To All Our American Friends and Family who Supported Bernie Sanders


Happiness is the joy of existence itself without any corrupt political distractions and/or affiliations. Witnessing the Sanders betrayal of his supporters by endorsing Hillary and everything he was against should be enough for folks to start editing their thinking and disconnect themselves from phony elections because life is so much better when you stop drinking the poisoned political Kool-Aid. Today’s American political and justice system is totally broken and corrupt and has been  taken over by wolves in sheep clothing. Voting for a president has now become meaningless so stop feeding the DC beast, the broken system and the divide and conquer crowd.

You can’t change anything in DC as you are brainwashed to believe by voting. However, the only thing you can definitely change is yourself, how you think and how you react to everything or stop reacting to everything. The only revolution any sovereign minded person needs is a conscious revolution steeped in love, free will, compassion and empathy. So f*ck politics and everything else that goes against that mindset. Stop banging your head against the wall and focus on living in the moment and the joy of existence instead. It makes no sense to keep wading and then drowning in a political swamp that just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Life is just too amazing and wonderful to miss. Your life is your story so write it well and edit it often!

change your beliefs