A Long Sunday Rant – The Internet, the Global Agenda and ET


Thoughts have a hard time manifesting energy into matter and even spirituality without affirmative action because we live in a heavily polarized reality that is very dense and low in vibration. Understanding the unfolding dark agenda of the evil powers that be, which is to enslave the human race as much as possible under a one-world government, one can’t get fooled much due to the fact that you’re aware of their secrets and many manipulations. We then need to focus our awareness energy on better things. This is why our awareness can be our salvation. And that awareness used collectively can start a revolution.

The underlying objective in all internationalism policies is not just the expansion of a global empire, but ultimately the enslavement of each individual. The dark agenda still has a way to go so watch it unfold from the outside looking in instead of it consuming you. The manipulation of wars, religions, racial violence, economies and politics are a huge part of that system and dark agenda. Being part of that system directs your thoughts away from your free-will and Nature’s God or God’s energy. On the other hand, staying silent without any affirmative action against the system of manipulation is just as bad as being part of it.

The current and past economic crisis’ and race wars are all engineered by the “Controllers” for their own purposes. You need to become aware of the methods they use to manipulate your mind and harm your body. From the beginning of America becoming a free sovereign country, those behind shaping the Status Quo culture have gone to great lengths to dispel the meaning of individual sovereignty. That corruption is now in high gear and has gone global. So what can be done to stop this path we’re on?

You can’t change the system if everyone is already in the system. You have to get out of the system first and reorganize your thoughts. It’s the only way to reprogram your sub-conscious mind and revitalize your energy. It’s the power and energy of our thoughts and consciousness that can really change our physical world and get our power back to make it different. It is that empowerment I am trying to convey and share that is so important to understand. The collective mindset of individual sovereignty is what is needed more than anything else to change America and other places.

Stop supporting corrupted systems by voting for corrupt government politicians and vote with your money and feet instead. And instead of buying unhealthy conventional foods and harmful pharmaceutical drugs, buy organic foods and learn to use natural medicine. Avoid loans, credit and the banking system as much as possible. The Banksters and their government cannot thrive without our support, just like how a company cannot survive without us buying its products.

We must all awaken to a universal mindset that acknowledges everyone’s joys and sorrows with compassion and empathy. This is how to dissolve the illusory boundary of separation between ourselves and the rest of creation. That mindset is opposite of the corporate establishment that encourages toxic human behavior, wars and undermines the health of society while destroying Nature’s wonders in the process.

The modern Western Status Quo is an egocentric society that is totally corrupted today. Maybe not all the people as much as all those surely driving the bus. It is not easy avoiding the preprogramed world of the Status Quo because that programming is everywhere but once you are fully aware of what is being controlled and why, you can find many ways to opt out of the mind control, restraints and oppression including changing the how you think and the way you channel your thoughts. Because I live in Spain, many think I don’t care anymore. Just because I left what I personally consider a modern fascist United States doesn’t mean I stopped caring about the demise of my country and the many good folks living there.

I still focus my good thoughts, insights and energy on a better America by offering sound info and food for thought that can lead to the same good energy being further spread instead of just brain dead conventional wisdom being tossed around. I do the same here in Europe. The Western Status Quo’s conventional wisdom is severely distorted and creates an impoverished understanding of ourselves and our place in nature. Our mind and spirit are part of the core fabric of the universe just as our physical beings are. Knowing this has far reaching implications that lead to compassion, peace and real spirituality. 

Take back your dignity and power from those who are stealing both by not tolerating evil agendas and using your powerful positive words, thoughts and actions to manifest change and higher vibrations. I personally detest most politicians but unfortunately, if you really want to start dealing with reality then some politics are always unavoidable. Being part of the Status Quo means that acceptance of the corrupted system goes mostly unquestioned. That’s because those who vigorously defend the actions of the establishment are lost. This is the main problem and also part of the solution too. We need to help good folks who are lost to wake up find their way again.

People seldom learn from the past because they are living examples of denial. In the current age of total deceit and propaganda, citizens have an extra degree of responsibility to understand the genuine truth. America’s militarized police are becoming the henchmen of tyranny. This degrading stage of democracy is where you can easily see the transition into despotism by the Western governments and their handlers. Those who don’t see need help. This is what happens when folks keep doing the same insane things like being constantly distracted and made a fool of by mainstream corrupted and scripted media outlets or voting in rigged elections to change things. It just isn’t going to happen.

The powers that be are operating under the radar of the Status Quo belief system including the whore house of politics. Playing THEIR GAME is getting caught in the crossfire of demented, occult psychopathic control freaks. I seen how everybody seemed to get sucked into their game during the Vietnam War when I was graduating high school in the late 60’. That was a time when America was at the height of anti-government sentiment with protests going on everywhere. The people seemed to be so awakened then. Flames of racial discord raged too and I was convinced then that America would pull together for the better but I was very wrong. It all became a big game. The protests, demonstrations, riots and loss of life was the excuse to arm the police even further. Protests don’t work well when you are surrounded by an Army and all the news media is against you.

So the intentional expansion of racism and poverty continued along with the war and the government and police took their oppression to a whole new level instead. That was many decades ago and what has gotten better since? NOTHING except now America has been at war ever since and we even have wars on everything including the homeless. When you think your country is great while it is constantly at war and treats its most vulnerable citizens like trash, you’re either living in a pretty sick society or your ego is eating you alive. This nightmare has got to end! Those who understand this are the only ones capable of changing things and changing others. And that’s not that many either.

Why is it that facts, events and evidence that are even in your face, rarely change anyone’s mind or beliefs? It is because people’s minds are so cluttered with constant corrupted news, indoctrinations and forced beliefs that they don’t have any room left to believe the unconventional or real truth. This is also why they have short memories too. It is only when life-changing events alter one’s predisposition that room becomes available for new beliefs outside the realm of the Status Quo. It seems that unless you are involved in a traumatic experience or tragedy or the family of a victim, does anyone really open their mindset to new beliefs about anything. How fucking sad!

But we do have a better way that we can protest, communicate and rebel today that helps. It’s called the internet. Riot, protest and demonstrate through the internet instead of on the streets. Take a camera everywhere you go to record the corruption when you can and let your photos or videos go viral. Level the playing field a bit and record those who are going out of their way to record you. Don’t put yourself in a position that can cause you to get hurt, used by the court system and made a fool of. The evolution of revolution is through the internet today where it’s much safer. So take advantage of the only new tool we possess that can make a difference before that is gone too.

The only other real long shot of hope and change manifesting before the global agenda is completed is if a friendly Extraterrestrial or a race of ET’s (aliens) that may exist in our solar system or beyond gets officially confirmed by showing their peaceful presence. That alone could immediately wake enough folks up to rattle their belief system and help tear down the corrupted wall of the Status Quo including the powerful religions, big governments, corrupted political and corporate structures and maybe even Wal-Mart! Wouldn’t that be awesome! Empathy and compassion might show its pretty faces again. I can just see the excitement and the new American bumper sticker now: ET STAY HERE! And that’s a rant.