A Quick Rant – Living Free in Practice, Rather Than in Mythology


Being an American expat, I’m often asked why I’m not living in America if I believe in the “Bill of Rights” so much. The short answer is this: My long pursuit of enjoying American freedoms in a war mongering violent America for many decades, persuaded me to courageously pursue those freedoms and ideals some where else that’s more peaceful. The better founding ideals of America can always be taken with you no matter where you reside. Living outside of America has only encouraged me to continue to pursue more happiness and harmony my way.

I found that being an expat being on the outside looking in worked really well for me. I know that whoever gets elected president these days, nothing fundamentally will change for better until a conscious revolution happens. So don’t let anybody ever tell you that it’s unpatriotic or wrong somehow to pursue your happiness, especially when others want to oppress your success somewhere else. That’s what I call patriotic ignorance. But expect it because the bulk of the Status Quo mentality is based on oppression and ignorance. So what looks normal to most is not normal at all when you strip away the violence and indoctrination.

The truth is this: We cannot avoid or stop what we do not understand. And you simply cannot change what you do not know. So for starters, to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. That alone will give you plenty of insight to investigate why with a lot less delusions. Delusion is the life blood of politics. And the delusion of democracy is no different. Another hidden name for the fake democracy in America is manufactured (engineered) consent. I can live without being engineered! That’s why I won’t vote for a democrat or a republican (the 2 wings of the same bird of prey) and won’t live in America again. It’s not left versus right anymore, it’s the state versus the people.

So you can’t have real democracy in a country if you already have the manufactured consent of the manipulated and controlled population. And since the farce of democracy starts with rigged voting for already selected candidates by others already controlling everything, you will always get manufactured consent and a delusional democracy. So from that point of view, democracy and voting in big elections is just another catch 22 scam that most folks just don’t get. And why would anyone even question their self destructive dogma democracy or repression when they are so indoctrinated into believing it’s undemocratic or unpatriotic to ever do so? You’ve got to have a very sick sense of humor and reality to believe wars (especially a nuclear one) will somehow drive humanity forward.

Manufactured societies believing wars will bring peace will always stay repressed, deceived and somewhat enslaved when they are artificially forced to truly believe they are free through propaganda, debt, religious beliefs, fake wars, political affiliations and constant indoctrination. There is a world of difference living free in practice without wars, rather than in mythology that’s based on wars. Unfortunately, constant pressure in the wrong direction has a way of finding its destination. Think World War 3. Those who are cynical and understand this war-mongering control grid will be labeled conspiracy nuts or crazies. Count me in (TWICE)! And although there is always all this talk about always saving the environment and the planet, rarely anyone (especially politicians) are talking about a possible nuclear holocaust that is staring us in the face that would make all the save the environment and planet issues look like a walk in the park.