Paragons and Parasites

Your Path to Truth

by Zen Gardner

There are all kinds of people in this whirled. Givers and takers, throwers and catchers, lovers and haters, leaders and followers, suckers and caretakers – – as well as a myriad of other interplaying dynamics at work. We all play many sides at different times if we’re honest, both consciously and unconsciously.

It’s just how it is.

But the predominance of what we choose to participate in and how we conduct ourselves has everything to do with our current reality. That’s where free will and awakening come into play.

It all depends on the participant. Where are we “coming from”? Under which level of spell are we operating? What is influencing us and how much are we yielding to it?

Big stuff to take into consideration but consider it we must.

After all, isn’t that what our whirled is made up of? A spectrum between paragons of unselfish truth and love, and opposing life-sucking parasites of deceit at every level imaginable?

Our Very Real Whirled

We face an extremely parasitic influence dominating humanity, best exemplified by government, religion and false societal obligations. The root meaning of government is mind control. Fact is, there are those predisposed to riding herd on what they consider inferior masses of humanity for self serving parasitic purposes that are audaciously acting out their programs in our very midst while convincing their “subjects” it is for their own good and protection.

To wake up to this crude and brutal reality within this imposed paradigm is anathema to a well groomed peon.

The desired subject must remain suspended in fear, subdued and submissive. Alternative mindsets or reactions are summarily rejected at a visceral level. That very truth is more than such a subject can bear. Therefore humanity tends to reject it.

Does this explain anything, or touch on your programming issues? It should. Psychological, sociological and even political knee jerk reactions tell us a lot about ourselves.

Truth Be Told

It’s no easy task to wake up to our collective state. I say collective because the trained tendency is to judge by the reactions and status quo signals that engulf us. If we feel we’re moving in any sense against the tide of programmed reality, pre-programmed signals go off and warning bells sound and we can easily be subconsciously roped back into that same status quo we’re beginning to question.

This is evident in all walks of life.

The herd mentality is a tough one to shake, but shake it we must if we’re to help steer the course of human direction in a positive and productive way. A determined soul cannot be deterred no matter the influence, but it will not be met with quiet acceptance. The tide is strong, and is more thickly polluted with infected back wash and resistance by the day.

It’s a formidable foe but one that is well worth confronting and is actually quite exhilarating when we do.

The beauty of truth is that it is pure, untainted and untouched by such influences, but again there are personal decisions to be made. To either stick to the path undaunted by the assailing winds of doubt and criticism, or succumb to the pressures of a massively sick society. This is the current dilemma.

This may sound ethereal but those who get it understand. If we don’t take a fundamental stand in grounded conviction and act accordingly without wavering we too will be swept into the tide of iniquity engulfing our planet.

The Choice

It’s simply a choice, as has been said many a time. Choose good or evil, right or wrong, action or passivity, ignorance or reality, fear or love.

That there are forces attempting to envelop humanity in a very strange, subservient reality should not surprise us. The ultimate question is: What will you do? How much courage do you have?

Will you stand up for truth, honesty and ultimate justice?

Something to seriously consider. Many brave souls have made that choice. Will you come over? The stand is a liberating and empowering one.

Lose the fear. Stand in truth. And join the liberation.

Much love always,