Paris Attacks Leave Aweful Realization: Terror Strikes …Is This Real Hollywood or Fake Hollywood?


Another WAKE-UP call people! No matter what the gory details may be in France, the killings in Paris are either direct or indirect results of manipulation, very bad government policies reflecting unjust wars, oppression and terrible immigration and foreign policies. Another thing is for sure too, now there will be more power and freedom taken away from the public and put in the hands of government instead which is just another “Catch 22.” It’s called “State of Emergency” tactics or “Divide and Conquer.”

Let’s see as the details unfold if these attack wasn’t known to be coming beforehand and show hallmarks of Red Flags like any attackers passports being found on the dead bodies of the terrorists. Keep your ears open for any drills that were being conducted that day too and any other signs of a false flag. I find these attacks hard to swallow knowing the high security measures and Intel the French have, especially after the Charlie Hebdo attacks earlier this year. Something smells very fishy here. This operation seems way to organized for just a bunch of militarized punks.

Through these new so called “Islamic Terror Attacks,” the public is getting much closer to getting totally disarmed by governments everywhere. That leaves everyone more helpless and dependent on government to protect them. Terrorism is the ultimate excuse to ramp up new policies and lifestyles like the agendas of an oppressed cashless society with bio-metric I.D.’s that will be forced upon the masses in conjunction with the planned globalization agenda.

Understand this: Terrorist attacks make it much easier for citizens to accept new government policies, laws, oppression and more wars! So expect a lot more violence, wars, laws and terror attacks until these agendas are fully implemented everywhere. And don’t worry so much, the governments involved will do everything they can to protect you from the fear, violence, ISIS and whatever else they created by militarizing the police further. And the puppet news media outlets will be on board BIG TIME to back them up. It is what it is!

Maybe France will now stop arming, training and directing the very same terrorist organizations fighting against the secular government of Bashar Al-Assad. Maybe they should break the alliance of being boxed-in as a puppet for Saudi Arabia, Israel, America and other allies who have their own selfish agendas that cause so much collateral damage. Isn’t the killings and bombings in Paris after 150 dead and hundreds wounded reason enough?

The French people are in deep shit because of their stupid immigration, domestic and foreign policies as many other Western Countries are. They are already living in a growing police state that can’t keep up with the times. My advice to the French is to raise more hell at home before Hell becomes your home and think of their diminishing sovereignty before protesting becomes illegal! This is going to happen everywhere if other NATO-led countries don’t think outside the box and change their policies. Otherwise, borders will be closing and curfews will be common practice in the new police state. But maybe that is what is exactly planned. Hmmm…

Oh, and another thing to mention is the upcoming conference in Paris on climate change has been cancelled due to the attacks. Isn’t climate change suppose to be our greatest threat to national security? Yea right!