Never Say Never – Because You Just Might Make a Fool of Yourself and Get Trumped

Whose laughing now? These hot-shots in the media, on television, in politics and in Hollywood have now witnessed a RUDE AWAKENING. I didn’t vote for anyone this election but I was convinced after seeing Bernie Sanders get burnt by the DNC that the fix was already in for the Clinton Cabal to win but man am I GLAD I was wrong.

Trump’s victory is very revolutionary and of historic importance and here’s why. It’s not a question of just whose good or whose bad, or whose better or whose worse. The important thing about a revolutionary mindset and what the world sees and remembers is that the few who never had a chance according to the Status Quo but still stood against so many, and triumphed, WILL ALWAYS MAKE HISTORY and bring about change.

I and so many others now are so thrilled that folks are truly waking up to our distorted reality and got the establishment on the run for a change. Screw just making America great again, let’s make the whole world great again. We are on the forefront of waking times people so be excited and don’t let your guard down as we continue this conscious revolution. The conscious revolution that has already started is not just happening in America, it’s happening in Europe and other places too. Now is your chance to join that conscious revolution too.