With the Theme of Thanksgiving Still in Mind, Let’s Give Thanks to Having Truthful Media to Rely On Instead of Manipulated Fake News

I’m very grateful for the awareness I have about the world around me and for not being a casualty of mental enslavement. That’s all due to changing my news sources and perspective. I don’t confuse being wise as being informed well. Wise folks are only wise to the extent that they are aware of others ignorance and their own. It takes a lot of time for one to unlearn the deception of scripted political news and figure out it’s all about taking away what’s left of your freedoms.

In most instances, you can share truth with indoctrinated folks all day long, but nothing you can say will be ever be enough for most of these indoctrinated folks to wake up when they are addicted to watching mainstream news. They need very rude awakenings instead, like their family members coming home with limbs missing or in body bags from the phony wars they support.

The oldest and most unique things that Americans are suppose to use, are the ideals based on the original mindset of their Constitution and freedoms. But those things have been deliberately twisted to be used differently than originally intended. The governments mainstream media machine sees to that. Now I consider most everything including most American’s mindsets and their freedoms to be corrupted, dishonest and “Anti-American.”

If you intend to celebrate the good part of life as much as possible, then don’t get suckered by the Status Quo and their news media. You want a few examples? Here’s just some reasons why the Status Quo is twisted and anti-American.

The mainstream media is twisted, the international banksters are anti-American, the school system is twisted, the I.R.S. is anti-American, the progressive movement is twisted, big government is anti-American, militarizing police is twisted, fascism is anti-American, self-protection is twisted, desecrating the Founders is anti-American etc.

But the two biggest things that hasn’t changed much since the founding of America is RACISM and WARS. So if you’re putting your trust in the Status Quo and Mainstream Media for direction, fairness, honesty and security, fuhgeddaboudit!