The New President is Coming – The New President is Coming. A Sunday Rant About the Presidential Election


Voting for an American President Today

When it comes to politics, almost all of the political machine is based on exploiting your good energy, trust and good intentions with lies and more lies. If you live in the USA and strive to be free and want to help spread freedom throughout the world, do not participate in any foreign owned U.S. presidential corporate elections.

If you do, you are basically committing treason against the real unincorporated United States of America which is the land that you supposedly love. When a government stops representing you that is treason too. Why would anyone ever vote for anyone who is treasonous and doesn’t represent you? Can people be that stupid? Don’t answer that if you vote.

Even though I never vote and can’t imagine voting for socialism, not to be confused with social progress (I detest big government, exploited welfare programs, entitlements, ideological collectivism and a second rate health care system after moving to Europe almost 3 decades ago), I have to admit though that Bernie is the most honest among the pack that are running and I support most of his points and ideas but in the end, he is a self-proclaimed progressive or conservative socialist.

Socialists always force one group to do the bidding of another group and cause more FREEDOM to be lost. I also don’t like Trump’s arrogance, racial remarks and his pro stance on Wall St., the Patriot Act and big banks although he make good points too about how broken the system is. But I think they both in the end are just more NWO shills IMHO. Bernie for vice-president anyone? All politicians and their mentors know the election game well and say the right things so the bottom line is, I don’t trust any of them!

After some careful research, I found another side of Bernie that turned me off. Bernie wanted military intervention in Yugoslavia. He voted yes on Bombing Kosovo. (One of his staff members resigned over it) He voted to finance the Iraq War multiple times. Supports the war in Afghanistan and voted for it. Supported the coup in Ukraine and voted to give 1 billion dollars towards it. Supports aiding Al Qaeda in Syria and calls them “moderate rebels.” Voted to invade Libya. So his character foreign policy and wars says a lot and he is not like Trump who has no problem bashing his republican opponents and Obama.

If it boils down to Trump and Hillary, that would be like a choice between arsenic and cyanide. No one will beat Trump, only Trump can beat Trump and he’s doing a great job kicking his own ass. When you keep following behind donkeys and elephants, you will keep walking in their feces. Independents as a group reached one third of the population since 2011 so folks are ready for a third party. We will never get anywhere with voting unless citizens start voting for an independent third party who care about real freedom, the original America and sustainable living.

So to break the election cartel a conscious third party is the only salvation and there isn’t one. For now, the spectacle of voting for a corporate democrat or republican president in America is the ultimate theater of the absurd. But if there is any consolation prize, then you can thank Sanders and Trump for awakening the displaced and disillusioned.

Anyway, America is in deep shit and will continue to deteriorate because too many woman, feminists, declared democrats and ignorant people will elect Hillary not once but twice as they failed the last intelligent test reelecting Obama. Hillary has already been selected by the powers that be anyway so even if the votes favored someone besides Hillary, you still live in a country that everything is fixed including the important elections, the Electoral College and voting machines, so Hillary will be your next president no matter what. She will be the next puppet and maybe Bernie will be her side kick.

That’s just one of the reasons I’m an independent and I won’t vote at the ballot box for a puppet president. I also won’t participate in that shell game either to prolong it and give it legitimacy either. And I really believe that this difference between the Democrats and Republicans don’t amount to much as they both are just 2 sides of the same coin and both are controlled by the ruling class. So if I’m going to vote these days, I’ll do it with my money, feet and my actions instead. That mentality worked pretty good for me since I left America.

My seafaring dad use to say: “A smooth sea and a blind eye never made a skilled sailor.” I always say that the blood sport of wars and phony sleazy politics is not meant for noncompliant folks so why vote for a broken, fundamentally corrupt system that can’t be fixed and needs to be replaced instead. That’s not going to happen when both war has become an institution in America and everyone keeps trampling on each other. Often, a damaged flower will revive and flourish if you simply keep others from stepping on it.

Folks should keep that in mind as they engage in the circus of the next presidential election where no one running is really anti-war anymore. And the progressive movement of trying to be politically correct doesn’t cut it either. Political correctness is a growing globalist cultist mindset based on systematic cultural mind control, entitlements and brainwashing. It’s all about being against hard working liberty loving people and unlearning what normal free thinking is. Hillary will be the first female president, regardless of her crimes and lies – just as Barack was lauded as the first black president and liberals swallowed his nonsense about “hope.” Too bad Americans have such short memories.

All this bullshit is still very fresh in my mind, especially the fake bogus progressive movement of Syriza in Greece where I’m not living far from. That movement betrayed the people of that country and allied with the banksters and their enemies in the end. The progressive movement in America is no different from Europe! EVERY “democracy” throughout history has been eventually been taken over by an Oligarchy so I digress. Don’t kid yourself, the elites (banksters, big business, the Vatican and the war machine) run America and this planet. Once that is embedded in your reality then you can start figuring out how to rid yourself of as much of the control they have on you as possible. Being noncompliant to phony elections is a good start!

But I will say this: The only good thing about this presidential election is that Bernie and Donald have woken up more folks and have shaken up the status quo too. We don’t need a new puppet corporate president, we need our Republic back and we need to use our Constitution again, create a good economy within, stop the war machine, get rid of UNITES STATES INCORPORATED and kick the banksters, lobbyists, war-mongers and socialists out who are all running the country as starters.

The only way that’s going to happen is if we have a real conscious revolution and folks become anti-war and noncompliant to the broken system! Noncompliance is the deal breaker of any control system. For me, that starts with living outside the box. Unfortunately, America is slowly waking up but not fast enough yet and is still extremely divided with too much hate. That part of this election really shows its ugly face. Folks are also still way too comfortable living in a broken war-mongering CORPORATE AMERICA too so it is going to have to get a lot rougher (and it will) to fix and/or change anything. WWIII anyone? And that’s a rant!