Socialist, Communist, Fascist – What’s the Difference?


I have been asked to explain the differences between socialism, fascism, and communism as some people seem to be confused and mix them all up. Here’s a quick overview with some examples.

A “socialist” is akin to a fascist for their governments seeks to dictate control. They do not pretend to own private property. And if you are forced to pay rent through paying property taxes then you really don’t own property as you believe. Communists are more extreme and seize all private property and place it in the hands of the state. There is no freedom whatsoever.

Fascists view the world as a military state and see a liberal democracy as totally obsolete. In this context, they see the goal as the total mobilization of society, and as such, the state becomes a dictator. This is closer to socialists who view private property as subject to the permission of the state and as a national resource to redistribute to those who do not earn what they receive.

Under socialism, the state assumes the capability to manage the economy, but if they do not understand how it functions, they are incapable of managing the outcome. The State also looks down upon any strong cultural characteristics within its society too. This is where America is at the moment. So socialists and fascists have a lot in common whereas communism just robs everyone and deprives the individual of the freedom to even choose their own career path.

This is a good time to expose some of the fake arguments and myths of socialism or communism being the better way of life. It isn’t. Socialism and communism has destroyed the family life in Russia, China and Eastern Europe for many decades and the drive to be an entrepreneur. Today and since the fall of communism, in Eastern Europe for example, the family structure only remains intact because people learned under communism and socialism not to count on the state for much of anything.

Strong socialist policies has drastically altered the family structure where it is still prevalent or growing like in Western Europe and America. Socialist governments try to replace the parents, and as a result, they succeeded in altering the very foundation of humanity that supported the family for centuries. In the West, especially in America, people are living the dream and that is all it is as they sink further into the socialism rabbit hole.You can see this clearly in the “Nanny State” of public schooling.

Socialists in America actually think government cares about them but the writing is on the wall as each month passes. This is why there is a new awakening and we are watching the manifestation of an new anti-establishment era which is currently shifting to the right from the left. I believe the left and right have actually merged to a big degree so I worry about the agenda of a global government being instituted by both parties instead.

I’m already seeing how the one world mentality encourages war and mass immigration and integration in Europe that is destroying the cultural characteristics of each country and causing a huge amount of resentment. It is getting very confusing and chaotic for the local peoples in their countries to deal with it all so rapidly. But political correctness dictates that people keep their big mouths shut if not happy with the destruction of their culture.

But that chaos is deliberately planned that way by those who push the immigration and integration agenda. They simply want more laws and socialism and will get both through their divide and conquer strategy. But those who speak out and expose the socialist scams that are leading to a one world government are labeled conspiracy wackos if not worse.

I believe that labeling someone a conspiracy nut or conspiracy theorist can only come about when one fails to actually look into anything themselves that is being questioned. It’s just ignorant not to do so. If that’s the case then it’s even more ignorant when one doesn’t even realize they’re ignorant by not doing so.

To reject any information or thought not in harmony with any of our preconditioning and conventional wisdom that supports the Status Quo is called cognitive dissonance. So get use to hearing those 2 words as you will be dealing with too many folks who live with that common dilemma. Especially the hard left, the the teaching profession and the lazy brainwashed socialist crowd.

I’m happy to have teachers teaching my children reading, writing, arithmetic and languages etc. all they want but I’m not happy when they teach other subjects that evolve around illogical, irrational and unreasonable discipline, attachments, superstitions, political agendas and political correctness. There are just some subjects that I reject having schools teach my children when they are acting as stand in parents. Politically correct teachers force students to lose their true independence before they ever gained it. But that is what socialists, communists and fascists do.

The political parties today are all fascists because they are joined together in the sense they neither represent the American people as a whole enough as was first established and represent the State instead. We need a new political party just for representing the American people, small business and freedom everywhere instead of the existing parties whose interlocking interests mainly represent the powers that be and wars.

And the only way that party could ever really work for the people again properly is to be backed by non-corrupted media outlets who will honestly report the real truth without any government interference, propaganda and hidden agendas. Only then can and will the corrupted side of the system be exposed enough to be forced to be truthfully dealt with.

But if there is really going to be any hope of turning America around, the uncorrupted media must materialize first and report the truth instead of propaganda and lies. And that is what real news or alternative news is all about today, cross checking the fake political realities and lies. Although the seeds of honest media have sprouted already, we need enough of those seeds to branch out and to grow big enough as to reach into the mainstream living rooms of America and elsewhere to really sort America out.

That conscious awakening is America’s only ace in the hole left that might influence Americans enough to turn their government’s priorities into making an honest Republic again instead of today’s priority of making wars and corporate profits first. So now you can position yourself better when you put socialism, fascism and communism in perspective as you see how America and the West are being run into the ground. And the best time to position yourself for a disaster is before it happens.