“Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.” A Quick Rant on Reality – More Brexit, Trump and Indifference Please!


As far as the radical black hole of tyranny is concerned, it will always be blamed on one political party or another although both are responsible. And it’s just not in America that people are fed up with politics and especially the left at the moment, that’s happening all throughout leftist Europe too which has given the far right there a big push lately too.

So here we go again. Left right, don’t get uptight! It’s really no wonder why the left and right have become radical enemies and useful idiots since America and the E.U. are apparently run by the same banksters and shadow government’s policies which are spearheaded by their infamous “divide and conquer” strategies.

So it doesn’t really matter which political party gets elected anymore because there won’t be any notable changes for the better until we are rid of the bankster cartels and the corporate shadow government really running the show in both places. We either need a black swan event, new leaders, more peaceful rebellions and/or a major conscious awakening to make that happen. It’s already happening on the conscious level everywhere but just not enough yet because of twisted news and media blackouts. And it’s only happening because of the use of the Internet which will also be controlled soon and censored by the powers that be.

So time is running out and there isn’t any quick fix. In the meantime the left and right will continue their political power struggles on who will do a better job destroying our natural rights, economic prosperity and freedoms while proclaiming the opposite. And so we’ll still witness these economies being slowly trashed and dominated by the banksters and their collaborating entourage who will continue to exploit people and resources everywhere. Trillions of dollars will keep going missing.

They will also continue to restrain liberties, undermine national sovereignty, create wars, increase taxes, loot economies, put down social movements, force policies, spread more propaganda, impose foreign influence and drain the wealth from the lower classes by consolidating their corporate power and finance agendas further. It’s called corporate Globalism and it’s financed by the private banksters from the IMF or World Bank. That’s who we need to get rid of first in order to prosper, limit the power of big government, have more freedoms, get our sovereignty back and return the power to the people.

It’s way to early to know if Trump can do anything about changing America for the better but even if Donald Trump doesn’t even accomplish one thing or change anything, America has benefited by getting rid of the Clintons. As far as the democrats are concerned, if nothing changes under Trump then they should be happy because they’ll wind up with the same failed policies of Obama they already endorse.

It should be that instead of the left taking a fit that Trump was elected, they should be reflecting on fixing the failure of the left to provide realistic and convincing alternatives to the present system that too many folks are fed up with. 8 years of Obama being president proved that he didn’t (or couldn’t) change the war aggression, create more jobs or anything for the better so the wake-up call was Trump being elected instead of Hillary! And enough is enough is spreading everywhere. So it’s a good time to expect the unexpected.

Trump announced after he was elected that he wasn’t going to pursue getting Hillary prosecuted but even after that announcement she continued to play dirty and tried to steal the election after she lost by demanding a recount in certain States using Jill Stein as the patsy. That arrogant sore loser attitude towards Trump that she doesn’t accept the election results just might get him pissed off enough to change his mind. I for one sure hope so! I like it when I see a “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.”