Endless Wars, Voting and Phony Puppet Presidents – A Personal Rant


The Only Reason I Can Think of Voting for Another Leader in the Next Election is to Make you See the Uselessness of Having One

When I was growing up in the New York area 5 to 6 decades ago, America still seemed to be a lot like what I was taught and read about in school. The American value system and the economic growth was still very much alive and well. Everything seemed to be normal and healthy before many changes happened very quickly. During the sixties, the racial divide was coming to a head, the Vietnam War was being prolonged, JFK was murdered, the war on communism was in full swing, manufacturing jobs were booming, massive government protests became nation wide, the arms race with Russia was regurgitated everywhere, everyone was flipping out about the television scene, Hollywood invented Technicolor, most folks owned a house or apartment, a television, a car, and the new music era was exploding.

It seemed as though there was never so much turmoil and new excitement going on at the same time that ever happened before. Of course, today never happened before either. But time is linear and today you have to expect the unexpected. Every day is a new day and nothing surprises me much anymore. Especially when it comes to a corrupt government and its shadow government (the deep state) screwing up what was once a wet dream. That wet dream was a great standard of living and a strong dollar. Both are long gone for the average citizen. America has truly morphed into a country with distorted corporate ideals and economic values. Crooked banksters, multi-national corporations, the war machine and the crooks at the head of a huge government are now TOTALLY running the show.

The banking elites on this Earth with the cooperation of their political liaisons and corporate partners are the forces that have been setting the world stage and controlling the major global plans today on every level imaginable. They predominate and control the creation of money and debt, the industries of health, medicine, energy, agriculture, finance, global trade, natural resources, governments, religions, media news, elections, education, and the military powers of the “Western World.” This is the big picture of how they manage to carve up the world and continue their global tyranny through maintaining the Status Quo.

As I  teach you more about this through posts, videos, rants and my personal opinion, the end goal boils down to you being educated enough to decide and eventually plan what part you either play or don’t play in the corrupted Status Quo we all live in. The end goal stems from me wanting my children to be as free and open minded as possible to better enjoy life outside the box without all the attachements and financial obligations. Dealing and living in societies today don’t and shouldn’t have to be on everyone else’s terms. You can also play their games on your terms too, once you understand how the game is deliberately set up to exploit and control you.

You’ll also be better mentally equipped to understand and deal with the undertakings of debt, greed, power, fear, taxes and other forms of servitude on a local, national and international level. This is part of the unnatural world we all need to avoid as much as possible. Some see it all as a normal way of living and others like myself see it as a totally dysfunctional way of life. So let’s start with government and politics which roots itself in all of the above. You know, that wonderful bunch that you vote for and expect to represent your well-being and the more honest things in life but somehow feel this bunch abuses their power.

Most sane folks understand an abusive or dysfunctional relationship when they see or experience one. But what puzzles me is that most folks don’t often see the many signs that they are in an abusive relationship with their government. When someone is constantly trying to control your behavior or dictate your thoughts; take your money away from you or detain you; block or regulate your access to resources; use threats or violence against you; or keep you in a position of dependence and under constant surveillance, I say that is definitely an abusive and/or dysfunctional relationship.

This easily describes the behavior of many governments and the US government and the police state in America is no exception. As the government sees it, human beings need to be policed, to be managed, to pay a price and to be administered punishment. Most people in the United States have little awareness of what their nation has become. Their unjustified patriotic egos make them blind to anything the government does wrong. That’s almost as tragic as other dreadful things going on behind American’s backs like overthrowing other governments and killing and injuring millions of innocent people elsewhere in the process. But Americans somehow manage to believe that voting for these abusive scumbags is enough somehow for them to justify whatever they do.

The system everyone accepts may be the one you’ll have to challenge in order to maintain your own reality better. And when people challenge any system they don’t like, they get a chance to renegotiate their reality as well. But challenging a system doesn’t necessarily mean you have to just fight against it, it can also mean you can avoid it every which way you can. By not participating in a system as it is designed to do, you stop feeding it which helps it to fade away or change (at least for you). What I find ironic is that the problem is not just that the system is so corrupted, but that it is so dysfunctional and abusive and still functions that way in the first place. It seems like there’s a new police abuse video uploaded to YouTube every day. Welcome to the NEW America!

The reason I’m going to push the bad side of history and especially the bad side of America’s history into this Blog is to show you not all is good in America and never was, contrary to what Americans are taught in government schools but on the other hand, not all has been cruel or bad either. There is always 2 sides to all truths and it’s the truth that will set you free in the end. So understanding that being brainwashed into thinking America was always squeaky clean and still is will only help you to eliminate the shackles of indoctrinated corruption and tyranny that is constantly rearing its ugly head.

Positive awakenings do develop from understanding negative realities. That’s really the story of a rebellious America and what made it so special. Beauty and ugliness have always been everywhere, even in the same things. But so is propaganda and ignorance which needs to be exposed and understood. That’s a big part of what this Blog exposes. You may find me repeating this many times through many posts because it’s so important to realize that history is always written by those who run societies and who are on the winning side of wars. And once you realize that is always the case, you can also realize there are so many hidden truths to be discovered. This is why I am a proponent of exercising critical thinking and a bit of skepticism regarding EVERYTHING you see and hear on the mainstream news circuits and some of the alternative news circuits too. Skepticism encourages further investigation and research which is a very good thing.

The U.S. is now the global police force in a constant state of undeclared war with one country or another and will probably always be until America self destructs. In the meantime, the Pentagon will always be looking for conflicts and wars to justify their existence. Wars-R-Us should be America’s new logo. We don’t need leaders who are intent upon starting wars and gaining followers. We need leaders who are intent upon spreading peace and creating better leaders. And even though there are a bunch in government who do want peace and prosperity for all, they are not allowed to get to the top of the political food chain.

So the only reason I can think of for voting for another leader in the next election is to make you see the uselessness of having one. Our phony leaders in society today are masters at feeding on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair, grief and doubt. No one can ever benefit from these corrupt people in society other than other corrupt people who emulate them looking to become more and more powerful too. That’s why sensible, honest and down to Earth folks can’t help to despise government and don’t vote in phony rigged elections.

I watched time and time again how folks (including myself) who are only usually united by their emotional outrage to something, leave ourselves open to manipulation from seasoned con-men and con-women we elect who harness our rage and opposition by exploiting it. Politicians and political parties are masters in that category. Almost all politicians and political parties, to various degrees, thrive on activating a social-emotional field that is characterized by prejudice or blame (closing our mind), anger (closing our heart), and fear (closing our will). Just like most religions thrive on doing so too.

So history continues to repeat itself and the root of our problems today still lie in the core issues of an economic, political, and spiritual failure to further evolve the operating logic of today’s societies. The final results show up in various patterns of destruction (of things, of others, and of self). Consciousness is the human force that makes it possible for us to have both a material and spiritual experience. And until enough folks wake up their consciousness more about what the Deep State actually is, nothing dramatically bad in societies will ever change for the better even though we constantly vote for new leaders and have all the new developments in technologies to use at our disposal like the Internet.

Whether you vote or not, the Deep State is in charge and that is what we have to deal with. What is the Deep State? According to Ron Paul, the Deep State does not consist of the entire government as some think. It is a hybrid of national security and law enforcement agencies: the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department. The financial system is also under the influence of the Deep State and certain areas of the judicial system, namely, the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, are also manipulated by the opaque, shadowy apparatus. It is also a corporate hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country. Now ask yourself if you think the Founders of America would support such a DEMOCRATIC system today.

Let’s be clear about government too. Government itself is not the problem, it’s the shear size, endless laws and the corrupted side of government that is the problem. Corrupted by money, power and special interests and has gotten so big that it will probably start collapsing from its own corruption, debt, weight, wars and bureaucracy. On the other hand, you can bet your bottom dollar that big government and the war machine will do whatever it takes to keep their power structure intact no matter what! I believe “The no matter what stage” is where we’re at today. Desperate people will always do desperate things. That’s because the corrupt people who basically control the military might of a country also believe they ought to also rule the country. Not only their country but other countries too. That’s why we are living in the era of endless wars and phony presidents.

America’s latest President Obama proves my point. For the duped voters of the last elections, or the upcoming election or any future election, one of the more important Obama’s speech promises that got him first elected president 8 years ago should be remembered wholeheartedly. “I will promise you this… It is the first thing I will do. I will bring our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.” Promises, promises and more empty promises. When will everybody learn that voting is nothing more than meaningless in the big posts of government, especially now in America where everything is rigged? It’s now the same throughout most of Europe, Canada and other Western counties too. So if you’re going to vote, do it with your feet and hard earned money to make a difference, not at the phony ballot box!