Discussing America’s downfall is not anything that I ever thought I’d write about many years ago. But leaving America was a huge wakeup call as for the first time; I viewed America from the outside looking in for a change, instead of always looking at the world from the inside looking out. It was like living with a child you are raising. You don’t really see the sudden changes well unless you are a relative that only sees the child from time to time.

Traveling back and forth from Europe a couple times a year over a couple of decades made me realize plenty. Those sudden changes of deterioration I saw every year in America were unfortunately not realized or noticed much by most of the American people. And those sudden changes have really added up to nothing less than a society always at war and now being ruled by tyrants.

There has always been a huge awareness by anti-war Europeans of how corrupt their governments are in Europe so unlike the lack of that awareness in America. It is no wonder at all that most Europeans and lots of the rest of the world look down on Americans for being naive and boisterous. That is simply the result of a brainwashed society who are so indoctrinated with false patriotism that they always have their heads up their asses. Thankfully, due to the internet age and new alternative media outlets, a growing awareness and resistance to tyranny by “ordinary” citizens is finally on the rise.

When the powers that be including their corporate-owned media speak of freedom and equality in America, they speak only for themselves and not the people. Our government and media should be a voice of reason not a voice of treason but what you see is what you get (especially once your eyes are open). “Time has come today, there are things to realize.” The only thing you can really control is how you react to things out of your control.