Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel!


Fortunately, the internet is eroding the monopoly of the major news media propaganda machine. People have finally found a tool if not a weapon that they can use to fight back the deceit and corruption within government and the corporate world. The internet has become the new Paul Revere.

Many things can change a country and its people. For the U.S. it has been deceiving bankers, controlled media propaganda, false patriotism, corrupt government, bought politicians, corporate control, false wars, militarized police, excessive credit and constant consumerism that have become its cultural background that has given America its new face and shape.

It boils down to America’s institutions and government being impregnated with deceit, control and greed. Their goals are to enrich the institutions rather than society. I hate to admit this but due to the fake patriotism and the corrupted main stream media, there are no people on earth more misinformed about America and the rest of the world than Americans.

Outside of America, it seems that foreigners know more about our Constitution than most Americans do. Most everyone outside America can clearly see the ignorance and arrogance of the American people thinking they are much more superior to others but they also see them as either sheep or war-mongers. I’ve heard comments many times like expecting the American government to honor its own Constitution and promote peace is like asking the wolf to take good care of the sheep. Unfortunately, I have to agree with them.

The sad truth is and is worth repeating, no other nation comes even close to destabilizing other nations, inflicting more death, destruction and exploitation onto the peoples outside its borders than United States has. America has no doubt become the world’s biggest killing machine. The charade of giving other countries “democracy” by bombing, invading and occupying them is an obscene joke while wearing the faces of terror, force and fraud in the process.

There is no question the people who are running U.S. national and foreign policy are agents of an elite shadow group in control of the corporate world. They are the greatest enemies to the Constitution at home, not some people found in the sands of some far off lands like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. The Founding Fathers never dreamed that a power greater than the state would ever take over everything like the corporate state has in America. I keep saying that the Founders must be turning in their graves!

Most people are too busy earning a living, shopping, drinking cheap beer and watching TV to enjoy life’s better moments outside and with nature. Take people’s electronic devices away and what you’ll have left is a boring materialistic world where people traded in nature’s reality for virtual reality instead. It seems like no one can organize an outdoor party these days without the ubiquitous police popping up and spoiling the party so they hide in their apartments and houses instead pretending to be free.

Nothing ever stays the same and history has a habit of repeating itself. America’s current beating of the war drums again will lead to another unjustified war but eventually like the Roman Empire, the decline and fall of the American Empire will likely take some time, but its eventual fall will be a blessing to the whole world. From that point on, America can emerge a much better place.

In the meantime, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”