Another Rant – Breaking Away From The Status Quo, Easier Said Than Done.


One motto that makes so much sense today is from the boy scouts. BE PREPARED! Not only for the worst to come but also in finding a safer and truer way to live while most everyone else are asleep at the wheel.

As much as I try to see the positives in this world, what really stands out is how the powers that be work 24/7 to have the public dazed and angry. Everyone’s head if full of one fear or another and usually concentrating on wars, terrorism and their survival. The mainstream news outlets drive this shit into your brain over and over again. It never stops! Nothing really makes any coherent sense anymore. All the rhetoric from governments and the media is just one contradictory story after the next which makes it impossible for any new coherent solutions and opposition to emerge because they can’t counter it with any coherent solutions and narrative of their own.

When the truth is sometimes exposed, most of the time it is countered with the blame game, being unpatriotic or as just another conspiracy theory. You can see that everyday through the media talking heads and talk shows everywhere and the never-ending political rhetoric. Folks then feel they are either somewhere in between winning and losing or between a rock and a hard place. They wake-up and go to sleep in a state of destabilized perception. This leaves everyone living in a delusion of confusion not knowing what is really happening and it’s all deliberately planned this way. It is all part of the system of religious, corporate, policed and political control. This boils down to us as individuals becoming ever more fearful and powerless. Too many folks today are living in a trance. Welcome to the Status Quo!

The overall game plan is to undermine people’s perception of the world so you will give those in power the ability to undermine and control you. It is all a bewildering constantly changing piece of theater which includes the main actors behind religions, politics, terrorism, democracy, the media, wars and government programs. No one part of Western society is sure anymore what is real and what is fake. Those in control are constantly developing their well thought out strategy of power that keeps the public and any opposition constantly confused. Then you hear these wonderful patriotic speeches about how our government is making things better while they’re making even more repressive laws. What a relief, huh? It is all designed so we all play into the hands of power. Think about that next time you go to vote!

So the joke is on you if you think for one moment you are going to change anything any time soon by protesting, voting and praying. Having said that, the message of this Blog is to change yourself instead and the way you think and deal with this madness by living outside the box of the Status Quo. There is no need to try to understand the ins and outs of all the manipulation, just understanding what the bigger picture is, is all you need to know. It is time to think outside the box and think within for a change. It has always been YOU that can change your life for the better and the Status Quo keeps you from doing that on your own terms.

Instead of being taken advantage of by the non linear world of the Status Quo, why not take advantage of using your linear inner world instead? In order for the system to change for the better, it needs to be replaced and that is unthinkable for the Status Quo so the best replacement for lack of a new system at the moment is for everyone who cherishes personal liberty to start thinking outside the box. You can still safely watch the soap opera unwind once you prepare yourself for more turmoil and a failing society.

Understanding the cycle of empires is a must at this stage of the game because America is very deep in the cycles. America rose, peaked, has been declining and is on the verge of collapse. This has always been the cycle of history’s Status Quos. When will people take their cue from history and the over 90 billion people who have come and gone? Don’t be one of the people who gets their savings, retirement, freedoms and livelihoods crushed or wiped out. Start finding ways to protect your assets, your privacy, your health, your safety and your sovereignty by being prepared and using your gut instinct instead of just being part of the collapse. And collapse it will so it is better to prepare now and be years early than a day late!

There is an underlying, unbroken reality behind the world we see and the world we do not see. It is a unifying force and it is the essence present in us and in all of nature. We are at heart unified by a force whose power is pure love. We must realize, all the chaos, the terror and fear, the manipulation of our thoughts, the poisoning of our bodies, the sadness, pain, anxiety and insecurity we know in the world today – is not the final reality as all evil eventually sows the seeds of its own destruction. History proves this time and time again.

The Status Quo is a top down system that has everything to do with programming, training, propaganda, superstitions and mind control. It classifies society and standardised people into social classes and how they should behave. When you understand the faults and misconceptions of the Status Quo, breaking away from the indoctrination is not so difficult. Life is too short and sacred to be wasted when trapped in the complicated Status Quo mentality. Why deal with such a stressed out chaotic fake environment. Why not live with your true self, more privacy and integrity instead? So how do you start breaking away? I can’t give you all the answers as everyone is different but I can tell you what has worked for me and what my personal aspirations are.

Start with the examination process of yourself and question why you do and live as you do. Take plenty of time to think about where you are in space and time and break everything down the best you can. Be more conscious of phony politics and where your religious beliefs really come from. Are your beliefs those which come from you or someone else? What is really going on around you and the world you live in? Make it a habit to seek better understanding, knowledge and truth. Investigate and question everything so you feel comfortable with your instincts.

Start defining yourself without guilt. Be aware that you need to understand what the negative energy is that you are part of in order to change those negatives into positive solutions. Take care of your body better and be very conscious of all the food and drink you consume. Would you eat the things you do if you had to grow, gather and/or kill it yourself? Eliminate refined sugar and processed toxic foods. Stop overloading your digestive system and be kind to your body. Eat slowly and only until you are no longer hungry instead of being full. Search out natural medicine when not well and realize that conventional remedies are usually toxic with terrible side effects. Practice preventative medicine and make your body stronger. Eliminate much of the toxic nature of our processed and sedentary lifestyle and realize the need for detox and purification.

Change as much as possible what causes you stress including relationships, work, habits and where you live. Let go of and discard that which does not serve you well. The good life is about remembering who we are and overcoming the momentous inertia of the self-destructive programming in our modern world. Rediscover the amazing world of Mother Nature and Father Sky. Spend quality time with those who you love and trust and share your ideas. Be creative and enjoy exploring ideas that are outside the box. Start your personal evolution by realizing that accepting a less corrupt reality will only lead to better awakenings. Everything is connected and real spirituality has nothing to do with religion but with your conscious connection to the energy of the Universe.

Discover personal spiritual awakening after you slowly become conscious enough to realize that the energy of god is in everything and energy of everything is in god. Learn to identify the stark difference between your true mind and the programmed mind, and start undoing all of the false beliefs that prevent you from simply being who you are. Understand that stress is the biggest silent killer so simplify the way you think and live. Enjoy the sounds of silence and unclutter your mind of constant distractions. Let the living being which dwells within your body loose so a higher energy can manifest.

Be the best friend to yourself and your children so you can share better your feelings with those who make your life fuller. Homeschooling your children is by far the best step you can take to keep your children from being indoctrinated. If you despise the system, why would you expose your children to all the false beliefs? Produce something and create something of value. Learn a new skill that no one can take from you. It doesn’t even matter if you sell or trade it, because just doing it for yourself is making you more independent. Avoid the debt machine completely. Debt takes away your independence. Trade urban life for rural life. It is much safer living away from the inner cities.

Barter, trade and borrow from like-minded others instead of using the banking system. It’s time to disconnect from some of the media and social bullshit and turn some of the outside world off. I say some and not all as it takes a lot of time and patience to understand and see the real bigger picture. You’ll never completely opt out of the system living in the West but you can live for today every chance you get. Growing your own food is the most effective and rewarding way to opt out of the system. Start with a small garden and learn to get your hands dirty and learn about soil, plants, trees and organic growing methods.

All thoughts can manifest so be positive and always be ready for your next adventure! Show compassion and empathy to others. You’ll be amazed on how many good things come back to you and the resources you’ll accumulate. The rewards for being a free-thinker are better friends and relationships, better gratitude and appreciation, more good energy and health and less interference from the corrupted world around you. So do what we can to limit your exposure to the decaying Status Quo system. Be color blind and learn other languages to increase your communication skills.

Use the internet to educate yourself on anything you strive to learn and know. Share your knowledge, thoughts, questions, passions and solutions with like-minded others. Get involved with making the world a better place and seek real support while supporting others. This way, your passions will have a much better chance of manifesting while seeking knowledge and you’ll naturally attract like-minded thinkers and much more happiness will easily follow. Research and try everything alternative to conventional wisdom which will keep you from constantly wasting money. Go completely solar if you can and don’t rely on government services. Recycle everything. Pick a bunch of the ideas above that are possible within your current circumstances and start taking action immediately. You’re not a zombie so why act and live like those who are with their fear-mongering Status Quo mentalities?