get out of dodgeIt seems that the average lower to middle class citizen living in the States these days, still have these unrealistic expectations about their government and the American dream. They’re so programmed that they take a political side like a bunch of groupies and always expect change for a better life after voting. Then after things continually get worse election after election, they always blame it on the opposing political party. I don’t expect much of any good at all to come out of voting Republican or Democrat anymore after seeing for so long how the government has continually destroyed the real economy and our freedoms and have turned our country into a war mongering basket case based on fear and control no matter what political side wins. Americans have an ever-expanding government that assaults our personal freedoms, operates in secrecy and violates the Constitution and the values and principles upon which it is based no matter what political party is in power. I don’t believe anyone ever voted for any of that but that’s what they got. America has become for most the “Land of the meek and the home of the slave.”

The financial condition of America has already set the tone for what´s to come and it´s not going to be good. At present, the legacy and our country has been ruined by our puppet Presidents, Congress and their corporate and banking friends. They all have become only self serving. Our youth is immersed in disfunctional reality TV programs, consumerism, toxic foods, drugs, and have become racially charged with a violent music culture. The main population has been programmed for living in fear of terrorism, continuous false wars, taking toxic medicines while the military complex of defense contractors are raking in the big bucks. What a wonderful society we have become!

The leaders of America are simply a betrayal of responsibility. So why vote at all? Voting is this false hope process that obligates you to voice an opinion that most politicians do not give a shit about anyway. It boils down to honest fools voting for dishonest fools. “If voting made a difference, it would probably be illegal.” I really hope this makes sense for those who are reading this. A very big part of how things go wrong in society is the false hope of the future. We don’t live in the future only the present. People just don’t get that as they live only for the future with mostly false hopes and thoughts of a better life later. Wrong! The present is the only thing that exists, the only reality you are ever fully conscious of. Your life is a series of now’s moving through time. The future does not exist until it becomes the present. So what you see is what you get. Everything else is dreaming. If you don’t like the present then you need to change something so you do. That might be rearranging where you live and especially how you think. Being a product of your environment is one thing, having an open mind is another.

As a sovereign man, I still personally have this natural incredible sense of freedom that I can do what I want, go where I want and enjoy life how I choose without my privacy being invaded and high taxes forcing me to live and work like a serf. And these aspirations have nothing to do with voting or the future. On the contrary, those feelings are strong from not voting and enjoying life now, no matter how bad the present is. Unfortunately, there is no real hope in the States anymore to live a free and normal life in the present as described above. I just don’t see many opportunities anymore in the U.S. either unless you are politically connected or wealthy. This Republican-Democrat pied piper political machine shit is tearing this country apart more than ever. Both sides just plain suck for the average citizen who votes and then expects changes for the better. It is just not going to happen. There comes a point when doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result is just insane. But people still live in the future and think democracy works for them. It’s the the eternal NOW that counts. And as far as Democracy is concerned, it’s like two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

The Constitution is not a Republican document, it’s not a Democratic document either, it’s simply an American document that needs to be honored and preserved. It is so obvious now that most of the Constitution is no longer effective in American society anymore. What has replaced it instead more than anything else is a huge corrupt government and the Patriot Act which is extremely unpatriotic. Even the remnants of the America I knew growing up are well gone and there isn’t no going back. It’s all a big political Ponzi scheme now and that scam is etched in stone. Avoiding as much of the scam as you can simply means avoiding the Democrat-Republican dilemma addiction altogether. Anyone taking sides are just chasing the wind and are sucked into this corrupt political trap. It’s like an old Hollywood never-ending gun fight movie in Dodge City. However, the casualties are always the good guys. You always lose, government always wins. The reality is that we are more controlled by government than any previous generation. Time to get out of Dodge?

Just because you were born or live in a particular country doesn’t mean you really belong there. Just like if one of your parents were a Democrat and the other a Republican doesn’t mean you should take a side. Same goes for religion and other beliefs. Why be partial, limited and/or divided by religions, political parties, traditions, and nationalities when those indoctrinations, obstacles and beliefs were forced upon you. You are just separating yourself from the rest of the world by doing so. Choosing for yourself creates reason, your own personal experiences, and true values and prevents you from having a closed mind. You need to wake up and open your eyes to reality instead of being asleep with all the limitations that society bestows upon you. “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.” Once you awake, it is hard to go back to sheep. And remember this, no matter where you live, it will never be you final destination. If you are still looking for that one person who will change your life then all you have to do is to take a good look in the mirror.

Starting a better new life isn’t all that hard. But you have to change your mindset first. You either accept or don’t accept the things you can’t change by changing the way you think. Once you change the way you think about things, then the things you think about can change. Relocating is certainly a remedy for a new life whether somewhere else in the States or somewhere else outside. There are areas in certain States and countries that you can relocate to for those seeking more freedom, better privacy, more security and a reduced cost of living. The idea is to separate yourself as much as possible from the control and the long arm of the government. Starting over again in another country can be fairly easy too especially if you have some money to back you up and have a good ear for learning other languages. Other benefits of moving out of the States can also be a new grand adventure, learning another language, discovering another culture, enjoying a better retirement and even special benefits and discounts if you are over 55 years old in some good countries. And there are places where your time and talents are more likely to be valued and appreciated. You may find that, in a different pond, you are no longer just another duckling, but a swan.

Some of the other upsides are tax advantages and exemptions, to discounts and savings on everything from travel and meals out to more safety, better weather and a whole new circle of friends, new neighbors, new business, a new community, new horizons and all with a better peace of mind for a change. Medical care and insurance can be dirt cheap too. Obamacare is going to degrade and dilute medical care and add more expenses to the average working person. The scheme is calculated to bring another 38 million people into the health care system. Many millions will be persuaded to start using prescription drugs as Big Pharma is waiting to get them hooked and poisoned. Other countries’ health care programs are not partners with the government, big pharma and insurance companies. There’s no pressure in many other countries from any insurance industry…and no pressure from the pharmaceutical industry either. But Americans are not wired like that. Even when they start thinking maybe I should get out of Dodge for all the right reasons, their American mentality kicks in and it’s like the Devil in their ear says, wait a minute, you are an American, you can’t think like that because it’s unpatriotic! Unfortunately, most people in America are gluttons for punishment.

Social and political change is an effect — it comes only after we change ourselves on how we think. As it is, people seem to think they are trapped by fate, by class, by social position, or by forces more powerful than they, like their own government. That is the opposite of how our founding fathers thought. So thinking like that is not patriotic at all and is actually very Un-American instead. The human mind is the most productive resource on the planet but people today in America don’t think independently anymore. They’re too lazy to think and they’re brainwashed by their political party affiliation. Getting out of Dodge is not just physically doing so, it is doing it mentally first, whether you stay in America or not. That mindset was how America was born. It was the key to a new life full of freedom and entrepreneurial success.

As much as people always moan and complain about wanting change, nothing ever happens and it is all just a bunch of noise and distractions at the end of the day. “Criticism is easy; achievement is more difficult.” It is such a shame that most people are so indoctrinated, loyal to corrupt political parties and really afraid to be free. The stagecoach leaving Dodge is definitely not for everyone. But for those interested in getting on board, they need to remember this; it is only a matter of time before the government shuts that stagecoach line down. It is definately worth saying, it’s better to be years early than even one day too late.

After seeing all of the deadly and unjustified destruction that has occurred in America and abroad caused by our corrupt government, it is certainly time that people in America who are unhappy with the restricted society they live in, start changing the way they live, think, feel and start defining themselves for once. A nation of indoctrination and control is a society of procrastination and prisoners. A truly free person has no borders and no rational reason to be part of any political herd or any unjust wars etc. Life is very short to be controlled and confined like a prisoner with limited freedom and high taxes so why not make life an interesting adventure instead and enjoy it your way for a change? Start taking ownership of yourself. The journey of a thousand miles always starts with the first step. So stop voting for corrupt politicians, vote with your feet instead and get moving!