A Rant About Egos And The Now

egoWhen I was a kid watching black and white TV on the weekend, my dad would sometimes slap me on the back and say it’s a great day to be alive, now go outside and play with your brother! He thought TV was a great waste of time and looking back on the very limited programs they had in those days he certainly was right.

But his point was to enjoy life and life was outside. He also knew how unhealthy it is to be parked in a chair or on a couch. I now say the same thing to my teenage boys when they are playing their video games for hours inside the house. My point of bringing this up is that people become so limited with their toys and egos and don’t experience or appreciate life’s natural wonders anymore. They waste so much time concentrating on the future and the future is actually now as we live each day. Preparing for tomorrow is one thing, living for today is another.

In today’s world, we have traded in nature’s free gifts for expensive electronic toys, Facebook and the like. Nothing wrong living the modern way but dead wrong when you exclude nature in your routine. People hardly travel much and not very far when they do. Their favorite TV series are more important than planning a long trip or traveling somewhere else. They live in a very confined world filled with modern toys, dozens of TV programs they can’t miss and are confining themselves to very little outside adventures. Their lives revolve around staying home or staying put in limited places watching the talking heads and believing the outside world revolves around them.

Most believe the world in their permanent place in America is all they need and they have no desire to travel to anywhere else as they also believe that everywhere else is worse or a third world country. I’m sure you would be surprised to know that 80% of America’s population has never left the United States once and a large percentage never visited more than 2 other States. These are sad statistics for such a modern society with modern transportation, technologies and jet travel at their disposal. I find this limitation is nothing more than the result of a convoluted false ego. Many of those who do hold passports have numerous foreign stamps throughout their passport as they have found out that the world is their oyster.

I’ve lived in many States and 6 countries (so far) in my life and have visited many more around the world. I have never had so much excitement living in just one place. I can honestly say that Westerners and especially Americans are the most egotistical folks I have ever met and lived with. By no means do I ever want to come off as disrespectful and hostile to my brothers and sisters, just stating my life experiences. This is especially true when your ego fuels feelings that you are from a country that is better than anywhere else on the planet. It’s tough living in a country that ego trumps reality and I as an American can certainly understand this short fall in society after being part of that indoctrinated mindset more than half my life.

After leaving America it took me years to see this fault and shedding that skin paid off only when I finally did. That nasty lesson in ego was truly a Godsend. It has spilled over into my daily life over the years and love and compassion of all things has filled that egotistical empty space instead. Unfortunately, only 20% of Americans even have passports. So how on Earth would they be able to even make a comparison to some other place or country outside their borders? And that is the way the arrogant federal government wants it to be. For them they label staying at home as American PATRIOTISM. I label it ignorant EGOTISM. They don’t have to worry about controlling you to much when you are at home and not outside. And their NSA fills most of those staying at home curiosity gaps for them.

How can most Americans believe they’re insulated from the rest of the world’s problems when their egos trump reality? How can they really see that their government is not just broke but spiritually broken too. The government is actually causing America’s problems not just at home but all around the world with this harmful ego? Once you let go of the ridiculous ego instilled into your indoctrination, then you will be able to see that America was a fantastic place to be… until it wasn’t. America has gone from being the richest country on the planet to becoming the most indebted nation in the history of the world. With the pretense of more wars on the agenda and if the U.S. Dollar continues collapsing and eventually loses it reserve currency status (which is in the making), it is then GAME OVER! This American ego will mean absolutely nothing.

That is what happens when you live in a world of false destructive ego and indoctrination. Peace and harmony morph into wars and violence when destructive egos rule. Personal liberties get replaced with restrictive laws. Friendships turn into hostilities. A broken and false economy leads to personal and family despair. Corrupt politics get corrupted further. The method to this madness is big corrupted government and a dumbed down society full of ego. The end result is false patriotism and poverty for most.

Hitler’s Germany was a prime example of this destructive ego. Germany’s citizens were brainwashed into thinking that they were a superior race. They became committed to a false future through wars and deceit. All in the name of nationalism and patriotism. They caused enormous pain, destruction, death and despair. And in the end, they lost everything to their egos and they were all disgraced in front of the face of the world for thinking like that.

What you need to commit to is what’s here right now. Who knows what will be here next? All you ever really have is what’s here right now, so it makes sense to commit to that, to give your full attention and your love to that, instead of false dreams of a better future. That by no means is meant that you embrace the negatives around you and stay put but on the contrary, embrace the positives and see the world instead.

We all have some choices in making better decisions based on love and compassion instead of egotistical fantasies. In any event, life isn’t meant to be perfect or to fulfill the ego’s dreams and desires. It serves a higher purpose, one that has very little to do with the ego’s fantasies. Life is essentially about learning to love and learning a lot of other things too, and for this, life is likely to look less than perfect to the ego. That is why living in the moment is what life is all about. Ego only thrives in the future and can’t exist in the moment. So prepare your life better in order to experience more love, peace of mind, better environments, new adventures, nature’s wonders, find more happiness and strive to enjoy life’s better fulfilling moments. Egos destroy, compassion builds. Concentrate on living in the moment when you can. Replace ego with kindness. Nothing else really matters.

Last but not least, war makes a ton of money for a large group of greedy corrupt power hungry people and gives the government the perfect excuse for bullshitting society that increased controls on its citizens are for their own good. These egotistical bastards behind the war machine feed on the egos of their citizens. They play you like a fiddle and you keep dancing. It would serve you well to think about how ego plays a major part in the destruction of our planet and people. You will also realize that if the people of America and the Western world didn’t have such big egos that the powers that be would lose this control over the people they govern. Without ego, real community and deep connections between people anywhere can develop. Think about that when a major hostile event is unfolding involving governments, big business and the banking cartel. That’s when their egos shine the most. They need your ego to survive and conquer….As it is said in Spain, “your ego is not your amigo.”