The Ebola Cure Big Pharma Hoped You’d Never Hear About

big pharma and fdaU.S. taxpayers foot the bill for Big Pharma’s Ebola vaccines

Who’s paying for Ebola? YOU!

Every time the apologizer-in-chief gets on TV and yammers on about the so-called global war on Ebola, he wants you to believe there’s a worldwide effort to fight this disease.

But if you want to meet the generous soul who’s bankrolling this effort, get out a mirror — because it’s YOU.

This “global war” is really being funded by U.S. taxpayers, and most of the cash ISN’T going to humanitarian aid workers, emergency supplies and crack medical teams.

No, the bulk of that dough is going directly to the bank accounts of the Big Pharma companies that claim they have the recipe for Ebola vaccines and treatments, but — SHIT! — they just don’t have the money to finish testing and producing them.

Yes, friend, some of the most profitable companies on the planet are busy crying poverty, taking your dough to develop drugs and vaccines that they will then sell AT A PROFIT mostly (and perhaps entirely) to other countries.

So far, the U.S. government has pledged $750 million of your money toward the Ebola effort, including these big gifts to the drug companies. That’s more than every other nation that’s publicly pledged money COMBINED.

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund have kicked in a combined $540 million — but guess what? A good chunk of that change ALSO comes from U.S. taxpayers.

We’re out of pocket nearly a billion bucks on this already, and this is just the warm-up act — and I bet you won’t even get a Christmas card from a drug company boss OR the head of any Ebola-plagued nation.

Meanwhile, China — which is holding a mortgage on half the U.S. — kicked in a paltry $33 million, less than the $50 million Bill Gates personally donated.

Listen, I’m not some kind of heartless monster. I’ve been very aware of the diseases being fought on the front lines in Africa and South America, so I’m all for appropriate and EFFECTIVE humanitarian aid (which is almost always non-governmental).

But this is more like highway robbery — just like the time you generously kicked in BILLIONS for a swine flu vaccine that no one wanted, no one needed and most people flat-out rejected.

The Ebola cure Big Pharma hoped you’d never hear about

Right now, drug company minions are fanning across the globe, getting ready for the greatest cash grab since the California gold rush. They’re jabbing patients, aid workers, and anyone else who gets in their way with experimental vaccines and drugs they hope can prevent… or even cure… Ebola.

And all of these mega-corporations are driven by the same greedy goal — to one day get rich by holding the world’s governments hostage for miracle Ebola “cures.”

So you can be sure that Big Pharma would move heaven and earth to keep you from knowing what I’m about to share.

Because two medical pioneers have just cured two cases of Ebola — all without risky and unproven prescription drugs. They’re announcing their breakthrough to the entire world, and they’re not asking for a penny in return.

Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Howard Robins traveled to Sierra Leone in October to begin introducing the country’s medical staff to the Rowen-Robins protocol, which uses direct intravenous (DIV) ozone along with oral vitamin C and glutathione to treat Ebola.

Now the drug companies have had boots on the ground in Sierra Leone for months, indoctrinating medical workers on every drug-centered treatment you can imagine. But once a couple doctors learned about how well (and fast) the Rowen-Robins protocol works, a funny thing happened — they started demanding it, especially when they developed Ebola themselves.

The first Rowen-Robins patient was a doctor who accidentally stabbed himself with an Ebola-infected needle. He’d recently been trained in the Rowen-Robins protocol — and you can bet it saved his life.

Within just two days of treatment, the doctor’s most serious Ebola symptoms vanished!

And just recently, Dr. Rowen and Dr. Robins announced that a Sierra Leone military physician who contracted Ebola had also been cured with the Rowen-Robins protocol. He was moved out of an Ebola sick ward in just three days!

Trust me, the drug companies don’t have ANYTHING that works as fast or consistently as DIV ozone, which kills viruses and has been used to treat everything from flu to AIDS. That’s why the drug industry and mainstream medicine may be working hand in hand to keep ozone away from sick and dying Ebola patients.

In fact, according to Dr. Rowen, many treatment centers are not offering ozone because it has been labeled an “experimental” treatment for Ebola. Of course, every Ebola treatment is experimental — but ozone is safer, more effective, and doesn’t come with a laundry list of side effects.

Don’t let our boneheaded government officials keep pouring BILLIONS into worthless drug research and tests. Forward this email to everyone you know and help spread the word about a safe, alternative cure for Ebola.

Shining some light on DIV ozone may not make Big Pharma rich — but it just may make thousands of dying men, women and children well.