A Middle East Political Update

I spent some time today watching some videos of events which are taking place in Syria, Iraq and in the occupied territories in Palestine recently. Things only are getting worse. I’ll just posted an interesting one above concerning the occupied territory to show how things there will never improve there. I am hoping by now that most reading this Blog have watched enough alternative news and have gotten enough insight by now to see the bigger picture about the corrupted Western powers concerning world affairs.

For those in the know or at least those who have a heads-up, it has always been covert Britain, the U.S. and Israel that are behind starting a lot of the turmoil in the Middle East and elsewhere. They find and train potential terrorists who they promise to make wealthy, give land to and make even powerful (until they kill them) who then with supplied arms and money recruit others who are ex-soldiers and/or religious fanatics fighting to eliminate dire poverty, deprivation and an unmeaningful life. Everyone is being played as a fool at every level and everywhere especially at home.

The Western power brokers use these financed and created terror cells and extreme religious outcasts (like al Qaeda and ISIS which are basically the same) to help them sway public opinion and to take over resources and governments to further their own political and financial agendas. Anyone who turns their backs on them or gets in their way they try to eliminate. It’s is all real spy and black ops out of a Hollywood movie script but very, very real. And the public at home suffer with new restrictive laws all in the name of national security by these Western governments conning the people at home that they are keeping them safe when they start all the turmoil themselves.

In the process, the taxpayers are bleed and this agenda creates an extreme level of suffering around the world. Those other governments who oppose these agendas are always in fear of upsetting the global elites who control the thrones of all our Western political leaders so little if anything is done to stop them. The outside powers who are in the line of fire at the moment opposing all this global agression are China and especially Russia. That is why WWIII can become a real possibility. The Western nuclear powers are very aggressive at the moment because they feel they can win any major world war together if push comes to shove. Israel is especially on board as they want more of the Middle East to expand their territory and resources. What they have already done to the Palestinians is a nightmare. The hatred the Israelis are creating around the world is on their conscience.

Terrorism is defined as the threatened or actual use of illegal force and violence by a non-state actor to attain a political, economic, religious, or social goal through fear, coercion or intimidation. The American Indians were certainly fighting terrorism in their country back in the day. How convenient that only “no-state actors” are considered terrorists. I guess this lets the USA, Britain and Israel off the hook somehow! Still, our heavy-handed foreign policy is a destabilizing factor in world affairs especially in the Middle East. So expect more poverty, hatred and further destabilization in that region because of all our wars, bombings and intervention.

This is about funding large financial interests, not winning wars or defending freedom. The growth of terrorism today is the result of our heavily armed Western governments destabilizing countries that were once not a threat to us. Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan left hundreds of thousands dead, hundreds of thousands more disabled, and millions homeless including children and girls who are forced to become refugees or even sex slaves. We caused a civil war in Iraq too all for nothing except making our deficit bigger, rising terrorist attacks, sacrificing our own soldiers while feeding wealth to the defense contractors, corporate contractors and the banking cartel while spending countless billions of dollars of tax revenues in the process.

It doesn’t take much political courage to start wars but it does take plenty to stop them. What an upside down world the US government and their allies have created. When will it all end? Or the bigger question is, how will it all end?
People at home should be very mindful of this and also the fact that most so-called Americans in our governments are not true Americans. They are just pretending to be patriotic Americans exploiting the innocent goodwill of true heartfelt Americans. Besides, gangs of policemen (policewomen included to be politically correct) go round jailing and killing fellow Americans even down and out veterans, with or without legal justification everyday, more often without.

We’ve also seen so many fatal high profile incidents labeled terrorist attacks at home over the years (including 9/11) which look to me as just false flags to further scare our folks at home into remission. Please follow some of the links I post to further a better education on what our corrupted world affairs are leading to and spread the word. Believe almost nothing about world affairs touted in the mainstream media, especially when it comes to Israel and the Middle East. Thanks in advance, spread the word and screw those who don’t care and won’t listen.