America, Love It or Leave It! Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship – Expatriation Guide

Americ, love it or leave itSome folks love America no matter what and others are quite disgusted with their country for all kinds of reasons. The modern way of life Americans live today is carved out by big corrupt government and counterfeit money scumbags from the banking cartel. This is not a system that can simply be fixed anymore but it can be avoided. Our forefathers carved out a new life for America with their bare hands and they didn’t rely on government handouts or deceitful, incompetent central bankers and politicians. Some folks are giving that reality a good think and realizing what a false fragile society that the modern American way of life has created for their futures.

Thanks to our government, America has been reduced to an unsustainable system that depends on massive debt, constant overconsumption, and wars in order to even maintain itself. None of it has to do with any of the principles of our Founding Fathers. People who realize this and more and have options, are exercising them. They either get away from the grid and the cities to avoid government control, opt out of the Status Quo the best they can or even expatriate themselves to another country to live. Then there are those who just give up hope altogether and also want to give up their American citizenship in disgust. For those who feel so strong about their government abandoning them that they want to abandon their government by expatriating permanently, then this guide will certainly help in that decision.

This is the best info I could come up with thanks to Doug Casey of International Man. Renunciation of U.S. citizenship was free until July 2010, at which time a fee of $450 was established. However, although the Expatriation Guide only states the fee as $450, an increase to $2,350 went into effect on September 12, 2014. Because of the increasing amount of U.S. citizens giving up their citizenship, expect further increases in the price down the road.

Everything else in the guide seems to be accurate from all my research. Please note that the guide will not do you any good unless you already have another passport from another country. America, love it or leave it. That expression on so many folk’s bumper stickers is now being taken to heart in a whole other way!

Click on the link below for the guide.