A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Clinton vs Trump, a Fixed Fight


Although there is no one for me to vote for, I still keep my finger on the pulse of things including elections. I said years ago in my Intro of this Blog that Hillary was already picked to be the next president of the United States and nothing has changed. However, Trump’s current phenomenon is nothing more than long-overdue blow-back from everyday Americans who are fed up and want someone who is hard core they believe can take down the Washington establishment. They don’t care if that person is rude, an egomaniac and sometimes nasty like Trump. But stepping on the establishments toes is his biggest asset for now and very entertaining.

Right now, people just want the Washington power structure dismantled, and they figure that once that’s accomplished, they can sort things out later if Trump is elected and his less than endearing qualities prove to be a problem. Ben seems to be an honest stand up guy and would make a great neighbor but not tough enough to make a good president. He reminds me of Jimmy Carter. Bernie, Cruz and Rubio all have their good and bad points but not tough enough. But Trump is tough and as the wild card only comes along once or twice in a lifetime. At the end of the day he will lose because the race is already predetermined and fixed but he will turn the GOP on it’s head during the election process. That’s a very good thing.

All we have today is 2 parties, one party that is supposedly based on “collectivism and peace” and one supposedly based on “free markets and an empire,” and both require increasingly higher taxes and huge bureaucracies to support its objectives. Where’s the political party that is based on free markets, low taxes and peace that only requires a smaller government to support its objectives? That’s the one I want to vote for. It doesn’t exist because it’s not allowed to!

But whatever philosophical identity either political party portrays, they’re both full of shit because both parties support wars and high taxes so they both are just 2 sides of the same coin controlled by the objectives and agendas of the shadow government so it doesn’t matter which party you vote for. It’s all a sophisticated political scam to get your permission to rule you and that’s the bottom line.

What ever happened to letting common sense rule over everything? Our personal success or failure depends entirely on our behavior. Our behavior depends on our habits and routines. It’s the same for government. So if polluted food, medicines and water, debt, wars, over spending and destructive behaviors are our dominating habits and routines, we are in big trouble and so is our government.

Has anyone noticed that our government seems to be encouraging wars and feeding America’s ill-health and obesity for the benefit of the medical-big pharma-chemical-agro-military complex? That alone is a good indication that your votes are only for corporate America and the war machine, not the people. Those who win elections today have an entourage of manipulators behind them who have mastered the art of telling Americans exactly what they want to hear.

So if you’re blindly devoted or polarized by either political party’s principles or ideologies today, I have to say you’re lost and beating a dead horse. We don’t need a new boss that’s the same as the old boss with a different face. We need a new system that’s the same as the old system this country was founded on with a new face. That’s a system that doesn’t have a shadow government with faces we can’t see either. Sorry folks but “It is what it is.”

So it boils down to Clinton vs Trump. Trump is going to make America better (For Trump)! But Clinton is one up on Trump and intends to make our country better for her and her handlers too. So say hello to your next president, President Hillary Clinton. It’s the girls turn to have a female president with a first gentleman (NOT) for a change. You can start passing out Bill’s favorite cigars. You can bet Bill is already loading up and thinking where he can put them. Ouch!


Although Hillary hasn’t announced yet who her running mate will be, word on the street is she has picked a home owner from Florida named Mike Litoris as her vice-president running mate. I can see her new campaign slogans already: Vote for Clinton and get Mike Litoris or a vote for Hillary is a vote for Mike Litoris!