Four Simple Ways To Make Coconut Oil Work For You Right Now

coconut-oilThere is nothing stopping you from integrating coconut oil into your diet. You can use it in place of unhealthy cooking oils … or as a natural alternative to balance your health.

I want to point out that coconut oil is different from coconut water or coconut milk. While coconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes, it does not contain MCTs.

Coconut milk, on the other hand, holds those essential fatty acids — but it comes with a few risks. For example, it contains guar gum, which can disagree with gut and digestion. It can also contribute to something called fructose mal-absorption, which plagues people with intestinal and gut diseases.

When it comes to coconut oil, be sure any coconut oil you use is virgin and cold-pressed. Don’t get any that’s hydrogenated or refined in any way. Besides that, have at it with these four simple uses:

Eat it with a spoon. Based on hundreds of first-hand accounts, a couple tablespoons a day can work wonders. Some people with Alzheimer’s have shown immediate and significant improvement once starting a daily regimen. (I like to keep it cool so it stays solid and is easier to scoop.)

Put it in your coffee. I do not drink coffee because I dislike the taste. But I’ve read that coconut oil complements coffee’s robust flavor nicely. It seems the secret is to blend it into the coffee completely, so you don’t end up with an oily drink. Don’t just stir it!

Cook with it. Coconut oil is healthier, and it has a higher smoke point than other cooking oils. This can prevent the accumulation of carcinogenic radicals on your food when cooking with high heat.

Brush your teeth with it. Mix it with a little baking soda for natural, chemical-free toothpaste that also helps restore the health of your teeth. Or, for additional benefits to your teeth, you can swish the oil around in your mouth for a few minutes just as you would a mouthwash.

Now think about it:

These simple measures can protect you from illness, disease and infection without high costs and serious side effects. That’s enough of a reason. But eating it is also like giving the agribusiness hit men the finger.

Take back your health. Take back your choice. Take up coconut oil.