The 5-cent Pills That Could Save America BILLIONS

health vitaminsThe brains behind Obamacare keep saying this isn’t just about insuring the poor — it’s about bringing costs down for everyone.

But you don’t need a BS detector as finely tuned as mine to know that’s a steaming pile of shit that is because if they were REALLY interested in saving cash, the first thing they’d do is encourage every man, woman and child to take a couple of basic nutritional supplements.

Daily supplement use is the easiest, fastest, safest and cheapest way to bring costs down suddenly, dramatically and permanently and improve health at the same time.

If every high-risk American over the age of 55 took an ordinary omega-3 supplement, we’d save $2.1 billion per year in health care costs, according to a major new study.

Want to save even more cash? Throw in another one of my favorites, the B vitamins that can protect heart, bones and brain and prevent or reverse chronic disease, and we’ll save another $1.5 billion a year.

That’s $3.6 billion — BILLION — saved every year with two ordinary vitamins taken by just one set of carefully chosen patients. And these supplements may run you about 5-10 cents a day.

But what does our government do? They use your tax dollars to run active campaigns AGAINST vitamin and supplement manufacturers. Hell, every chance they get, they try to run the vitamin makers out of town on a rail.

It’s more proof that government health care isn’t about saving money, and it’s certainly not about saving lives. It’s a basic redistribution of wealth, crony socialism at its worst, as you’re forced to pay for the health care of people who don’t want it, don’t need it or, in too many cases, refuse to work to earn the cash to buy their own.

Your money is going to Big Government’s pals, like insurers and drug companies, to treat people who never had to become sick to begin with. And we can stop it tomorrow, with little 5-cent-a-day supplements you can buy anywhere.

Start giving these natural cures a try, but don’t wait for Uncle Sam to get on board. “Cheap” and “logical” were crossed out in his dictionary.

The definition of wisdom,

William Campbell Douglass II, MD

P.S. Supplements are USELESS. Meat CLOGS your arteries. Salt RAISES your blood pressure. Mainstream medicine talking heads can keep trotting out those tired old myths if they want. But I think it’s high time to fire up the grill and barbecue those sacred cows once and for all.