The winds are blowing in many directions.

A few high-profile beheadings pushed the U.S. into striking one of the many gangs of terrorists known as ISIS. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia recently beheaded at least 23 people and arrested a group of Christians holding a prayer meeting in a private home. And to think…Uncle Sam rewards the Saudi Kingdom with a $60 billion arms deal which turns out to be the largest arms deal in the world anywhere to date. Talk about double standards!

Can you imagine the fear the Saudis must have about their people getting beheaded by terrorists? LOL

Over the past two decades, the Saudis have decapitated at least 1,100 for alleged crimes ranging from drug running to witchcraft and apostasy. The Saudi government not only uses be-headings to punish criminals but also to terrorize potential opponents.

Other rebel groups that behead their enemies include Jabhat al-Nusra and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) whom Obama wants to arm and fund with $500 million.

I can only conclude that God’s sense of irony has been vastly under-appreciated…