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ecuador earthquake

Ecuador Earthquake Recovery Fund

On April 16 a massive earthquake struck coastal Ecuador, demolishing buildings, roads, and infrastructure, killing over one hundred people (updated to 350 now), and leaving thousands homeless. Ceiba’s reserve, the Lalo Loor Dry Forest is located close to the epicenter, and the rural communities with whom we work have been gravely affected.

The power of this earthquake, and the scale of damage, make it clear that recovery efforts will be arduous, lengthy, and expensive. Ceiba has established an Earthquake Recovery Fund for affected communities, and to channel the outpouring of support from all those who have a personal connection to Tabuga, Camarones, and coastal Ecuador — former students and volunteers, researchers, friends, and family.

Donations may be made online through our YouCaring site, through your bank, or via mail. We pledge that 100% of donations will be go directly to earthquake recovery efforts on the coast.