It’s Video Time Again – Herbology 101 – Part 1


Today I’m excited to share a terrific video on health and natural medicines. Once watched you can find and follow the other parts of the Herbology 101 Series on YouTube. Since this Blog is all about freedom of mind, freedom of health, freedom of heart and freedom of soul, it is a good time to break away from the usual educational material, currents events, news and other rants in order to put some perspective into health for a change in order to entice another form of aspiration and personal freedom.

Aspiration and knowledge for health is so very important. You don’t have to be a vegetarian like me to appreciate nature’s bounty and stay healthy.  Whatever you consume for energy and good health, you just need to eat foods as wild and organic as possible. You can also learn more about what to consume as medicine too. Understanding the health benefits of the plant kingdom can help sweep away many of the worries of survival. This is what this video is really all about.

Did you ever notice and wonder why the cheaper the food usually is, the better the food usually is for your health? Most of those cheap foods grow from the ground. It’s because trees, flowers, herbs and some vegetables will always grow without your help. Anywhere where land is cleared, the plant kingdom takes a blow. We can see it clearly with trees but not with plants.

All types of wild beneficial plants are all around us that we see as just weeds because we don’t know what most of them are or how to use them. You just need to know more about what some of them are, where they are and when to look to find a lot of edible items with a great amount of nutritional density which are available in Mother Nature everywhere.

In the old days the same foodstuffs were used as medicines from the indigenous people of everywhere to the medical industry. A lot of the ones that grow wild are free too! And the foods that grow wild are even the best foods and medicines for you. Healthcare starts with connecting to Mother Earth. Everything we need to be healthy comes from the natural world. Nature’s pharmacy. Natural medicine is the only real efficient medicine.

The modern medical profession has morphed into a synthetic medicine and drug industry. So the prescription drugs and medicines that traditional doctors are allowed to recommend today compared to nature’s pharmacy are so much inferior with terrible and dangerous side effects. The medical profession is great for emergencies, most diagnoses of ailments, broken bones and necessary surgeries etc. but terrible with using any knowledge of herbology and natural medicines. Eating whole foods, herbs and plants are the best medicines there are. We all need to increase the diversity and abundance of healthy plant foods we can eat. Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine.

By watching this video, you will be more enlightened on what Mother Nature has provided us with. Everything we need for our bodies to survive well, stay healthy and more grows from the ground (even under water). See how many health giving plants, herbs, flowers, nuts, berries etc. you can identify in the wild in your area after gaining knowledge from this video. Use the new knowledge wisely. Connecting with Mother Nature is a wonderful thing! It is also the most important prerequisite to connecting to the “Spiritual Universe.” So discover more of what nature offers us and please consider what a bit of a live food lifestyle could do to nourishing your overall well-being.

P.S. Since its Easter time, consider this too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of having your children hunt for Easter eggs, they hunted for natural medicines instead? Now that would be a generation to be proud of anytime of year!