A Response to If I Wouldn’t Vote for Sanders or Clinton Then Why Not Vote for Trump?


Here’s a quick rant and response to why I’m not voting for Trump or anyone else. There is no sense of resolution in these fixed and manipulated presidential elections. This lack of resolve in and of itself adds to the distress I feel about the demise of America with no relief. It feels like we are stuck in a powerless state with no sense of control and completely at the mercy of the uncertainty of government. This sense of uncertainty only gives more power to the government. So we vote again to change things and the cycle of uncertainty continues. It’s a catch 22 that only leads to more uncertainty and tyranny.

So why are we voting and playing their fixed game? Some will say we have no other choice. I say we do by not playing their game. Maybe your voice is better heard more when it is silent at the ballot box. A state of open mind is very relative when dealing with uncertainty because it is like having a life vest on in a raging river. You can’t control the flow of the river but you can control keeping your head above water with an open mind. Getting involved in phony elections closes the open mind by drowning it in corrupted politics.

The only thing that is for sure about what all the candidates will do in this election and after is make fools of their supporters. Sanders sold out and it’s just a matter of time before Trump sells his supporters out to the Republican establishment in order to win the election which he won’t. But the point is, it’s just a matter of time before all the candidates sell their supporters out. The corrupt political machine is the only winner here. Why would any sane person who is not hiding under a rock think otherwise?

Everyone who has been around these presidential elections since JFK was murdered and after should be able to see straight by now. Nothing and no one can stop what is about to happen to America no matter who wins the White House. Accept that and move on without the fake world of corrupt politics. I hate the fact that people have to learn the hard way that the hardest thing in life for them is simply letting go of what they thought was real and isn’t. All this election hype and fraud is just another major distraction that keeps you from connecting to your higher self. Get it?

Being held hostage to the phony voting process and phony political candidates that are out of your control, puts you in a state of dis-empowerment and the more powerless you become when you keep insisting you can change what you can’t by voting. That’s the reality. But reality can be complicated because reality is just a debate in philosophy because everyone can’t agree upon it and a lot of reality is hard to validate.

That is one of the reasons why reality can be or becomes incredibly complex when comparing other people’s reality to yours. Especially their social ideals like voting. When someone is being forced to fit into a society by conforming to social ideals, their emotions are suppressed and they lose touch with their own authentic being as well as their innate knowledge of the universe at large. Why live a realty full of painful beliefs, fears, lower vibrations and false expectations by conforming to the social ideals of others that breed negative energy? And I’m not just talking about voting either.

The best way to live is to keep it simple and rid yourself of what’s complex and negative and stop resisting being yourself. Just remember, whenever you are powerless to control something that is out of your control, you’re only resisting something that will still persist. The reason for such immense conflict and separation in society is partly due to one’s political identification over another. There will never be any real unity in society until we can all see past these political identifications that separate us from uniting as a whole. So I won’t be voting for anyone in this election, but I will be voting for you to gain a better understanding of why you shouldn’t vote in any phony election either.