The Reasons Why Democrats Should Not Vote for Hillary and the Reasons Why Sanders Supporters Should Vote For Trump and Not Vote for Hillary – 2 Compelling Videos to Watch

The Reason Not to Vote for Hillary

I just love passionate women. Especially when they are passionate about life, their country and they passionately stand for principles that really matters in a free society that are totally corrupted. So if you’re a woman and you too want to show passion for your country, the first wake up call is to forget about who is a Democrat or Republican in this election. And forget about voting for a woman just because you are one too. Hillary is counting on that! Both political parties today have morphed into 2 wings of the same bird of prey long ago so think like an Independent against political evil for a change.

But since Clinton is Anti-Constitution and as evil as they can get, American patriot’s first priority is to see she does not become President. If Bernie gets screwed out of the nomination, which I believe he will, then voting for Clinton just because she supposedly represents the left is making a complete fool of yourself and your country. So even if you’re a Democrat and the race boils down to Hillary vs Donald, you only have only 2 choices to make. Either don’t vote at all or vote for Trump to help kill Hillary in this election. Take a look at this video and see if you can relate to this progressive democrat’s passion about her country and why Hillary will destroy America further.

The Reason to Vote for Trump

This is the most compelling video I’ve watched so far that could actually get me to finally vote and vote for Trump if he gets the nomination. My thoughts on AMERICAN elections are this: We have the Democratic Party and the Republican Party which have been destroying any real freedom in America that originally existed. All we have left is a war-mongering system based on debt, taxes and greed. I believe we should change that system and have a new party based on integrity, pro life, free will and no income tax. It should be called the American party.

So maybe I’ll vote when someone runs for President who is a real American that has real balls, understands entrepreneurial values and the working person, lower taxes, respects freedom and sovereignty, and knows a bit about fixing American jobs and doing business in America. And since no real American Indian leader with natural values is running for President, the only makeshift Indian that’s willing to go against the establishment and have a Pow Wow with the people for a change is Trump today. So why not vote for Trump and see what happens. Especially if you’re a Sanders supporter.