A God, Heaven and Hell Rant – Food For Thought

SpinosaOutside of all the punishments and hostile, angry and deadly Bible passages, maybe just the lack of an almighty religious plan by God in the original Bible was what didn’t make sense and was especially lacking for me. Maybe the writers of the New Testament realized that too and that is what the New Testament tried to relay. If that’s the case, unfortunately, they did a terrible job using Jesus and as the final chapter (Revelations) revealed, there certainly wasn’t any real peaceful game plan that brought me any closure. The end just didn’t justify the means.

I started believing God like Nature does not “do” things for the sake of anything else. Life’s order of things just follows from nature’s essences and evolutionary rules. All talk of God’s purposes, intentions, goals, preferences or aims in all the religious writings are just humanized bullshit and creative thinking. I find it so much more rewarding channeling creativity into exploring and enjoying life than wasting creativity on the illusions of man made religious beliefs.

Everything in nature is determined to act and to be acted upon by other particular things in that moment. In other words, you are definitely a product of your environment. The nature of God is the nature of the Universe. God or Nature, acts from the same necessity from which it exists. So instead of using a religious system, I’ll use the K.I.S.S. system instead. If you think I’m trying to divinize nature or to naturalize God, then you are right!

When I went to Europe in 1987, I read a book that opened my eyes and eased my mind more than anything else I ever read concerning God philosophy. The book only reinforced how I pretty much felt about life and God naturally without any religious coercion. His writings made so much sense to me that I didn’t feel out of place anymore with my own personal mindset being so different from most people. It was really a relief and a  great reinforcement for me to be able to read some of my own spiritual conclusions from someone else who spent their life searching and studying political and religious conclusions. 

It was this philosopher’s mindset that no only meshed with mine but expanded it. Just about everything I read set me at ease and helped free me from the dogma of religions (and politics too) without any guilt.  Although I didn’t agree with everything I read, I still finally felt very good about myself regarding my personal spirituality and how I naturally thought about life and God for a change without religion being a part of it. So I recommend everyone read the writings of that philosopher named Baruch Spinoza.

The underlying theme of his writings was that Nature was also God and does not act for any ends, and things do not exist for any set purposes other than the creativity of life cycles, nature’s course and evolution. After reading and learning so much about the Founders of America throughout my life, I hardly seen any difference in their mindsets compared with the mindset of Spinosa. I always wondered if the Founders of America who were not religious but very ethical, read his books too since Spinosa was before their time.

The 2 books that are great reading are the Principles of Philosophy and the Ethics by Baruch Spinosa.

Any conversations I ever had about God being angry, authoritative and punishing were always turned into God being good natured instead. If that were really the case and God was really an active good-natured deity that can arrange everything and judges you, then why didn’t God arrange for all the good folks from aging, getting diseases, dying young or stop dying at all? Especially those who believed and acted upon the demands and rules he supposedly set down that was written in the Bible?

Why are innocent sinless children suffering, killed, born with terrible birth defects or not alive upon arrival? Since life can be so miserable and tragic for so many good folks including innocent children and the poor and disabled and since life always ends for everyone too, that must mean life is really out of the control of any good intentioned God deity. And if that’s the case, then Heaven and Hell if they exist are out of God’s control too.

And speaking of Hell, why would Satan punish or torture those of us who wound up in Hell anyway? If we got there, we obviously were terrible sinners who acted against God’s will and done exactly what Satan wanted. We should be celebrated and chilling with Satan partying with others including the world’s greatest minds with weed, wine and virgins, planning how to overthrow God. It makes better sense that Satin would lure and/or kidnap those loyal to God and punish and torture them instead.

In the end, I think it is very egotistical and selfish for anyone to believe that God has a special plan or rewards for you. I believe that Nature is also God and does not act for any ends, and things do not exist for any set purposes other than the creativity of life cycles, nature’s course and evolution. That’s what we’re a part of and where miracles don’t and can’t exist. Heaven, Hell and Religion is about the ridiculous manipulation of human emotions at the expense of logical thought. And of course, it’s the easy way out for folks to believe in a God deity from religions without any proof because they are naturally very creative and also very irrational emotionally.

I don’t even believe the underlying themes of religions are evilly intended but I do believe many imposed rules, obligations and corrupted agendas to serve the church are. Why fall prey to those agendas, rules and obligations plus the same superstitions of Heaven and Hell that lie at the heart of most organized religions too. You don’t need the church to be a believer in spirituality as spirituality is a personal inner feeling and mindset. If anyone reading this just tried for a moment to incorporate a bit of my mindset or call it mumbo jumbo into your intellect, maybe a new light somewhere would go on.

I don’t think it is irrational to entertain the idea either that there are other beings and/or higher forms of life from other planets somewhere else in the galaxies. In fact, scientists are now discovering that there are hundreds of new planets and galaxies they didn’t even know existed before, so why not entertain other possibilities instead of the limited thoughts of religions? That’s another scenario that would throw a huge wrench into the wheels of our current religious propaganda. I don’t believe we know jack shit about what really exists in the Universe or even how big the Universe is. But I do feel we are all just a small part of it and everything is connected one way or the other.

According to those who wrote the religious books who got their info from God and the prophets who had a direct line to God, nothing regarding the Universe was revealed to them. Why not? The Bible makes it clear that there is nothing more than what’s already been recorded long ago. So I believe these religions are based mostly on limited wisdom, plenty of fiction and lots of creative BULLSHIT! What happens if and when there becomes proof that there is life elsewhere in the Universe? That may be when folks really wake up which will have profound psychological implications for human religious belief systems that will start falling apart. What happens to an indoctrinated society then? More food for thought!