A Short Rant About Voting

Vote for Nobody
Bernie Sanders and Trump are being sold as more cleansing candidates like Carter, Reagan and Obama were. But the public is just being exploited and distracted again using them as candidates to soften the anger that the prior administrations have inflicted on the American people. So your prospect of a glorious future with any of these candidates is only going to frustrate you more. But Clinton with all her evil dirty baggage including her husband is the real choice of the powers that be. The electorates are already rigged to pick her no matter who the people choose. She is so corrupted she fits in perfectly to maintain the managed Status Quo’s agendas, wars and corporate interests.

That’s why she is likely to be your next President! Almost all the bleached blonds will certainly vote for her too. If that’s not obvious then either people aren’t paying attention or they are just willfully blind. Either way you lose so why vote? Get ready for the planting of more seeds of destruction because it is what it is! The way I see it, the Republic is long gone since JFK was murdered so the only real choice you have when it comes to voting is to vote with your feet unless you have no chance to leave what I see as the present authoritarian system.

Having said that, I’m no longer concerned who wins the next presidential election as I’m already well gone but what I’m really concerned about is still avoiding the rise of their planned global enslavement system instead. Except for government and the big corporations not being affected negatively, globalization will only reduce the middle and lower class and destroy free markets further. The globalization agenda is also treason to the American public just like the corporate government already is. Think about that too when you vote for the next puppet president.

I prefer the ideology of the individual over the collective which is what a republican form of government is all about. That’s why I consider myself a constitutional person. I believe the proper function of government in America is to protect, not provide. To provide you must take from others. The American Republic was also all about limited government that represents the people, not fictitious corporations.

But cultural Marxism has creeped into government and been destroying the republican form of government since the Federal Reserve was created. Now America has Socialist policies which creates excessive taxes and Fascism too which creates excessive debt so both are getting you through taxes but Fascism also does it through the hidden inflation tax of the Fed giving unlimited loans to the government to waste.

The war torn socialist philosophies of Europe have now become the new American way of government. A way of life our Forefathers desperately tried to get away from. Now we have over 2000 new laws being made on average each month. The prisons and courts are full and those businesses are booming for the government. We have more people who are poor and on welfare than ever before. We have more policeman too but crime still increases because we always have more laws to break.

These are the same people making these laws who are imposing their distorted values in our schools and work place which is about licensing and propaganda instead of expanding liberty and truth. The same folks who are promoting wars, welfare and subsidizing poverty are forcing you to pay for it which only gets you more wars, welfare and poverty. These are the same folks who you elect that tell you they are going to protect the Constitution, protect your liberties, protect free markets, and protect your independence from fascism and communism, but have brought America to its knees with totalitarian ideas instead.

If America were a truthful, sane society with a constitutional government instead of being increasingly corrupt, dysfunctional with a secret covert government, the fake rigged election process would be exposed, loudly denounced, boycotted and shunned. Instead the presidential election process is highly celebrated while the world watches this sad display of fraudulent democracy. How many elections does it take to lengthen American’s ultra-short memories. Lies, lies and more lies is all you get. That’s what you’re really voting for. Wake-up people.

So I say vote for NOBODY!!

vote all you want the secret government won't change - illuminati