If You Want to Be Tough, Grow a Vagina. Those Things Can Really Take a Pounding!

I was reading the rave reviews of the box office hit “American Sniper” and was astonished how everyone thought is was such a great movie. No one said anything about Americans becoming the world’s latest invaders who have been killing innocent men and women, mothers, children and babies.

These wars our government and their handlers dream up in the Middle East and elsewhere are horrific crimes committed by an aggressive society disguised as freedom fighters against terrorists. What terrorists? The terrorists we invent and create? The terrorists we arm? What about the terrorism we inflict on others? And our motto is “support our troops?”

After watching, you might feel like me that it is so shameful not just that we invade and murder so many people under false pretense but also because the American public are really that stupid to openly support it. The way I see it, most Americans and Westerners need a huge shift in awareness away from ignorance and mainstream thinking.

It seems that the most serious impediment to human progress of the majority of dysfunctional folks, is a lack of awareness and a closed mind. Most of that indoctrinated ignorance from cultural conditioning feeds the ego which is just another dysfunction of the American mind.

Unfortunately, the more attached they are to their beliefs, the less they are able to keep learning anything outside those beliefs and prejudice ideas. When I came across the video above that was made by an ex-marine who fought in Iraq and interviewed viewers of the movie “American Sniper,” it again brings to mind how really indoctrinated with false patriotism ignorant Americans are, that they support the wars we create without any real justification. After you see it realize this too:

If folks weren’t so ignorant, brainwashed and distracted, they’d realize “Big Brother” is not only watching, he is also listening, controlling and censoring everything. According to former federal counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke, the Justice Department had already written up much of the Patriot Act before the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 ever happened. Hmmm…

Expect a new major event to happen too. Maybe next time it will be a major cyber attack and when it happens, we can also expect a news media bonanza of public fear stoked by all the usual suspects and followed by a tremendous new plan that will take away our fear (freedoms) by censoring and controlling the internet! I know I know, that too sounds like just another conspiracy but most conspiracies are usually just facts and realities that the ones who deny them try to keep from being exposed. The modern mainstream media news is designed to put your confidence in government and police. Watch alternative news instead!

Although this Blog may come across as trying to change the ways things are, it is really about changing the way you accept and reject things and how to help you act, deal and react to the constant manipulation and way things are. Actions cause reactions and reactions cause actions too. Everything we do can have a negative or positive reaction according to the circumstances. So educate yourself about the true realities, mind-control and constant manipulation of government scripted politicians and media that are stealing your positive energy and be very aware of the real and fake circumstances around you.

Thinking for yourself and increasing your knowledge will also increase your control over circumstances and can even lead to creating the circumstances them self. The power of knowledge and thinking for yourself creates wisdom too. Wisdom not to react and stay calm when everyone else is panicking and the wisdom to react and run when everyone else is calm and passive.

Things are really out of control and it’s high time for Americans to reflect on what America is based on as a country. The mindset of America was founded on the reality of self-responsibility, personal sovereignty, free-enterprise, no income taxes, more freedom to be yourself and most importantly, the idea that people deserved to be above any government. Those ideas and mindset are what created the American dream for ordinary folks who really cared about freedom.

The Founders of America believed (and I do agree) that the wisdom of thinking for yourself was, is, and will always be the best way to lead a happier, freer and realistic life. But through the years, that original mindset and reality has been turned completely upside down with big government intervention and now America means” too big to fail and too small to succeed.” Anyone remember the old mindset pertaining to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Obviously not enough and that is one of the reasons why America has failed as an idea.

That new reality also means that indoctrinated Americans are getting the life, heartaches, wars, pains and the government they now deserve. My advice is you better start observing how easy it is for the ignorant masses who’ve been sucked into the control grid, spread there legs or bend over quickly when they hear the words “free” or “national security” or “support our troops.” America is no longer full of enough freedom minded folks that the American Dream can exist. They can’t face up to the corrupted reality they live, and the unwarranted wars they support, in order to demand change back to the original ideas of our country.

Americans need to toughen up, stop being pussies and grow some balls. Why do people say grow some balls or stop being a pussy? I don’t know because it doesn’t really make any sense. As a male, I can honestly say that balls are weak and sensitive. It should be, if you want to be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can really take a pounding! With all due respect to women reading this, it’s just my way of throwing the wiser sex another compliment they deserve. I’m sure the mothers of our soldiers dying for nothing know better too. And for the males reading this, remember, everything today is subject to change, except the screwing you are getting or will get from politicians, major news outlets and the government, so WAKE UP and stop supporting these fake wars!!