this is the governmentWell, it’s that time again for the people in the “Land of the Free” to file the infamous federal income tax return. Now is a very good time to reflect on what your income taxes are being used for or what we pay for in a civilized society. Like paying huge interest on unnecessary and wasteful government debt, absurd domestic international spying programs, worldwide military bases, destructive wars and the like. There are a ton of things I didn’t mention but you can easily fill in the blanks.

The sad fact is that income taxes rob an entire population of a big chunk of its financial resources in favor of a small political elite that has a long-term track record of coercion, incompetence and deceit. Such a great value for your hard earned money in a free society! This value proposition is completely upside down especially when you include free societies paying 30% or 40% of their entire incomes plus taxes on property, sales purchases, state taxes, imports, etc. to a massively bloated corrupt government. When you get done filing this forced humiliating exercise, remember the very bad consequences of the long tax evasion prison time you would face if you didn’t. However, those on top of the food chain (big business) get plenty of political favors and pay less and some even pay nothing.

We are already paying so many various taxes that paying a high permanent income tax is like paying a professional thief to rob you. The irony is that if you refuse to pay the thief then you are the one who goes to prison. Taxes made the colonists “tributary slaves” to the British government. Another reminder that we are back to where we started from, the only difference is that we are now modern slaves to another government instead. Our own!! However, I.R.S. rules can and do change. Maybe next year year they will tax the refund you get this year.

When will “We the People” find a way to stuff the federal government back into the small box it is supposed to occupy?