This Film Is Dedicated To All Those Who Has Been Affected By Cancer – Please Share

This film will easily reveal the corrupted NCA and why there will NEVER be a cure for cancer without Big Pharma’s approval. Can you imagine your corporate government trying to give someone a life sentence in prison for saving many people’s lives? I’m talking about the same government that is terrorizing its own citizens while taking away everyone’s liberties and freedoms with the excuse of saving them from terrorism. Well it’s so very true and nothing new either. But if you have any doubts then watch this film. All doubts will disappear as you will see that your government is totally corrupted and will go on a relentless witch hunt after someone who should be celebrated just to protect big business with no regard to human life and suffering. Just another reason for me and some of my family to stay out of my country and never contribute one red cent to the National Cancer Institute again.