Get Hempowered – An Empowering Rant

CannabisHere are some thoughts that some reading this Blog may have contemplated too. I all too often wonder how most folks who so indoctrinated really view the natural world we all live in. They don’t seem to be in cinch with most of their religious views and know practically nothing about how the society they live in really operates either. God to them is always a separate supernatural being not a part of Nature and life itself is always taken with a grain of salt or shunned for an afterlife instead.

How is it that money and God are so important to them but they waste most their money on un-needed material things while pretending they have high spiritual values but disregard God’s wonders. Are they so brainwashed they can’t have a genuine spiritual mindset that is based on non-duality, meaning the creation and the creator are one of the same (not two or separate). Afterall, God is the magic and force of Mother Nature.

I view everything in Nature including mankind to be strangely precious while being different expressions (good and bad) of the same energy. That is why I feel everything has to be connected. That invisible understanding is more of a spiritual feeling than an explainable observation. Isn’t religion based on that mindset too only with a bullshit story attached? As with anything in Nature, we are the expressional result of conscious, creative principle. We just express ourselves differently than most other living things that have different natural aspects.

We just don’t see the mystical communications going on between everything at a micro level. Just like we don’t see it either in our own bodies. That needs to be so understood first for one to get in harmony with the laws of Nature to obtain peace of mind, understanding and to better find one’s place with God. Since we are part of Nature too, we are also getting in touch with our self, the essence of God. When our selfishness is contrary to the natural laws which sustain life, we not only wind-up disrespecting others and Nature but we also disrespect our self. You can look at it as cheating. That is another byproduct of a selfish and egotistical mindset. That is also the result of manufactured religion from my point of view.

Although some folks are definitely smarter than others, no one is born with wisdom. I think everyone starts out being an ignorant person first and then through many years of different life experiences, one might eventually REALLY understand their many negative and positive experiences, and only then can one start to obtain wisdom. But wisdom also requires an expansive adjustment in thinking, and a top down reassessment of your picture of reality after understanding your experiences.

Realizing the necessary spiritual connection with Nature will magnify one’s wisdom and lead to better harmony and balance with life too. That balance only happens when you use your eyes, mind and heart to see past the macro level and start connecting with everything around you on a more micro level. I started realizing that by accident when I started experimenting with Cannabis as a stress reliever instead of using it as a social party drug like most do.

That is when the spiritual effect was realized. There are many ways to open your eyes, heart and mind and I can personally say that cannabis can be one of them. After 60 years of experiencing different health issues, I also realized that the medicinal uses are endless. Cannabis can definitely be a gift from Heaven to many. The CBD in cannabis alone is a miracle medicine finally being used by many, even cancer. You don’t have to be stoned to appreciate the beauty of cannabis.

One must understand that there is a time and place for everything though, especially when getting hempowered. That’s very hemportant to know. Some conventional schooling is good but home schooling is much better. That’s how I was better hempucated. Get hempowered by getting hempucated, its very hemportant! Putting the play on words aside, the message is do whatever it takes to get your mind opened, educated and awakened to real consciousness.

Real consciousness is truly the way to experience the mystical energy out there and within you. It’s a natural awakened high that is hard to come down from. Activating your cannabis receptors is just another pathway. There are many cosmic things beyond our comprehension and cannabis helps you understand that especially when you are ready. But like I said, there’s a time and place for everything. I believe one of the main reasons so many folks are very religious and/or political is because they are just too lazy and /or confused to really pursue a total understanding of what they think they believe in. If they simply repaired their broken relationship with Mother Nature, they wouldn’t need much more understanding, only a perspective on how to link that understanding to them self.