A Reality Check about Taking a Closer Look at Where We are Today


Sometimes it can be very difficult to evaluate a politician or political party simply by asking if they have done more harm than good because so much goes on in secret. Other times it can prove much easier due to many different circumstances that really stand out. And the one circumstance that’s in your face today is that of which both political parties have pretty much merged into one of the same sharing the same CORPORATE ideologies pushing wars and creating a false image of an imaginary enemy (Russia or Islam). The old mantra that the Dems are for the average guy and the Repubs are for the ultra rich no longer holds true. Obama proved that.

But most everything about the Clintons stands out, especially that concerning Hillary which stinks to high heaven. In fact, the Clinton Crime Clan reeks so much that they make a land fill or sewer smell like the inside of a French bakery. Unfortunately, the liberal whack jobs cannot get enough of that Clinton stench and that is how rotten the Democratic Party has become today. And since the Bush Clan did a great job of leaving their war-mongering Republican Party stench still reeking behind too, there is an enormous amount of clean-up work to be done in order to rinse the rotten smell off of corporate America. The global elite’s ship may be sinking but just not fast enough.

We need more than just a new president, we need a new political party in America to clean the country up and if ever one is formed, it should be called the New Sanitation Party. Draining the swamp as Trump so eloquently put it will take many, many years if at all even a bit possible. Enough time that a new establishment president will take office and just reverse anything that may have been started or accomplished. But we have to start somewhere and maybe, just maybe, Trump will be able to somehow lead the way when he takes the office of president if he is not eliminated before or after by a planned tragic event. You can bet that a false flag event is being planned as I write this and if it does ever happen, the stench of the C.I.A and the revengeful Clinton and Bush Clans will be all over it. So time for another quick reality check.

Just because Hillary lost the election doesn’t mean she and Bill will be going away quietly or anytime soon. The Clinton Foundation is their nest egg and that needs to be kept in tact through politics. That alone is reason enough to know she will be planning something sinister against Trump to get back into politics hell or high water. Not to mention her daughter Chelsea who has been being groomed to enter a political race in New York State in 2018 where she recently bought a million dollar house with her husband. So president Trump and his family will have their hands full keeping the Clinton crime family and company at bay. There are all kinds of wars being waged today but the most dangerous war being waged against American freedom, is the war of false perceptions, staged by the controlled superficial government backed dishonest mainstream media establishment. They just never sleep and are relentless.

However, most people are starting to see through the fake news, Russian propaganda, fake terrorism, false flags and many other PsyOps and realize it’s all about limiting diversity of thought, reducing free speech and shutting down criticism and dissent. That realization is what helped get Trump elected. But both political parties have been hijacked to some degree by the Communist mentality behind the scenes especially the Democrats, and although most regular folks don’t know it, I don’t believe that those in power don’t know. Therefore, both political parties WANT to push the communist global agenda by pretending to offer better solutions full of free giveaways, more military intervention in other countries and more police protection at home. Don’t buy into any of it and don’t drink the Kool-Aid they offer. Nothing is ever for free in the political world. NOTHING!