A Quick Reply and Rant with a Couple of Videos

broken eu

Wow! The emails and phone calls I’ve received from America about Europe since the Brexit vote have been overwhelming and a surprise too. Just because I live in Europe shouldn’t be the reason I know more than other Americans should. Maybe I should post more info on how the manipulation works around the West in general or maybe those asking the right questions reading my Blog should get more reliable news sources outside of the mainstream media.

Either way, you should still be doing enough practical research yourself to keep abreast of the corrupted world we live in. Just knowing the basics of how the manipulation works in the grand scheme of things and by whom will put all you hear, see and read about into a much better perspective of reality. But to add a more in depth reply to my reader’s inquiries, here are some thoughts regarding Brexit, the E.U. and the Western World at the moment. The main thought is that the individual countries of the E.U. have been under siege by the organized destruction from Brussels and this must end.

So we are very enthusiastic about the Brexit outcome and hoping Spain and other countries will follow to get their sovereignty back. Corporate Brussels, NATO, the Euro, and America’s phony trade agreements and wars need to be revised and/or eliminated. This is just a start of countries here wanting their sovereignty back that we’ve been patiently waiting for. Others aren’t so patient so we expect a lot of turmoil from Brussels and the people. One thing is for sure, there is definitely a lot of excitement and resentment in the air all throughout Europe now and a huge message has been sent to Brussels, NATO, the globalists and other corrupt European and American puppets and their thieving banking cartel, war machine, the phony Lisbon treaty and absurd trade agreements.

We all know that the Brexit elections were fixed to the remain position but even the fixing wasn’t big enough to steal the vote because a lot more than just 52% of the voters voted out. The Sanders campaign in America is a good analogy of the voter corruption here too but it didn’t work. But we also know that the American power brokers and dictators in Brussels have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. The sad reality is that the E.U. is no longer a group of nations working together for a shared common good.

Major multinational companies and the big banks (European Round Table of Industrialists) are the real ones who are deciding now what laws the commissioners in Brussels should create in the E.U. They are the ones who are working with their counterparts in America to push through the TTIP and CETA trade agreements which destroy sovereignty and boils down to a huge transfer of wealth from the people to the elites and their multi-national corporations. This economic globalization bullshit constantly being spewed is not about a free market system at all. Especially in Europe. In fact, it’s quit the opposite.

Future elections and referendums are going to be fun to watch as the establishment starts getting their asses kicked in the future. They will probably try to make referendums illegal and ramp up the fear of terrorism but that will only make Europe awaken even more! But it ain’t over till it’s over. It will also take many, many years to sort things out over here if that even happens. Especially unraveling the E.U. project that was modeled on the current U.S. federation of States which also made the E.U. out to be just another hidden U.S. agenda. I’ve been calling the E.U. the United States of Europe for years and for good reason. Same people running both places.

More freedom and less central control of an economy and its money always brings about more prosperity as the U.K. will find out. It has come time to finally kick the power brokers out of Brussels which won’t be easy. But they had their chance to show their true colors and oppressive policies for too long already and many people here have awakened big time! They still use the same techniques and seedy trade deals of yesterday only with more sophistication today. They also own the mainstream media to enforce their never ending propaganda now and that’s why the Internet’s real news channels are so very important today.

Big government like in America and the E.U. has become a card game and a casino of profits for those who are the dealers with their “economic hit men.” And as in any card game, you may not have control over what cards are dealt to you but you do have some control on how you play them. So although you can’t control everything that happens, you can still control the way you respond. And in your response is your greatest power. Sometimes good things fall apart (like the E.U.) so better things can come together if you eliminate the stupidity and destructiveness of status, resources, greed and dominance. In doing so, you’ll make your time on this Earth matter more.

So watch those shady mainstream news stations spewing out reports of terrorism everywhere and then do your homework! After some time after understanding the agendas and manipulation well, you’ll might even find the reality about how much most folks are blind to what stares them in the face a bit laughable. And why not? Laughter is medicine for the soul. And you’ll laugh even more when you’re not part of getting sucked into the manipulation too. Knowing more about the world will only increase your ability to avoid harmful people and outcomes and even help you adapt and thrive in many unusual situations.

To further understand how the powers that be manipulate, control and overthrow countries and why, take the time to watch the following 2 videos from an insider that was also an international economic hit man. The videos help explain why what is called terrorism in so many countries came to be and exists today. It’s all about greed and the power of corporate government as is the agenda of today’s bureaucrats and banksters running and ruining the European Community.

As I see the E.U. start to break up, (now that the world’s fifth largest economy is disengaging from the European Union), this process is bound to be long, messy, and fraught with uncertainties as there is no precedent for a country leaving the E.U. before. I also can’t help to feel this sense of sovereignty, consciousness and solidarity gaining strength. That exciting! And that in itself is a very positive thing. We live in incredible times and only need to take what we already have in place and transform it so everyone better enjoys this wonderful world.

Part 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVsB07CcSNw

Part 2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29GhXsx7-Rs