Voting and a Pre-Election Outcome Rant


In response to so many asking me why I won’t vote in the presidential elections and have my voice heard, I offer this as my best and simplest response. Although I’m sure this election has woken up a lot of folks and some of the walking dead too but let me tell you what voting in America is today in one sentence from someone who is definitely not politically correct. VOTING IS NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR CONSENT TO BE RULED BY WAR-MONGERS AND THE CORRUPTED POWERS THAT BE. Hell, a big percentage of the American voters don’t even know their country is always at war, who their vice president is, how many stars there are in the American flag, where Iraq and Afghanistan is on a map, or the capital of their state and most never had a passport either.

They seem to believe everything they see and hear on their favorite news channel and only care about their cheep beer, entertainment, keeping their oversized bellies full of shit foods and drinks and their weekly paycheck, welfare payments and food stamps. These indoctrinated type of folk’s loyalty to their favorite reality show, political party and sports team simply overwhelms them. That’s how they escape reality. And that’s why whatever the government does is fine for them. They will never be able to see that their government since WWII has morphed from being freedom fighters to war-mongers. That is the saddest part!

If Kim Kardashian was allowed to run for office, she would probably get as many followers as Bernie Sanders did. And these delusional sheep are allowed to vote! Voting is all an illusion today and the candidates are laughing their asses off (as usual) because people believe it’s their duty to pick one of them. Welcome to the United States of Humiliation. Most Americans today are unhealthy and destined to get a good deadly dose of chemotherapy on their way out. In the meantime, more wars, more fluoride, fast foods, TV, toxic pills, debt and vaccines anyone?

The final message is that voting today is not only rigged, unfair and corrupt but voting and believing in any of the many campaign promises are for fools. Presidents are puppets today for the war machine and can’t change anything, period! Eight years of Obama is your best proof of that. That rude awakening is now staring everyone in the face, especially those faces of the Sanders’ and Trump supporters. And that’s why being pro peace, I won’t vote. My next post will be about our American wars and how many we have murdered to shed some light. So next election if not sooner, try voting with your money and feet instead. Now that it’s more than obvious that “Hillary the War-Monger” was picked long ago to be the next presidential puppet to help start WW3, the Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves!