Breaking News! President Obama as Commander in Chief has Just Made an Executive Order Declaring Half the US Military Bases Around the World to be Shut Down. This Will be His Final Executive Order Before Leaving Office. The Pentagon, Israel and the International Bankers are Furious!

peace and security

Due to the week long dispute between the international bankers and Obama’s failed attempt to persuade the Castro regime in Cuba last week to accept the US dollar as their new currency, the Obama administration has decided to pull the plug on the war machine and the international bankers who finance the war effort. He wants to be remembered as the President who reestablished “Peace and Security” around the world during his reign as President.

To quote the American President while in Israel today, “No one tells me how to run my country, including Israel.” I only listen to the people now and if the bankers, Israel and those who support the war machine don’t like the people’s voice, then they can do their business elsewhere and our government will start printing our own currency without interest again. No President since JFK has threatened the International bankers like this. This is cause for a huge celebration as the Democratic party has suggested. Hillary Clinton has also just announced her support for his anti-war heroic patriotic stance too.

This was a major shock to the international press too as they are owned by the International Bankers and now they too will be on notice to start reporting the real news in the future. Obama’s wife is also now being scheduled next week to make the “First Lady’s” first televised address to the nation regarding gay marriage. Rumor has it that she will in her speech to the nation, be disclosing what some insiders have know for years about the Presidential couple. Stay tuned for more breaking news to come on that announcement soon.

In the meantime, please don’t forget that tyranny is not an option for those who believe in “Constitutional Rights and Liberty” in the good ole USA. Obama’s change of heart just shows that the aspirations of our Founders are still alive and well and everything you thought was false about America today was only a temporary illusion. If you believe that then you don’t celebrate April Fool’s day! And you should, as humor has saved many a person’s sanity.