A Video Lesson About the Corruption of the American Constitution and Civil Liberties and a Few Serious Thoughts About the Election

The whole purpose of the Constitution is to protect the people by defining and guaranteed their rights and keeping the government in check. But there have been so many Unconstitutional laws made since that trash the Constitution with convoluted legalese that people’s rights have been stripped away and the government now can get away with anything including murder. Even more so since the “Patriot Act.”

The government is so tyrannical today that even your grandma who tends a garden qualifies to be on some government watch list. But no matter what the government gets away with, no matter what Unconstitutional laws they make, no government can ever take away from you your free will, natural liberty and freedom you hold dear to you because they can’t take away your heart. So how do they get away with their tyranny? They get away with it under the guise of phony laws called “Fake Democracy.”

And they also get away with destabilizing or destroying other countries under the guise of spreading this fake democracy. Of course they use other words too like expanding the “Free Market” and what they call “Nation Building.” The real operation of American nation building is the control of land, resources, labor and the people. But action is much louder than words and the outcomes of this spreading democracy/nation building/free market bullshit are usually nothing short of some type of devastation, hardship and a huge loss of life.

The current system is rigged to expand its own power, not yours! It’s time for the trash to take itself out! It’s time to invalidate the Patriot Act, it’s time for congressional term limits, it’s time to get the money out of politics, it’s time to stop illegal immigration, it’s time to stop the wars for resources and profit and it’s time to abolish all laws that are not constitutional!

Only Trump as a wild card might do some of that. He too needs to wake up to who really runs America to stop all the corruption he’s not aware of yet. But he’ll learn quickly what he’s up against once in the White house. And if he finds a good vice-president with a constitutional mindset like Judge Napolitano or Ron Paul, maybe just maybe, he could shake out a lot of the corruption, create a better justice system, turn things around and actually do as his slogan says: Make America great again.

The Witch of Benghazi is America’s worst nightmare so when it comes to Hillary, I hope she doesn’t lose her head and go to the Benghazi…. I mean I hope she goes to the Benghazi and loses her head. As for the Donald, I hope he does get elected to rid us of 8 years of more tyranny and destruction of America from Hillary. He might even swing making changes to the current oppressive regime before his enemies hand his head to him.

For now, Trump shaking things up and waking folks up is a very good thing! I’ll be watching closely from now on. It’s certainly worth a shot voting for Trump if he manages to get the nomination. He is the only hope America has and Hillary who is already picked by the powers that be to become President will definitely further destroy America for her handlers. I never thought I’d say this but maybe I’ll finally vote after all before I die!