Welcome to a Full Week of 9/11 Videos Leading up the September 11th Anniversity – Day 0ne Starts with the Basic Story and Lies Presented by a Former U.S. Marine.

Not only were the intricately planned 9/11 Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks done with military precision, the attacks and the huge cover-ups had to have had a lot of help from within the government and the controlled media who avoided a valid investigation and put out a ton of misinformation and lies.

These disturbing vids will certainly expose the horrible reality and consequences of extreme corruption, fake wars and false flags. They will do so by showing the devil is always in the details. I can’t see how anyone in their right mind would ever believe in the official 9/11 story again after watching some of these well made vids.

We live in some very scary times. It seems very obvious the ideology of extremism and terrorism is alive and well in the halls of governments whose corrupt tyrants have extreme hidden agendas (like divide and rule). Instead of being part of the lie, be part of the truth instead. Time to wake-up, connect the dots and start facing reality.

Although all the videos will overlap some of the same information, it is worth watching the repeated parts as to see different perspectives and to let the info sink in better too.