An Inspirational Rant – People Think Too Much and Feel Too Little

There is no doubt that the system in America and most Western countries is totally corrupted by the financial elites. They have the monopolies of influence and control of our healthcare, food, energy, education, money, government, military, natural alternatives and even the internet. No one is going to change that anytime soon. As individuals, you and I can’t do much about these things as they’re well beyond our control. It’s an insane world but the first step to sanity is recognizing this simple fact. All we can do is be aware of these dangers and have our attention fixed on our own individual solutions. What we can also do is work to achieve that which we can contribute to ourselves, while avoiding being pulled by the world’s ubiquitous drama.

During our brief moment on the stage of life we should all be living life honorably, simply and well. Be modest and grateful for the good things that one has enjoyed, treat others politely and fairly and try being indifferent to superficial honors and even the status quo. There will always be times when things aren’t going well and you have to deal with life’s unpleasantries so enjoy the good times when they come your way. Life is very short and we’ll all be dead soon enough, and after that it won’t matter.

As a former city slicker from New York, there was nothing more invigoration than geting out of the city and into the refuge of mother nature. I can affirm that living a life of virtue in accordance to nature is the best way to go. Nature tends to preserve, protect and strengthen its own creation and a natural balance always results in something better than a forced solution could ever bring.

If you want to live a life of integrity and independence especially in the face of extreme greed, impulse and action, then your goal should be to embrace nature, avoid corrupt government and live in the present whenever you can. Make nature a main stay of your life. People who embrace nature become a part of it. We were born to enjoy life. Everything in nature is full of life whether you realize it or not.

The spiral of nature is the bridge to all energy and life in the universe so embrace it. How you direct your spiritual energy or connect yourself to nature’s wonders is your choice but being connected is like finding your inner self and it will enhance your free will, open mind and help you understand your place in this crazy but wonderful world. Nature and the world is constantly changing and so should you. So forget about changing the world, change yourself and adapt to the changes around you instead. You don’t have to stay in the place you are now to accomplish that either. The world is big place and America isn’t small either. Discover other places for a change.

Freedom is dangerous to the Status Quo so If you want to get away from the Matrix or Status Quo then move to a better place where it doesn’t dominate your life. Try changing your perception or what’s left of it from watching so much TV and news. People think too much and feel to little. Nature can solve that problem once you become part of it. By taking full responsibility for your own life and respecting nature, you’ll make the maximum possible contribution to the greater good of the universe.