ve been there and done that. So modern man/woman are still stuck with many modern-day imprisonments. 

But most are very fearful to relocate because they think they are better off with the devil they know than the one they don’t. The devil they don’t know meaning a different government, a different accent, a different culture, a different climate, a different looking people and even a different way of life etc. Many times it is a combination of the many mentioned.

Unfortunately, this fear based boxed mentality keeps them from experiencing an exciting world full of new horizons, adventures, cultures, foods and diversity. They are so stuck in their ingrained limited indoctrinated world based on familiarity, conformity and attachments that they are like trying to fit a square into the same sized circle. But that can remedied by actually moving and challenging themself as only then will their circle get bigger and then they can finally fit that square into their new bigger circle if you get my drift.

RobertRinger.com gracefully points out that people are imprisoned by unhappy marriages, unfulfilling jobs, or cities they live in but intensely dislike. Others are imprisoned by peer pressure, dogmas and still others by guilt, hatred or envy. Though few ever recognize it, the majority of people, certainly in the Western world, have the power to escape most of the conditions that imprison them. That’s because most people’s imprisonments are usually caused by their belief systems or quite often, nothing more than a lazy inertia (lethargy).

This is why a person’s freedom begins with the realization that they possess the mental key to his/her own prison door. Once one acknowledges this reality and makes a commitment to do something about it, all he/she needs to add to the equation to bring about one’s complete escape is action. So if talk is cheap, don’t blame it on the telephone company, blame it on yourself.

So the next time you’re feeling down, search your mind for signs of imprisonment. If you find that the source of your imprisonment is hiding there, recognize that it is within your power to turn your mental key and open the door — then be sure to take action. You don’t want another year flying by you and realizing again that you’re going nowhere and you are stuck on being lazy and stupid.